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Publication numberUS1890371 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1932
Filing dateJul 14, 1930
Priority dateJul 14, 1930
Publication numberUS 1890371 A, US 1890371A, US-A-1890371, US1890371 A, US1890371A
InventorsDennis Arthur W
Original AssigneeDennis Arthur W
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Marking apparatus
US 1890371 A
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Dec. 6, 1932. A. w. DENNIS MARKING APPARATUS Filed July 14, 1950 Patented Dec. 6 1932 I c V UNI-TED STATES ARTHUR w. DENNIS, or aneksonvrnrn rnonma' MARKING! APPARA US Q Application filed July 14, 19aa-ser1a1 no, 467,873

This invention relates to an apparatus for orv thelikahaving characters cutlthereinto marking roads and the like so as to display asshgnate; These blocks are'heldin'place any suitable data such as the name'or numremovably by screws 7o'r the'like. ber of the highway,the name of the adjacent The faces of the type blocks areflush'so town, etc., this data being preferably located as to produce a printing surface extending where it can be used as a center line for trafentirely around the wheel and" the'blocks'can fic, andfor marking ofi'traflic lanes,p'arking be arranged to print any ata desired disspaces, etc.' played in a broad line or band; p Gne of the objects is to provide apparatus The axle'l supports a container 8 for hold- 10 of this character which can be printed on the ing marking material M in liquid form and surface by moving a wheel thereover, there" this material can be applied to the printing being printing elements such as a stencil, surfaceof the wheel by any suitable means. raised type or the like for producing charac- In thedrawing a fountain brush 9 has been ters on the roadway, these elements being in: shown for'this purpose but obviously a roller I l terchangeable to print any data desired. V or other device could be used, such means be- With the foregoing and other objects in ing well known in the art. Y view which will appear as the description The structure described forms a vehicle. PI'OCBGCIS, the invention resides in the combihaving a draft tongue 10 or other means a nation and arrangement of parts and in he whereby it canbe connected to a truck or the 29 details of construction hereinafter described like and drawnalong aliighway. 'Under' and claimed, it being understood that changes .so e onditions th wheel 3 could be substi in the precise embodiment of the invention tutedforone of thewheels of a motor vehicler i disclosed, y be m Within andithe container 8 suitably supported there scope of what is claimed, without departing b V 1 i y 25 from the spirit of theinvention. I 'When'the apparatus is moved along the sur-;

In he a mp ny g drawlng t P -V face to be marked the wheel 3",will travel ferred IEOIl'll Of the lIlVQHtlOIl has been Sl'lOWD. where the data is to be printed and the type In S id drawi g! 1 blocks 5..Wlll cooperate to produce a broad Figure 1 i a P n View ShOWlIlg the PP line L in which the characters will'be out-v 3 ratus printing on the surface of a road a cenli d Th th li can b u d f di t; so

ter line containing de ig i g Clatfling trafi'ic and-at-the same time convey a mesg r 2 is a Vertical l ngi n SectlOIl sage to the drivers of vehicles. The designa through the apparatus. tionof the highway, etc., canthus be .dis- Figure 3 is a side elevation of a prlnting l d I I V a tl, & p i being r k Q W- Under some conditions it is desirable to s5.

Figure 4 1s a transverse section theremount th i ti l t 9n thg t ad f a through. V pneumatic tire. Sucha structure has been g 5 1S VleW 511111131 t0 g 3 shown in Figures 5 and 6. The tire ll-rh'as 7 Showmg another form of Wheel- I printing elements 12 molded on or connected I 40 Figure 6 is a transverse section there to its tread portion and these will obviously g form a yielding contact with the highway surf to figures by Characters of face and print on either asmooth or a rough reference 1 deslgnates an x Supported F 7 surface. This form of printing wheel is par one end by an ordinary V hi Wheel 2 Wh11e ticularly useful on a motor vehiclealthough 45 its other end is supported by a printing wheel it can also be employed advantageously on a 3. This printing wheel can be of any desired structure like that shown in Figure 1. v construction, one form being shown in What claimed is: .ures 1 to 4. In this structure the wheel has A road, marking apparatus incl ding a an annular channelt in its rimand seated trailer'structure having ,supportingfwheels,

50 inthis channel are type blocks 5 of rubber there being'an annular channel one of the'luuv Wheels, interchangeable type blocks removably seated. in the channel'having printing faces constituting the ground engaging treadv of the wheel, a container extending trans- Versely across and supported by the trailer-, one end thereofoverhanging the type carryingwheel and-having an outlet,*said con-: V tainer constituting aholder for liquid marking material and a Weightfor the Wheels, and

a brushdepending from the container for' I j transferring marking material to the t p faces of theblocks, said brush and wheel 'being held against movement toward and from each other. a f In testimony that'I claim the foregoing'as my oWrnI' have hereto aifixedi mysignature. J ARTHUR DENNIS. j"

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U.S. Classification101/328
International ClassificationE01C23/00, E01C23/20
Cooperative ClassificationE01C23/203
European ClassificationE01C23/20B