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Publication numberUS1888426 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1932
Filing dateMar 26, 1929
Priority dateMar 26, 1929
Publication numberUS 1888426 A, US 1888426A, US-A-1888426, US1888426 A, US1888426A
InventorsDuby John F
Original AssigneeDuby John F
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Holder for rolls of paper
US 1888426 A
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Nov. 22, 1932e 1F. DUBY HOLDER FOR ROLLS OF PAPER Filed March 26, 1929` gull" i 11 im L zza Moraga' Patented Nov. 22, 1932 i 1,888,426

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE JOHN F. DUBY, F BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS HOLDER ron. :eoLLs or PAPER Application 'ned March 2c, 192e. semi No. 349,998.

This invention relates to holders for rolls per and the plate 5, so that the unrolling of of paper such as toilet paper or the like, and more paper than is required at any given time its principal object is to provide a convenient or accidental unrolling of the paper by casual holder of improved construction comprising contact is prevented. The cover plate of the a small number of parts which are economiholder may readily be removed as aforesaid 55 cal to manufacture and easy to assemble, reto permit the substitution of a fresh roll, and movably to support a roll of paper in vertical for this purpose the clearance Ybetween the position.A cylinder 9 and the roll tube 21 should be Recommended embodiments of the invensuicient to allow retraction of the detent 16 r@ tion are illustrated in the accompanying from the stem aperture 18.

drawing, in which; ln Fig. 3, the base plate 22 is fastened to Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a preferred the wall by means of rubber suction cups 23, form of holder; y and has a fixed upstanding spindle 24 loosely Fig. 2 is a central transverse section received within an axial recess 25 in the base "l5 through the holder of Fig. 1; and portion of the core 26; and the cover plate 27 65 Figs. 3 and 4 are elevations, partly in secisfsecured on the upper end of the core as by tion, of modied forms of holders. f a screw 28. ln this modification the holder The devices herein illustrated are particuparts are separated by lifting the top plate larly adapted to be mounted on a wail to hold and core as a unit oftq the spindle 24, to permit individual rolls of toilet paper. The holder the insertion or replacement of a paper roll. 70

of lrigs. 1 and 2 comprises a horizontal base 'ln the further modification show in Fig. plate 5 having a bracket arm 6 attached as 4, the post 29 is mounted lupon the base plate by screws 7 to the wall 8; an upright cylinder 30 substantially in the same manner as in or core 9 ofwood or other suitable material Figs. 1 and 2, and the cover plate 31 has a fastened to the plate' as by a screw 10, and central aperture receiving the stud or spindle` 75 having an axial recess`11 extending down-A 32 projecting from the upper end of the cylwardly from its upper end; and a top or cover inder. The top plate rests upon said upper plate 12 having a depending tubular stem 13 post end, and may readily be lifted ofi' the' received within the recess 11. Locking centering spindle 32 to allow substitution of meansare preferably provided releasably to the paper rolls' as aforesaid. BO secure the cover plate upon the cylinder, and ln each of the illustrated species of my in- Sllchr means may Compris@ a leaf Spring 14 vention the paper roll is supported in verextending vertically along the surface of the tical position with its bottom end resting cylinder 9 and having its lower end 15 bent. and pressing by reason of the weight of the under the cylinder and fastened by the screw roll upon a Xed base plate, whereby rota- 85 10, and a detent 16 at its upper end PIOJGC- tion of the roll around the roll positioning mg' mwardly through regstermg. apertures cylinder or core is resisted; the assembled 1 7 and 18 m the Sfore 9 and Stem 13 reSPeC holder may also include atop plate which cov- G tively Tile lokmg detent.16 may be re' ers the central portion ofthe upper end of o leased'by mdertmg a' key 19 mto the tubular the roll and provides a more finished and Still to mfng the gtntprtardly pleasing appearance to the structure, and

e To 0 paper avm@ e cus Omary which,'by reason of its own weight or by asinterior cardboard tube 21 loosely receiving t d10 kn means assists in Securin the the cylinder or post 9, rests 1n vertical posi- 80cm e C 1 g i tion upon the base plate 5 and is secured against Casual displacement by the locked tation of the roll; and one or more parts of cover plate 12. The paper may readily be the hller may readly b? Separated rrom the unrolled by hand, yet the rotation of the pa- Temlmng parts t0 permit the deposlt or reper roll is resisted by gravitational pressure -plaCBm-llt 0f the paper IOHS Wlthlrl the between the bottom edges of the rolled paholder. n y l 100 roll upon the holder and also in opposing rop5 I claim:

A holder for a roll of apen comprising a base plate, a cylinder xed in upright position upon the base plate and adapted to extend through an axially upright roll of paper having its lower end resting on the base plate, the cylinder having an axial recess extending downwardly from its upper end, a top plate having a depending tubular stem received within said recess, the cylinder and stem having registering apertures, and a spring having1 a locking detent releasably engaging wit in said registering apertures normally to revent separation of the tpp .plate from t e cylinder, said top plate extending outwardly over a portion of the paper roll so that the roll is secured within the holder until the locking detent is released rom engagement with the stem aperture to permit removal of the top plate,y

said en agement being releasable irrespective of t e amount of paper on the roll.

Signed by me at Boston, Massachusetts, this eighteenth day of March, 1929.


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European ClassificationA47K10/38C