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Publication numberUS1885968 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1932
Filing dateFeb 19, 1930
Priority dateSep 23, 1929
Also published asDE524581C
Publication numberUS 1885968 A, US 1885968A, US-A-1885968, US1885968 A, US1885968A
InventorsWedemann Richard G
Original AssigneeWedemann Richard G
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Collapsible umbrella
US 1885968 A
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Patented Nov. 1, 1932 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFCE COLLAPSTBLE- UMBRELLA Application led February l19, 1930, Serial N o.

@ scopic rod for the umbrella slidable into the handle and about which the ribbing and cover may be nested before sliding into the handle.

Other novel features will appear as the description of the drawing progresses and in which Fig. 1 is a view in side elevation showing the umbrella ready for use, a portion of the ribbing and covering being removed to show the interior.

Fig. 2 is a view in vertical section showing the umbrella as it appears prior to being placed in the umbrella handle.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a view of the handle in vertical section showing the umbrella stored therein.

Fig. 5 is a view showing the rib oint.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary view in vertical section showing a modilied handle.

Throughout the several views, like parts are designated by the same reference characters.

The handle 1 is tubular and is preferably made of sheet metal bent into cylindrical form and having its margins welded together at 2 to provide a longitudinal rib interiorly of the handle. Slidably mounted in the handle is a plunger 3 having a slot 4 coacting with the rib- 2 to prevent relative rotation between the handle and plunger. The plunger is provided with a latch 5 urged outwardly by a spring 6 and engagea-ble in the aperture 7 in the handle to hold the plunger against sliding movement.

Secured to the plunger 3 is a tubular rod 8 having at its upper end a slot 9. Slidable 1n the rod 8 is a tube 1() having at its lower end a latch member 11 urged outwardly by the spring 12 and engageable in slot 9 when the tube is moved outwardly of the rod 8.

429,743, and in` Germany September 21, 1929.

Intermediate the ends of tube 10 is a second latch member 13 actuated outwardly by spring 14. This member 13 normally eX- tends from tube 10 sufficient distance to engage in slot 15 in the collar 16 which is slidable on rod 8. Collar 16 is bell shaped at its lower margin 17 to provide means for releasing latch member 11 from slot 9 when the collar is moved'downwardly on the rod 8. A pin 18 is provided in the tube 10-to engage the upper margin of collar 16 and thereby to limit the latter in its upward movement.

Pivotally carried by the upper end of the collary 16 is a'series of links 19 whichare pivy otally connected with corresponding umbrella ribs 20. The ribs 2O are each divided into two portions 21 and 22 connected together by hinge member 23 and to which they are respectively pivoted. Hinge members 23 comprise channel pieces and when the rib portions are in extended relation the bottom of the channels serve to hold the rib portions as shown in Fig. 1. As indicated the rib portions 21 are pivotally mounted on the end piece 24 secured to the tube 10. Carried by the piece 24 is a cap 25 which closes the upper end of the handle 1 when the umbrella is positioned therein. A covering 26 is secured to the ribs 2O and, as may be seen from Fig. 2, is disposed between the rib portions when the latter are folded.

To place the umbrella in the handle 1, the collar 16 will be released by pressing the latch 13 inwardly. The collar 16 will then slide along tube 10 and upon tube 8 and in so doing allow the umbrella to collapse. Further movement of the collar will cause the latch 11 to move inwardly and release the tube 10 which may then slide into the rod 9 From Ythe foregoing it is apparent that a rather novel collapsible umbrella is provided which is'simple in structure and compact when notn use. I recognize, of course, that modifications may be made Without departing from the spirit of this invention and I, therefore, Vdo not limit the claims to thespeciiic illustrations.

In Fig. 6 is shown a handle which is provided withza spiral rib 2 engaged in a correspondinggroove 4 in the plunger 3. Thus when the umbrella is being inserted in thev handle as previously noted, it will be caused to rotate as the plunger moves along the rib 2. Consequently, the umbrella Will be more elsily nested in the handle.

I claim: 1. YIn a collapsible umbrella, a hollow handie having a spiral rib interiorly thereof, and a plunger movable in the handle and a. groove complementary toisaid rib.

2. In a collapsible umbrella, a hollow7 han- .dle having a spiral rib interiorly thereof, a plunger movable in the handle and having a greove complementary to said rib Vand an umbrella coveirsupporting rod carried by the plunger, the space between said handle and rod being suicient to receive said cover, whereby rotative movement of the plunger will cause the cover to enter the handle in a spiral path. Y



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