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Publication numberUS1886326 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1932
Filing dateFeb 5, 1930
Priority dateFeb 5, 1930
Publication numberUS 1886326 A, US 1886326A, US-A-1886326, US1886326 A, US1886326A
InventorsJoseph O Cadieux
Original AssigneeConnecticut Telephone & Elec
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Gas signal light apparatus
US 1886326 A
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Nov. l, 1932. J. O. cADll-:Ux



Wwmmwnn.. will Ay/NI Jose My invention reianes parisicuia 'iso Jane of employing a rumlnesceni; Within e. transparent or isransmscen tune.

Snei require Very nigh voiiage quentin Varying from @e090 io 20?@00 nei moreB En been customary in ehe pas@ ige ntlnze staneiard-eiectric iig/.inning systei Ls operating im or 220 Voies ne seep-nn @his Voltage by means or a "nrans'former iocanec. ai;

some piece on 'ehe premises more or iess reineie irons' ne iena? nis course requires the nrensmission el high tension currents from une transformer 'ne lamp *which ir. turn eonsf oniy 'She nransmissionYlout4 'fthe instaiiation and repair of the ia 2 E propose no eliminate these dii-Fiennes ene: fro provide a cornpac'J and simple system uziiie'- ingu a sien-up jeral/1sformer directly in the base of the lamp of: socket `or the lamp so 'the usuai househoi or eomrnerciai. iighnine current be inseaiieci in accordance Wi the standard low tension-practice approved by ene underwriters fer il@ to 220 Voit systems., This im? tension curren'; 1s stepped up feo ehe requisite voltage direciy the base of the 'ramp icy means oi a step-up transformer snitabiy housefi proecbed and provided with a sock i naving gnarde terninais e:

of the transformer on the leigh tension side l'ndividnei may be conaroiieo by switches i the `ease fiie socket endpre'ier on 'the iow Jensi isioe'so as to reduce the cos; ane minimi/:e langem is a verticei secnonai View of one orne of consrueiionemboying features of ein; invention snowing one form of iamp Within socket Connected "no fai-ie erensn o ontlprf'sc Fig. 2 is a Sicilie View showing modified "Term o iighting; tube suiaabie for one of my amps The casing les 5 is preferably of rneigai and may be provided Winn a threaded nippie 6 or other means for connecting to a suieabie conduiiJ in accordance' with approved Wiring installation practice,

Within this housing is supper'eed the transiorrner socken )Lamp by means oi a irene-` Winn fine cieraoie expense grea5- suizaioie forni of onf sie

ing or inner easingD The @up Y formeel pr ersnly insulating rnaemai is provieiecL e 8 suppor'ze Wlnnln inside v L eons'trueeion Wifi prerere`ai"f supported foy foracireis ro neetee to oe cup suitable manner as 'for instance neans of screws 1L 'lie conditeborszo en' rein tension. slee of ene "erazisiiorneTm are ie'n in nroug'e Jche housing 5 ane" through.

The upper pari; o2 wie socket for reeeivn ing" 'anip is preferably o 'nsuaning ane; nas e ienge l5 secured to the rige 8 ooehe easingu by screws @ming corr-Lao clips or nerrnina'is i5 are secured reeesseU in be member 'i2 by ineens or tubuiar eyeieis i7 which aise serve to secure ehe 'eign tension output leads l@ of the *eransomny in insulatine; oever: cap or hieie; 'i9y ior instance, of iorr ice is secured io eine insuiating of elle socket andi seeureaiJ "'QnereO, for' insf'cznree by being; rieiionaiiy engaged Wijnin 20 which serves also es a ia'terai guide a pro'zeeiien to the base ine Eiern@ siflieici has nwo openings 22 fer the prongs 23 of the lamp., wi understood siia'b y sniabie eiraraezer there is some rorin oi' a mise- /L han suiea'oie eiee'roes eonneetee no prongs Q3e This nube 2e Wiii Contain a gas such as neon under suitanie oneraeing eoneiinons., This "nube 'ir gaer outer ces ng 25 aise containing ges ene. eoinrnunieeeing with ine inner zuoe 24; so as feo provide a reserve or anxiiiary reservoirn The chambers er recesses 16 aiorri Seiler/Libiey space the insbaiiation oi the terminai clips l5 ansi ye; access torinese chambers i6 is prevented by the siiieioT or @over i9 except through Jane smaiiy openings 22 provide. ror prongs of ine lamp, li', Wi be nndersiood that 'die prongs and eiips may be suitabiy shapeci for inter-connection and preferably by tongue and groove portions so as to snugiy iioici the parte jnogebher and pre- Venii separaton.u Wiii be understood of course that Jdiese contacJ terminals must have exeeiien'; eiectrieai conducting character- This istics so as to avoid heating under the high tension to which they are subjected.

Under some circumstances it may be desir able in some cases to provide an external globe 26. A water tight connection is also desirable between the globe 26 and the c aeing 5. 'lhis may be provided by a yielding gasket 27. To hold the globe in place l may provide a ring 28 which may be clamped to the casing 5 by screws. 29. A yielding gasket 30 may be interposed between the ring 28 and a shoulder of the globe near its base. Suitable Ouard wires 31 may be provided and secured to the ring 28 in any suitable manner so as to mechanically protect the glass and also so as to prevent tampering with the lamp and its connections. A switch 3a of the conventional type is indicatedas connected in the low tension leads to the transformer and as operable from the exterior of the casing 5.

lt will be understood that the transformer and socket combination may be made and sold as a unit for installation in various ways 1t will also be understood that the construction of the lamp per se is not material to my present invention. 1n fact in place of the helical tube shown in Fig. 1 l may employ a tubehaving a spiral conformation as shown in llig. 2 at 32 which latter affords a broad surface especially when viewed from the front light concentration. Such gas tubes may also have the form of individual letters or words.

rfhese lamp sockets are preferably installed in protective housings as above described and anyV number may be used collectively. 'llhese lamps may be provided individually with switches preferably on the low tension side, as indicated at 34: or other suitable operating means may be employed so that the lamps may be individually controlled immediately adjacent the light source or the control may be from a distant point or points of the low tension circuits thereof. y

The cup member 7 serves as a container for the transformer and by. virtue of its shape it allows the employment of insulating media to form a suitable circuma'mbient milieu for the transformer. The employment of such insulating 'media to completely surround a transformer, for purposes of protection against moisture, greater insulation, better cooling or similar purposes, is well known in the electrical art and does not constitute an essential part of my invention.

It will be seen from the foregoing that l have endeavored to arrange a system and construction by which these gas lamps may be* made, sold and installed v ery much the same y as incandescent filament lamps are handled. A

The commercial and utilitaman advantages of such a construction and installation will be apparent.

I claim: l

1. A gas lamp socket having two insulatresaeae ing parts directly fastened to one another and substantially enclosing a chamber between them, a step-up transformer supported -by one part in said chamber and having output leads Secured to the other part, the latter part having contact terminals for tube prongs.

2. A gas lamp socket having an insulating part with a recess in its upper face and an extension chamber, contacts mounted in said' chamber, an insulating shield secured insaid recess and having passages for tube prongs and a step-up transformer having its output leads connected to said contacts.

8. A gas tube socket having insulating parts a step-up transformer mounted in one part, the other insulating part having chambers containing prong contacts connected to the high tension leads of said transformer and an insulating shield having passages for prongs leading to the contacts.

Il. A. gas tube socket comprising a metallic housing, an insulating cup supported in said housing, a step-up transformer supported in said cup.,- a switch in the low tension side of the transformer, and an insulating part sup ported on the cup and having contacts for a tube connected to the output of the transformer.,

5. i gas tube socket having insulating parts a step-up transformer mounted in one part, a snap switch associated with the low tension side of the transformer, the other insulating part having chambers containing prong contacts connected to the high tension leads of said transformer and an insulating shield having passages for prongs leading to the contacts.

6. Gas lamp apparatus comprising a casing consisting of a cup member and an insulating socket forming a closure for the casing, a transformer enclosed in said casing, and prong contacts in the insulating socket connected directly to the high tension output of the transformer said socket having individual passages for prongs leading to said contacts.

A gas lamp structure comprising a transformer casing, an insulating socket mounted thereon and forming a closure therefor, said socket having spaced recesses in its i I'GCESSGS.


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