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Publication numberUS1889487 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1932
Filing dateMar 11, 1931
Priority dateMar 11, 1931
Publication numberUS 1889487 A, US 1889487A, US-A-1889487, US1889487 A, US1889487A
InventorsHarry Nachies
Original AssigneeHarry Nachies
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Fountain vibrator
US 1889487 A
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Nov. 29, 1932. H. NACHiES FOUNTAIN VIBRATOR Filed March 11. 1951 gwwmtoz Harry jlfachz'es Patented 1 Nov. 29, 1932 UNITED STATES.


FOUNTAIN VIBRATOR Application filed March 11, 131. Serial No. 5213348.

The invention relates to massage vibrators and more particularly to a vibrator adapted to apply heated oil or other liquid to the scalp.

5 The object of the'improvement is to provide a vibrator having a head or casing within which is mounted a reservoir containingoil or the like, means being provided for heating the oil within said casing and for distributing the oil through the vibrating applicator or massage appliance.

Another object is to provide means for electrically operating the applicator and for electrically heating the oil, independent means being provided for controlling the vibrating means and the heating means.

A still further bbject of the improvement is to provide a novel cbnstruction of applicator or massage appliance for distributing the oil to the scalp and for massaging the scalp.

The above and other objects may be at tained by constructing the improved vibrator in the manner illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is an elevation of the vibrator with parts broken away for the purpose of illustration;

Fig. 2, a section taken substantially on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;

s Fig. 3, a front elevation of the improved applicator; and

Fig. 4, a section showing the vibrating means. Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the drawing. I Y

The improved electric massage vibrator to which'the invention pertains includes a casing 10 provided with the usual handle 11 for operating the same, the electric cords 12 for operating the vibrating mechanism, as well as the heating mechanism which will I be later explained, being located through the handle in usual and well known manner.

Located within the casing 10 is a tank or. reservoir'13 adapted to contain oil or other liquid to be applied to the scalp. An oil filler cap 14 is provided for normally closing the filling opening through which oil may be supplied to the reservoir.

For the purpose of maintaining the oil at the desired temperaturefor use, when thevibrator is in operation, an electric heating element 15, of-any usual and desirable construction, is located within the reservoir 13 and arranged to be. connected inwell known manner with one of theelectric cords 12, a switch 16 beingprovided for controlling the circuit to said heating element. If desired, an indicator of any suitable construction, as shown generally at 17, maybe provided for indicating the temperature of the oil within the reservoir 13.

The vibrator is provided with a stem 18, extendin through one side of the casing, and carrled by the armature 19a adaptedto be given the usual vibratory movement as by an electro-magnet 19. This stem is preferr ably formed so thatit will detachably receive an applicator provided with a yielding portion adapted to contact with the scalp or other part to be massaged in well known manner.

For this purpose the outer end portion of the stem 18 may have connectedthereto the back member 20 of the applicator which may be formed of aluminum or the like in the form of a disk provided with the peripheral flange 21 preferably internally screw threaded as indicated at 22 to receive the outer member 23 of the applicator which may also be formed of aluminum. 1 v

The outer member 23 is provide'dwith aplurality of nipples 24 havingopenings 25 therethrough for conveying oil to the scalp as will be later described. .The soft rubber -member 26 fits over the outer face of the apnected to the other of the electric cords 12, a

switch 32 being provided for controllin the circuit to the magnet independently o the operation of the heatin element 15.

In the operation of t e vibrator the applicator may be vibrated in usual manner by means of the magnet 19 and heated oil from the reservoir 13 will be conveyed through the hose 29 and hollow stem 18 to the applicato'r being discharged through the nipples updp:5 the scalp, the rubber fingers 28 massaging he scalp at the same time.

By forming the rubber fingers 28 of greater length than the metal nipples 25 it will be seen that these metal nipples will be held out of contact with the scalp, thus preventing injur to the user.

y having independent switches for the magnet and the heating element it will be seen that in the event the oil is heated beyond the temperature desired, the heating element may be disconnected without interfering with the operation of the applicator.

' Although a particular type of applicator is illustrated, especially designed for massaging the scalp and for distributing oil thereto, it should be understood that this applicator may be removed from the stem 18 and replaced by any usual form of applicator for massaging the face or body, whereby the vibrator may be used, if desired, in the same way as any usual form of vibrator now in general use. Iclaim:

1. A vibrator including a casing, an oil reservoir within the casing, an electric heating element within the reservoir, a hollow vibratable stem located through one side of the casing, electric means within the casing for vibrating said stem, a hose connecting the reservoir to said stem, an applicator upon the stem provided with nipples to distribute the oil, and independent switches for controlling the heating element and the vibrating means.

2. A vibrator including a casing, an oil reservoir within the casing, an'electric heating element within the reservoir, a hollow vi ratable stem slidably located through one side of the casin ,means within the casing fofvibrating sai stem, a flexible hose the casing connecting the reservoir to sand stem, an applicator upon the stem rovrded with ni ples to distribute the oil, an a switch for con rolling said heating element.

In testimony that I claim the above, I have I hereunto subscribed my name.


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