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Publication numberUS1890362 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1932
Filing dateOct 29, 1931
Priority dateFeb 6, 1931
Publication numberUS 1890362 A, US 1890362A, US-A-1890362, US1890362 A, US1890362A
InventorsArmstrong Bellow Edward
Original AssigneeArmstrong Bellow Edward
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Golf and like bag
US 1890362 A
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Dec, 6, 1932. E. A. BELLOW GOLF AND LIKEBAG Filed Oct. 29, 1931 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 -Z'DWARD%ELZ:0W 6 244x44 m Arm/ME)? 1932- E. A. BELLOW 1,890,362

GOLF AND LIKE BAG Filed 0012.29, 1951 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 l/VvE/V7'0R EDWARD A ELLOW 7 y Arm n/ Patented Dec. 6, v1932 'Enwe-Bn amsm a w, or s r; LEoNAnns-oN-snn, ENGLAND GOLF Ann LIKE BAG Application fl'ledbctobei'alefil, Serial No. si sea ndm GreatjBritain mai a, 1931i;

i The object of this invention-is to construct strut carrying appliances aflixable to a golf or like bag, and to connect the struts to the bag in such a manner thatthe bag with the "6 struts opened out can be positioned in the form of a tripod to enable thegolf clubsor other-accessories for playing a game to be readily'got fat, the struts when not in use being positioned on the outside of the bag and held thereto by spring or other means, so that they will not inconveniencethe player whilst the bag is being carried. I For the purpose of my "invention I may strengthen the bag by positioning a strip .of steel or other material'along the whole length orpart of its length, the other partgof the bag being held in shape in any suitable'man- One or more plates of metal or equivalent material are secured -to the strengthening strip and to'the bag, each'of said plates haveach side of the bag, the pivot points being at a slight distance-from'the ends of-the struts or legs,thus leaving a portion of each strut pro-j'eotingabovethe pivot point, and to these portions are connected a bowspring or bridge which projects from the plate.

Such spring or bridge acts against the struts p or legs to normally press or keep the struts or legs against the sides of the bag under all conditions so that, when the legs or struts are positioned parallel with the edge of the bag,

the spring or bridge will hold them tightly against thebag and thus make it possible to carry the bag without the struts moving and interfering with the comfortof the person carrying the bag; When the struts are ex tended to form the whole asa tripod, the struts may still grip orengage the sides of the bag, but to hold the struts in that position I may employ means for further holding them or limiting their movement, such as a tape or-strap,-or stop or stops secured to the bag, orstops on the plates against which the struts may hear when opened out.

Figure l is a side-view,

' bagis composed.

The other accessories connected with,

bag are as usual.

i f Q. UNITEDISTA'TETS; PA EN The struts'are extended manually acting upon the bowspring orbridgeandthe struts the bag by pulling on the sling strap handle? which has one of its endsco'nnectedto-the mouth ofthe bag and extends through a loop i I.

affixed to the mouth'i' oftlie bag and-t'hen" around the bow spring or" bridge," so that "when thebag is lifted by the sling strap, such sling strap will actuate the: bow springer bridge to movethe struts to'the' sides ofthe bag and hold them there whilst'the bagis beingcarrled, or the handle'proper'inay have 1.6/5 I one of its'ends connected'flto the=bow spring I or bridge so that when the bag is lifted by the handle, the handle will 'move the'struts against thesides'o'f thebag. V r

My invention willbeclearly understood from thefollowingjdescription aided by the annexed drawings, which illustrate oneex ample of carrying my invention into" effect,

mately triangular in cross section; v

thebag being shown as triangular orapproxiv i I 25 "Figure 2a back view, and V w Figure 3 a plan of golf bag with in the closed positions against thebag,

' Figure 4 is a side view'ofia' golf bag with the struts extended, the" whole forming j a tripod. I k Figure 5 is a sectional elevation of'a corner of a golf bag showing a means for connectinga strut toa bag;-

struts extended as at Figure 4; V

Figure? is-a sectional plan on the line isfstrengthened by' afstr'ip of steel (anothermaterial 12 extending from the mouth ofjthe thestruts 1' V a I Figure 6 isa plan of afgolfbag with the c 7 ngulagin crosslse'ction'withthe baclrjed'ge bag for at least a portion ofthe' lengththere of; Such strip 12 maybe of an "desir d 1 width, and preferably positioned between the wrappings of the 'fabric of which themay be automatically closed to the sideslof 55 A;

' sides oft b g, 45

of the latter. This plate has its end portions 14 and'15 bent'at an angle thereto to lie, re-

spectively, against the, other sides of the bag.

Pivot pins 16 and 17 are carried, respectively,

by the end portions 14 and of the plate 13,

' and to each of these pivot pins l6,.' 17. is pivotally Connected one end of a'strut '18,

19. A how spring or bridge encircles the fiat apeX'11 of the bag 10 at a convenient distance therefrom and has its opposite ends,

' secured, respectively .to the struts 18 and 19.

-' 'The plate 13 is secured to the flat apexlll of the"'bag,'as by rivets 21,;and the end por- :tions 14 and 15 of saidplate are so positioned that the struts 18, 19 can be ,moved to'lier against the sides otthe bag. j I I Iti's preferred, and as shown in'thedrawin'gs,;to provide the; plate 13 with an-exten:

sion 22 and to bend such extension over the 'I- mouth edge of the bag and into the n outh' of 1; the :bag with the rivets 21 extending through .the plate 13, strengthening strip 12, the wrap} V curved slot ineach angled portion,jor"a stop pings iorming the bag, one endof a carrying 23, a and the extension 22' of said plate-, in order tosec'ure said parts together. I 1 In such construction the bent over portion of the extension 22 extends through a loop 24, and the sftrap 23 passes through saidloop around thebow spring 20 then again'through the loop: 24 andfhasitsother end 23 coni nected by abuckle 25 to1th'e bag 10. v a

- hefportions of he struts 1 S, 19 which con "tact with the end portions 14, 150i the plate I 13 ,arefiat, so as to form good ,bearingtherewith. 1Q26 is handleaflixed to the fiat apex of the'bag and'by which the bag can be c ar-' 'riedby hand,'and a strap 27, which has its ends connected to-the base ofthe. handle 26 extends obliquely upward from the latter aroundthe bag and encloses the struts18, 19,

i i 7 thus assistingin retaining the struts to'the and also limiting their move-f mentin either; direction. 7 e a-i'lherrnouth of the bag is preferablyfprovided with divisionwalls 28,29 for receiving the different kindsofclubs; 7

Since. the angular portions 14, 15 of the plate 13 are flat and the portions of the struts '18 and 19' which contacttherewith-are also I .fiat, the struts,'when moved'on their pivots l6 7 r and 17, will always move in a direction paralv V lel to said portions 14,115 and to the sides of the bag" so that, When they are opened out, they will form a tripod withthe bag and, j V

' the struts 18, 19.

bridge 0 will an said bow is bridge tioned with'its bottom 011 the ground and it is required to open the struts, thebow spring.

or bridge 20 is pressed downwardly to'rock the struts 18,19, on their pivots 16 and 17 and 7 the loop in the strap 23 willgbe drawn down with it so that the clubs'can be got at. When the bag is'picked up again,'the player lifts i same by the sling strap 23, which willact upon the bow springor bridge'20 and close 7 The plate .13 and itsendpo'rtions '14, 15 can be positioned insidethe' inouth of the bag, instead of on the 'outsidefthereof, in Which case'the struts, would be kinked and pass, through slots in the bag, and, instead of employingithe strap 27, other means'for i limiting the movement of the struts-may be employed," such as projections on "thei portions 14 and 15 against .whi'chtheendsof closed, or'a pinon, each strut ridingi-n a or clip or stopsor clips on the bag. f

the strutscan contact when opened out, and 7 Instead of permanently connecting the 7 plate 13 and the parts associated therewith 'to the bag, said plate'mayihe temporarily and removably'fl'afiixed to the bagj I- \Vhat I do claim as m invention and to obtain by Letters Patent is A golf bag of substantially triangular V shaped cross, section, a plate shaped toone of the, apicesof the triangle and having 'its'end portions extending a short distance'alcrossthe two sides fofthe' bag .andsecurable 'to the mouth of the bag, struts eachi, pivoted :"near V one of its ends to the plate on one side of the .bag, a bow spring connecting the two struts adjacent their pivotal "points for i normally strap secured to the bag to limit the niovement of the struts, the struts when opened out,'together with the bag,'for1ning a tripod.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.-


i l 'whenclosed, willlie along thesidesof the a sessor the struts is [andi19will held th m 5 ag. Thespring bow actinggagainst the out.-

inffrictiona'lcontact-with the end portions r ,In us d ppos g a DQ V onthe shoulder thestrap 23 will be drawn pressing the struts toward the )bag and a

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