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Publication numberUS1886227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1932
Filing dateMar 4, 1932
Priority dateMar 4, 1932
Publication numberUS 1886227 A, US 1886227A, US-A-1886227, US1886227 A, US1886227A
InventorsMilton Riesner
Original AssigneeMilton Riesner
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Adjustable linen band
US 1886227 A
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Nov. 1, 1932. ly.. RIESNER' 1,886,227

ADJUSTABLE LINEN BAND Filed March 4, 1932 ///l WW zz 20 V9 INVENTOR /W/L ro/v R/ESNE/P I BY l, #We N11/'l ATTOR EY Patented Nov. 1, 1932 raranr e einer.


My invention relates to rigid, adjustable bands for bundles of linen and the like which a housewife usually arranges in an apartment linen closet according to size and utility. Thus, for the purpose of presenting an orderly appearance and for facility in picking out a particular piece of linen, the various pieces are arranged on the closet shelves in bundles containing, for instance, towels of 0 a particular size and of a particular utility,

as towels for the use of guests which are ordinarily of a more ornate character and design than those employed for ordinary household use. a sense of order has segregated such pieces of linen in thermanner indicated but has used an ordinary ribbon to tie the different bundles together, necessitating the untymg of each ribbon when a piece of linen is ref moved from a bundle and re-tying the ribbon to fit the bundle of smaller size. Thus, any change in size of a bundle, by reason of the removal therefrom, or the addition thereto, of a piece of linen, necessitated two operations,.cne of untying the ribbon band and another of tying the same to secure the new size of bundle. A

My invention contemplates the provision of a rigid and adjustable linen band of simple construction and facility of application to a bundle which overcomes the disadvantage and at the same time presents a neat and decorative appearance. It consists, primarily, in a linen band so constructed that it will fit any bundle of linen of ordinary dimensions and can be automatically adjusted to the particular size of the bundle without removing the band from the bundle when removing a piece of linen from, or adding a piece to, the original bundle. My novel band is also characterized by the fact that it will keep the bundle in a'neatly tied condition by reason of its capacity to be held in a form o of a particular size by the frictional retention of its composite elements in their positions.

Two embodiments of my invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. l is a perspective view of the 50 preferred embodiment of my invention; Fig. 2 is a top view of the linen band shown in Heretofore, the average housewife withv 1932. Serial No.,596,791.

perspective in Fig. l; Fig. 3 is a section along line 3 3 of F ig. 2; Fig. l is a section along line 4 4 of Fig. 3; Fig.l 5 is a sectional vievv, similar to Fig. 3, of a modified form of linen band in accordance with my invention; Fig. 6 is an end view of the band shown in Fig. 5; and Fig. 7 line 7-7 of Fig. 5.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, in which similar reference characters identify similar parts in the several views, the embodiment of my invention illustratedv in Figs. l to t is a band comprising four L- shaped members consisting of leg portions or rigid strips 10 having integral arms" or projections l1 extending at right `angles therefrom. Two of the strips 10 overlap each other through a portion of their lengths forming one of the sides of the band, while the remaining pair of strips form the other side of the band. The projections 1l of one of each pair'of overlapping strips likewise overlap to form one ofthe end faces of the band and the projections of one of each of the second pair of strips forming the secondV side of the band likewise form, by overlapping, the other end of the linen band. v

To the outer surface of each of the outer strips l0 near their extremities, are attached, as by cementing, a pair of retaining clips l2 of such configuration that their hook por-v tions 13 constitute a raceway for theginner strips 10. To the inner surface of each of the inner strips, also near their extremities are attached a pair of retaining clips 14 of similar configuration, these latter clips, however, being attached, as by cementing the innersurfaces of the hook portions l5 to the inner surface of each of the inner strips,

is a section along such hook portions, in conjunction with the n 'flat surfaces ofthe clips, providing raceways fortheouter strips 10. Thus, the entire band is capable of being expanded lengthwise to an extent measured by the total length ofthe two overlapping strips vl0 less the distance of the retaining clips l2 and la from the ends of such strips. Iny expanding the band lengthwise, it is only necessary to` -pull the two-ends of the band ,p apart until the clips 12 and'lt are in abutting relation with each other, limiting the length to which the overlapping strips 10 may be pulled apart.

The expansion of my rigid adjustable linen band transversely is accomplished in a similar manner and by reason of the identical construction of the overlapping projections 11, 11 and their retaining clips 16 and 17. The clips 16 are attached, as by cementing, to the outer faces of the outer projections 11, and the clips 17 to the inner faces of the inner projections on the inner surfaces of their hook portions. Thus, the band is capable of adjustment to any Width within the limits of the lengths of the projections 11.

rIhe modification of my invention illustrated in Figs. 5 to 7 differs from the preferred embodiment just described in that the inner overlapping strips 18' are provided with slots 19 running centrally and lengthwise thereof, a disc 2O being attached, as by cementing an element 21 projecting from the inner surface thereof to the inner face of the outer strip. The element 21 is preferably of a substantially rectangular configuration, its width being substantially that of the slot 19, so that as such element rides within the slot, it will keep the two overlapping` strips 18 in alignment. In extending the linen band thus constructed lengthwise, the discs'Q() will move, by means of their elements 21 riding within the slots, along the inner strips 18 until such elements 21 come into abutting` relation with the ends of the slots-19.

The angular projections 22, forming the end faces of the band are similarly provided with discs 23, runner elements 24, and slots 25, the operation of extending the ban-d transversely being the same as just described with respect to its lengthwise adjustability.

Itis a feature of my novel linen band that it presentsa rigid frame for a bundle of linen of any reasonable size and that it is capable of adjustment to any given size and to retain such size by the mere frictional retention of its component parts in the particular relationship to which they have been brought. Thus, in placing my novel band over a bundle of linen in'a closet, with the end thereof facing outwardly, as is the custom with the ribbon bands of the prior art, no compression of the contents of the bundle is necessary to it the band thereover. 'Ihe band is merely slipped over the aggregation of towels, napkins, etc. and the side and end portions of the band adjusted to the particular size of the bundle. The band will retain its confining outline by the frictional contact between its sliding elements.

Any material of suitable composition, or of metal, may be used in making the parts of my novel linen band. I have found that a Celluloid composition is best suited for the purpose, but, of course, any material, for

l' instance, a phenolic condensation product,

synthetic resin, or composition of similar characteristics may be used to advantage.

If desired, a disc 0r tab provided with a decorative crest or identification legend, for instance, an initial, may be provided on one of the end faces of the band.

It is obvious that various modifications in the particular structures shown and described maybe made without departing from my invention.

I claim:

1. A rigid linen band adjustable to varying sizes inboth longitudinal and transverse directions comprising a plurality of L-shaped members arranged ina rectangle so that the long legs of each pair of two adjacent members overlap, forming the sides of the rectangle and the arms of said pairs of members overlap to form the ends of the rectangle, and means for retaining said legs and arms in overlapping relationship whereby said L- shaped members are slidably mounted with respect to each other to make a larger or a smaller rectangle.

2. A rigid, adjustable `linen band comprising a plurality of L-shaped members arranged in a rectangle so that the long legs of each pair of two adjacent members overlap, forming the sides of the rectangle, and the arms of said pairs of members overlap to form the ends of the rectangle, and means for retaining said legs and arms in overlapping relationship, comprising a plurality of clips having hook-shaped ends, attached to the surfaces of said members near the ends of the leg and arm portions thereof, whereby said L-shaped members are slidably mounted with respect to each other to make a larger or a smaller rectangle. Y

3. A rigid, adjustable linen band as claimed in claim 1, in which the inner of the overlapping'leg and arm portions of the L-shaped members are each provided with a lengthwise slot and the means for retaining the legs and arms in overlapping relationship comprises a plurality of discs having transversely projecting elements attached to the inner surfaces of the outer leg and arm portions and passing through the slots in said inner of the overlapping leg and arm portions.


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