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Publication numberUS1886623 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1932
Filing dateJul 22, 1931
Priority dateJul 22, 1931
Publication numberUS 1886623 A, US 1886623A, US-A-1886623, US1886623 A, US1886623A
InventorsWilliam A Barnes
Original AssigneeSwartzbaugh Mfg Company
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Liquid dispensing apparatus
US 1886623 A
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Nov. 8, 1932. w, BARNES 1,886,623


Devices employed in the dispensing of liquids such as beverages from stationary or portable containers, such as fountains, or food conveyors as used in hospitals, factories, or the like, frequently utilize a pumpingmechanism to deliver the liquid from the container, and the force under which the liquid is expelled from the pump is frequently excessive so that the liquid will splash out of the receiving container unless special care is taken in operating the pump. It will be apparent that this splashing is a potential source of injury to persons in the vicinity of the dispenser where hot liquids are being handled.

A further disadvantage very often pres ent in these devices is that there is frequently a residual drip of liquid from the delivering pump after the main supply has been delivered, and unless care is taken, this residual drip will result in a material loss of liquid.

The present invention relates to a pump of this general character which is designed to overcome the above objections, splashing, and dripping, and is therefore well adapted for use in locations where rapid dispensing is required and where the degree of care used in such dispensing is not very high.

The pump of this invention is accordingly highly adapted for use in dispensing hot liquids or beverages, such as coflee for example, the pump embracing as its principal feature of novelty a discharge nozzle provided with baffle instrumentalities which will break the force of the flow of the discharge from the pump and which will also act as a positive drip preventer.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent from the following description and accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of a liquid dispensing device having anti-splash discharging instrumentalities.

Figure 2 is a detail view of an anti-splash discharging device partially in section and partially in elevation, certain parts being broken away.

Figure 3 is atop View of the discharge device shown in Figure 2.

Serial No. 552,525.

Figure 4 is a detail view of a plug used in connection with this discharging device.

Referring now to the drawing, A indicates a liquid dispensing device comprising a pump B and a discharging pipe C. The pump B 1 consists of a cylinder 1 and a piston 2. The piston 2 is operated by a handle 3 in a customary manner. An inlet valve 4 is provided at the bottom of the cylinder 1, adapted to open when the piston is moved upwardly, to permit the entrance of liquid into the said cylinder, and to close when the piston 2 is forced downwardly. The liquid will then be pressed through an opening 5 in the cylinder 1 into the discharge pipe 0, and will flow out through a discharge member 6 mounted on the end of said discharge pipe C. A closure member A is provided for closing the container in which said dispensing device is placed and for holding the piston actuating instrumentalities and the discharging pipe C in a fixed relation. The discharge member, a detail of which is shown in Figures 2 and 3, comprises a body portion 8 having an enlarged head 9. A nozzle 10 is screwed into the said head as illustrated at 11. The said nozzle comprises a baffle portion 13 extend ing inwardly of the head 9 and a nut integral therewith. A gasket let is provided to'prevent leakage between the head 9 and the nozzle 10. Extensions l5 and 16 integral With the body portion 8 of the said discharge device are adapted to threadedly receive plugs 17. The portion 18 of the body 8 is provided with threads 19 and is adapted to be screwed upon the discharge pipe G of the dispensing device A, holding the discharge member prop erly in position. Passages 20 and 21 are within the body portion 8 to allow the passage of the liquid from the discharge pipe C to the head 9. The said head 9 has to be of such a configuration as to reduce the speed of the fluid and to bend the stream of the fluid in such a manner as to cause a slow outflow of the liquid through the nozzle 10. The baflie portion 13 will also reduce the speed of the liquid very materially andthe cooperation between said head and baflle nozzle will eliminate entirely splashing of the discharge liquid no matter how fast and carelessly the pump is operated. The flow of the fluid in the head 9 and through nozzle is indicated by arrows as g at 26, and the cooperative action of the head and nozzle will be easily understood therefrom. As stated before, the speed of the liquid is reduced as the same strikes the inner 7 wall of head 9 and the outer upwardly ex- 10 tend-ingportion of nozzle 10 and is slowly discharged in a straight column from the 7 same, eliminating the splashing of fluid entirely when it enters into a'small container" such as a cup, glass, or the like. V

The plugs 17 may be easily removed if the discharge member is to be cleaned, and cleaning agents may be enteredthrough the openings 22 and 23' in the way of the passages, thus allowing a very effective and thorough {go cleansing. The nozzle 10 maybe also very easily removed so that access may be had to the head 9 if any particles contained in beverages, should. collect therein. The body portion is slightly inclined as shown in Figure 5 2, thus preventing leakage of the discharging devices, after a certain amount of liquid has been dispensed and the upstanding portion of the nozzle 10 which in one instance acts as a baffle means, serves also for the prevention ran. of leakage or dripping after discharge of said amount of fluid.

Fromthe foregoing it will be obvious that a liquid dispensing means comprising my nozzle discharging means will allow a. very '35 speedy operation of the pump without splashing or dripping of dispensed fluid and thus will eliminate very objectionable features of such-devices.

Itv will be understood that the above de- 46 scribed and illustrated form of the invention is to be regarded as being illustrative only of one form which the invention may take, and it will be understood that changes in the details thereof may be made without departm from the inventive concept.

- aving thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire. to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is p In liquid dispensing apparatus, a pump having an anti-splash discharge device comprisinga body portion, passages in said body portion, an enlarged dome-shaped head on the body portion, a nozzle within said head and projecting therefrom, comprising a bafiie portion, a threaded portion, and a nut portion and threads within the head adapted to engage the threaded portion of the nozzle to hold the same in liquid-tight engagement with the head, the dome-shaped head being adapted to deflect the stream of liquid forced therein and to permit expelling of the liquid from saidheadthrough the nozzle without splash ingoftheliquid.

In-testimony. whereof I. aflix my signature.


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