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Publication numberUS1890156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1932
Filing dateJun 5, 1930
Priority dateJul 24, 1929
Publication numberUS 1890156 A, US 1890156A, US-A-1890156, US1890156 A, US1890156A
InventorsWenzel Konig
Original AssigneeWenzel Konig
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Shower rose
US 1890156 A
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Dec. 6, 1932. w. KUNIG 1,890,156

S HOWER R0 S E Filed June 5, 1930 Patented Dec. v6, 1932 UNITED m.

PATENT oar-"um:

wmwzm. zone, or nmzre, omen? snowm ROSE 4 Application filed June 5, 1930, Serial No. 459.375, and in Germany 11117 24, 1988- This invention relates to a special construction of a shower rose, which enables a very fine distribution of the water ejected by a number of absolutely separate sprays. Such 5 shower roses are often termed incorrectly nozzles or nozzle heads. 1

The formation of the individual sprays. is caused in that within a casing (handguard) conical rings, that is rings with a conical outer surface, are arranged, which are in.-

serted concentrically one in the other, unsupported, projecting stepwise, form an outer wall and are provided on the conical outer surface thereof with 'slotlike channels in axial direction.

The individual rings are held in positionby a common holding. device (screw), which engages in the innermost ring.

i The peculiar constructional form of the shower rose ensures an accurate direction indication for each individual jet, which is caused by the concentricity of the rings.

As compared with the known devices, serv- 5 ing the same purpose, for finely distributing the water and the like in jet from the new shower rose presents theadvantage that the water or the like flows out in a larger number of fine .jets, separate the one from the 0 other, mist or'film-like, whereas with the showers hitherto employed, in which the water was ejected by torsion, by impact or b compressed air (especially with those with coarse distribution), the water-flows to ether to form large drops on the outer si e of the rose. i v

A further advantage consists in the easy '3 possibility of cleaning the separate rings, so

Ehat cloggingscan be overcome without difcult 1 40 In the known constructions, of showers or nozzles such cleaning is diflicult and wastes time. The discharge holes of the rose are enlarged by inexperienced persons with pointed objects so that the further use of such water distributors, as showers, nozzles and the like, is fulfill their purpose in an imperfect manner.

omizing is caused by the depth and number of the channels arranged on the conical edges siderable technical advance,

screw head d first acts on the smallest ring 9 fitted together. almost impossible, or they only rusting metals, hard rubbers, galalith, torit l or other suitable material.

The invention further enables the regulation of the degree of fineness, as also the efficiency by elastic material (rubber) inserted between the rings, which'material, according to the-tension of the'holding screw, is pressed more or less deeply into the channels and alters their cross section.

Consequently the invention presents a conwhich is of great commercial interest. 2

Two embodiments of the invention are illustrated by way of example in the accompanying drawing in'which:

Fig. 1 shows one form of construction in .longitudinal section.

Fig. 2 is a front view of Fig. 3 shows details.

Fig. 4 shows the second form of construction.

The known connecting socket a has discharge holes arranged concentrically around the holding device. Between the head d of the holding device (screw) 0 and a ring-shaped extension e situated onthe inner side of the handguard f a set of rings 9 with conical outer surfaces and inserted one' in the other, projecting insteps, are arranged in such a manner that the pressure of the Fig. 1. j

and the extension 0 serves as a rest for the largest ring. The outer sides of these rings g are conically finel serrated sothat channels h are produce when the rings g are As soon as water under pressure flows out of the apertures 12 in the shower rose in The desireddegree of fineness of the atkn own manner this water first encounters a resistance on the end surfaces '5 of the rings 9 axialdirection to the holding device a. The counter screw 0, which presses the rings g onto their seat, opposes however this tendency so that only the channels it offer a pas- 5 sage for the water and cause fine distribution. The number of channels h and their size is determined according to the purpose of use, and the s raying range depends upon the conicity o the outer surfaces of the rings.

I If necessary, an elastic layer is, made for example of rubber, may be inserted between the rings 9 (Fig. 4 which insertion, on the rings g, g shown y way of example in the drawing eing compressed, causes a narrowing of the channels h.

p I claim v 1. A shower rose for hand showers, air

moistening, gardens and the like, comprising in combination a casing having an inner closing wall, and rings with conical outersurfaces arranged in said casing inserted Y concentrically one in the other and projecting unsupported in ste shape and having on their conical outer sur aces axially extending channels the conicity of said rings determining the spraying range of the jets.

2. A shower rose as specified in claim 1, comprising in combination with the rings, a holding device for said rings adapted to engage on the innermost of said rings.

Intestimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification239/554
International ClassificationB05B1/18
Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/185
European ClassificationB05B1/18A