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Publication numberUS1886669 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1932
Filing dateOct 30, 1929
Priority dateOct 30, 1929
Publication numberUS 1886669 A, US 1886669A, US-A-1886669, US1886669 A, US1886669A
InventorsGillespie Paul E
Original AssigneeGillespie Paul E
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Folding post card
US 1886669 A
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Nov. 8, 1932. P. E. GILLESPIE 1,836,669

FOLDING POST CARD Filed Oct. :50, 1929 PST GARE) Q RED) /z 3 v 5 L E 4 C J, E A245 INVENTOR ATTORNE'! Patented Nov. 8, 1932 r UNETED rarest ric PAUL E. GILLESPIE, OF ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI FOLDING POST CARD Application filed October 30, 1329. Serial No. 03,630.

This invention relates to souvenir post edge of the flap to one edge of the card as cards, an obJect being to provide a card with indicated at 12, so that the flap may be folded an increased message area without increaseven with this edge of the card as clearly iling he size of the card in the mail. lustrated in Figure 3 of the drawing. 5 Another ohgect of the invention is the pro- This provides a wrlting space or message 55 vision of souvenir post card of the alcove space which is made up of the flap 12 and the character in which the writing or mess adjacentportion of the body of the card. If space is covered when the card is ready for desired, the flap may form a continuation mailing, so that private messages will he of the body of the card with the latter suitconcealed. ably scored so that the flap may be folded Another object of the invention is the proflat upon the outer face of the card. vision of a post card, which, in addition to The outer edge of the flap is provided with the above and other advantageous features an adh iv trip 13 which may be a, separate is provided with means to indicate the limit tri attach d t the flap as. shown in the 15 of the message area, so that the writer can d a i Or th adh iv may be appli d didetermine the area of the covered space. r cti y to th ut dg f th fl With the above and other objects in view, with th a d arranged as Shown i Fi the invention further includes the followingme 2 f th dr wi a essa of c nsidernovcl features and details of construction, to abl l th may b ritten po th flap 11 so be hereinafter more fully described, illusd th dj t tio f th card, trated in the accompanying drawing and Th 'fl i th f ld d Over ith it Outer pointed out in the appended la edge pasted to the face of the card as shown In the drawi11g in Figure 1 of the drawin The message Figure 1 is a view of a post card constructed Space 111 th b l d, so that privat 25 in accordance with the invention and shown 111G352, ges may h t; A ir ail ly i arranged for m ilingcludes first class mail, the sealed card may Figul'a 2 is & Partly broken W be sent for the minimum postage. showing themc fige ap P The outer face ll of the flap forms a Figm'e 3 is an edge View with the message portion of the outer face of the card when so flap partly open. the latter is ready for mailing, and as shown 8 Ritlfil'l'lllg t0 drawing wllel'ein Fig re 1 of the dra vvinga the ords post like characters of reference denote corred are i t d upon thi A ti 7 p g P the 10 of these words is printed upon the outer face indicates the body of the card which is 132KB 14. f th fl 11 d a ti upon th Outer 35 of relatively stiff material and which is def f h b d f th card, so that h signed to contain upon one face a picture th fl i l d th appearance ill b b. (1155 l- The 03rd EF Y fl f stantially that of an ordinary card. By arfor mall: and y 113V? 1 9 bids ranging these words in the manner shown aerial views of differen b i s' Cit-19S and described, they will indicate the limit 40 localities. of the message space, as the sender can readily One of the objects of the invention is to in- See Where i message space will end by CYQRSQ the Writing i slmce the referrin to the portion of the word card card and to conceal this space, so that the Contain; upon g d b d 1 sender may write a message of considerable if gasket}; the Outer face i the card and length and may include matter not intended the Outer f of the fl 14 may provided to be 556911 y anyone 0151161" than with aligned stripes 15 and 16 respectively.

dresses. For this purpose, the card is pro- Th t i g; b l d if d i d d vided at one end with an extension or th strip s 15 will a ist i i di ati th 11. This flap may be formed of paper and limit of the message space.

may be attached to the card by pasting one If desired, the card may'have imprinted 10 thereon the Words Air Mail as shown in Figure 1 of the drawing.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its form, proportions and minor details of construction and the right is herein reserved to make such changes as properly fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Having described the invention .What is claimed is v m A souvenir post card embodying a sheet of relatively stifi material having a picture upon one face, a flap of the same height as the card, an adhesive strip secured to the outer face of the flap along the free trans 15 verse edge thereof for connecting the flap to one edge of the card and adapting the flap to be folded flat upon'the outer face of the card to provide, together with the adjacent portion of the card, an inner message space of an appreciable area, a strip secured to the free edge of the flap to seal the free edge of the flap to the face of the card to conceal the message space and pro vide, together with the card and flap, an

" address space having the same general appearance of the ordinary post card.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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