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Publication numberUS1888800 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1932
Filing dateAug 1, 1931
Priority dateAug 1, 1931
Publication numberUS 1888800 A, US 1888800A, US-A-1888800, US1888800 A, US1888800A
InventorsGrothe Ernest F H
Original AssigneeGrothe Ernest F H
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Connecter puller for storage batteries
US 1888800 A
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Nov. 22, 1932. E H, GROTQE 1,888,800

Filed Au 1, 1951 //YVA//'0/? mom 55.-

' Er/Zw/ Ff/ Gr0//e Patented Nov. 22, 1932 UNITED STATES ERNEST I. H. GBOTHE, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA commcrnn roman iron sromen BATTERIES Application fled August 1, 1981. Serial Ill o. 554,461.

The subject of my invention is a connecter puller for separating the intercell connecters of storage batteries from the terminal posts. The intercell connecters are commonly sol= dered or lead-burned to the terminal posts. In order to separate the intercell connecters from the terminal posts it is necessary to break the seal thus formed by soldering or lead-burning. An important feature of my invention is the provision of a cutt ng edge for this purpose. Preferably my cutting edge is circular in shape but it may, if desired, be notched like saw teeth.

Further features of my invention are means for creating pressure between the terminal posts and the intercell connecter and means for firmly grasping the intercell connecter and locatin the connecter puller 1n proper position be ore beginning the pulling operation. a

For a further exposition of my invent on reference may be had to the annexed drawmg and specification at the end whereof my 1nvention will be specifically pointed out and claimed.

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a side elevation of my device in which the intercell connecter and the termlnal post are indicated diagrammatically.

Figure 2 is a bottom view of my devlce.

Figure 3 is a vertical cross section through the tip of the bolt'member which rests on the terminal post.

Figure 4 is a side elevation of a modified form of bolt member.

In the modification of my device chosen for illustration in the drawing, there is disclosed a terminal post A of a storage battery having an intercell connecter B thereon. The terminal post A and the intercell connecter B are connected together by welding, solderin or lead-burning as indicated at C.

1 improved connecter puller consists of a ho t member 1 having at its lower end a cutting edge 2 and a locating member 3 as is best seen in Figure 3. The functions of these members will be explained below. Bolt memher 1 also carries on a portion of its surface screw threads 4 and carries at its upper end 50 a handle 5. Threaded on the screw threads 4 of bolt member 1 is a yoke 6 which has internal screw threads cooperating with the screw threads 4 on bolt member 1. Yoke 6 also carries external screw threads 7 on a portion of its surface. From oke 6 thereextend laterally side arms 8 aving holes therein through which pass pins 9 whichare retained in place by cotter plns 10 or by any other convenient means. Pivotally mounted on yoke 6 by means of pins 9 are jaws 11 50' which have at their lower ends projections 12 extending towards the axis'of yoke 6. At

- their upper ends jaws 11 carry cam faces 13.

Mounted on the external screw thread 7 of yoke 6 is carried nut 14 which has internal screw threads cooperating with the" screw threads 7. Nut 14 carries on its outer surface cam face 15 which cooperates with the cam faces 13 on jaws 11.

The operation of my device is as follows: The locating member 3 is placed centrally of terminal post A and serves to retain the counecter puller in proper position during the pulling operation. Jaws-11 are then placed so that projections 12 come underneath intercell connecter B and rest with their front faces against terminal post A. Projections 12 have their front faces hollowed out at 16 as is best seen in Figure 2 to permit the projectlons 12 to more closely embrace a terminal post A and to therefore more complete- 1y underlie intercell connecter B. Nut 14 is then screwed down on threads 7 so that cam. face 15 coacts with cam faces 13 on jaws 11 to hold jaws 11 with the projections 12 against 55 the terminal post and under the intercell con necter. Handle 5 is then operated causing coaction of screw threads 4 and the cooperating threads on yoke 6 so that yoke 6 is pulled up. At the same time cutting edge 2 cuts or breaks the seal C so that the intercell connecter B may be drawn ofi' terminal post A. find onto the smooth portion of bolt mem- In Figure 4 there is disclosed a modified form of my device in which the bolt member 1 has at its lower end a cutting edge 102 having a plurality of notches 103 therein forming saw like teeth.

do not intend to be limitedin the practice of my invention save as the scope of the prior art and of the attached claims may require.

I claim:

1. In a connecter uller for storage batteries,a bolt member aving at its lower end a downwardl projecting cutting edge adjacent its perip cry.

2. A connecter puller for storage batteries including in combination a bolt member having at its lower end a downwardly pro'ecting cutting edge adjacent its peripher a andle at the upper end of said boltmem er, a yoke mounted on said bolt member for movement relative thereto, jaws hingedly mounted on said yoke, and a nut movab y mounted on said yoke and cooperating with the ends of said jaws to adjust said jaws relative to the axis of said yoke.

3, In a connecter puller for storage batteries, a bolt member having at its lower end a downwardly projecting cutting edge adjacent its perip cry and a central locating member.

4. A connecter puller for storage batteries including in combination a bolt member having at its lower end a downwardly projecting cuttin edge adjacent its periphery and a centra locatin member, a handle at the upper end of said bolt member, a yoke having screw threaded engagement with said bolt member, jaws hingedly mounted on said yoke, and a nut having screw threaded engagement with said yoke and coo crating with the ends of said jaws to adjust t e jaws relative to the axis of said oke.

5. In a evice for removing a connecter from the terminal post of a storage batter to which it is integrally welded, the combination of a yoke member provided with means for engaging the under side of the connecter and having a threaded circular opening adapted to be positioned above the terminal post when the said engaging means are in said engagement with the connecter and a bolt member passing through and makin threaded engagement with the walls of said opening, said bolt member having a down wardly projecting peripheral cutting edge at its lower end adapted, when the bolt memher is turned and advanced through the opening, to cut a circular parting groove between the connecter and the top of the post.


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