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Publication numberUS1890378 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1932
Filing dateAug 19, 1931
Priority dateAug 19, 1931
Publication numberUS 1890378 A, US 1890378A, US-A-1890378, US1890378 A, US1890378A
InventorsJohn G Godoy
Original AssigneeJohn G Godoy
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Lighting fixture
US 1890378 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 6, 1932. .1. G. GODOY 1,890,378

LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Aug. 19, 1931 INVENTOR Figuref is an enlargedseetional View illus- 'a 33 of the strapl."

will be 'seen that the finger .piecesfvand 35 may be movedv in thedirecti'on of veach other,r Bas vshownby'the arrows ngFigureB ofthe to extend the .flexible-:members 29 described, and whichmay 1 base 1 0. and acandlef15,; airwil1befed to. fthev candle around` .the

. eiitending lportions 37 extends upwardly .and 1 outwardly ati39't0 ferm e jwiu be understoq that Whenehetmcketeo reaches the lower portion of the candlel at 'thei candle at la ltime vfrom eachother, when'fthe bottom .25

and maybe moved away from each other'tof l `move the flexible members29against*the'sides-..

' y of the globe26to Y -tionl- Y i -By referring viti'will be lseen that the vvtubular l'member 21j hold the globe posito 2 of the drawing `rextends outwardly at 36 -and theninwardly iat ,so that the inwardly extending'pontions .37-iwillrest on the top The tubular member-21 ab'oyetheinwardly e A preventgthewan,from flwingjdown theouter j sidesof the tubular member.;

. Withthe construction whichjhasbeen de- .s'cribed,fth e Lbracket the-@inwardly extending portions f 37 `which 2O will .be supported. by

rest on the top of the candlel andas the candle is burned, the

thefsi'des' ofthe central recess-13, the bracket vvlllbe supported bythe Alower portion of when't'helcandlejyvi11- y 'eten-burning,-beeeueeei the burning. eweyi cap.v 40. .is disposed een the' P" Ofgth@ 'Y f -'l-1g1obe`26,' ghiscapfhaving. an enclosinglwall 540i-41'.' 'ith-falliiwfl'dlyu i Y whichnormallyrests 'on' the top ofthe globe 26 the enclosing wall41-having adepending ingY portion 4 1?,

members 4e having lstrap 515 l linger piece 46' secured .to 4 ngerzpiece48 secured'to. `its terminal. '49., With this construction it will. be seen v 'that the cap 110 maybe dsposedlon the top and' af inner edge ofgthevflange which connects with the. .ange 4l' adJacent a? bottommember 51 'which extends outwardly extending flange portion4l'ffwhichengagesrthe Outer ,side of1 thetop of the globe 26. There are flexible 4imembers 43wl1ic'h'` depend from the depend-` thesef depending flexible guidew is `disposed',.} the v.strap t5 lhaving a v its f terminal' 4'( from the enclosing wall .41, Extending up- VVwardly and 'aroundthe ilange42. there vis an.

-outerfwall 52, thenpper portions of wh ich VV,With construction itff f products globe 26 may be disposed 'within ,the '-i engeiaee thetgfit .willi lreet .enthe betteln f l member 22," a ft er which vthe lingerpieces34y la central tubular"*member inv fis normally disposed andv two bottom m'em-- the bottom Ymembers Yand@,spacedlr Y bracket 20. wll move iange, I

downwardly with Athe inwardly extending Y portions B7 0i Vthegtubular member 2L It inlets in tnegupper members Speeed elle 42.

ian inwardly 'estendig V0111 .the topf 0f ageendle. larmember, `and V l eans :on 'the. bracket for .Therejareoutletop'enings/tcin -theengft'om member;within'ithellange,1- losing'walll above the bottom'iqiiernberfl l V V i :tuleillar'f'memleerf-L wall 52.f

of combustion and will flow upwardly through .the ywall 50 and through theoutlet openings 54 and 5 5. f

With the lighting. :iiture which hasbeen bemoul'lted on a upwardly. f-and outwillb'u'i'n evenly', while thebracket 20 will be candle and will is burned. The candle supported-bylthe topy of the descend as the candle the top/of the globe y26 which! will permit the `escape of fWhat sfclaimedf'is:

bers spaced one ,abve' the otherand extending aroundthe tubularl above( the upper bottomv member, an V: encl'osfl air; inlets in the enclosing wall between thee inletsand :there being vfirst rnentionedgair around 'the'upper" ing wall. i'

a central tu tending to efenserereund tending above the upper bottom member`,f an Aaiizinlet or inlets in' tl 1 e ange betweenthe the upper bottom member, thetubular mem-:


Itwill fteunderstood'tttflthe y .fthej'heatedfair combustion and .the heated air, as'hasfbeenfdescribedi "ii Vfof-.the candle. 16'. if .i l1. Inga lightingfixturega brsckethaving:

which-a candlerrifemberafa, .eige around the' bottom members fand, extending f gibottom me bers, andfanairinlet orinl'etsin 1 berhavinggan inwardlyj extending. fportiolnv Inenibersspacedone above the yotherlandex; w

tending around :the tubular member,

above the upper bottom member, anairginletor inlets in* the'hflangexbetweenfthelbottom d h b. b Mange Y' Laroun kt e. ottomm em e f d t d.' U Extendingupwardly and outwardlyrom the 'rs an' ex en mg 'i 4:2 there'sfawall50z members', an alrv'nletor' inlets the upper bottom member, ,theV tubular member having Ortionv i for resting disposed inthetubue1 empng e gle agibrack.

befderesedr en the liprer betposed portion for engagingthe to ofa candledisposed in the tubular memerand a bottom member disposed around the tubular fmember,alange extending upwardlyaround 1 5 the tubular member, iexi'blemembers with guideways extending upwardly from, the iange `and the bottom member, and a strap Y disposed in the guideways for pressingfina` wardly the flexible members against sides of a globe which normally rests on the bottom` member within the flange. l

5. Ina lighting fixture, a candle with a wick and having abottom withthe wick` spaced from the bottom of the candle, and y"a i bracket having a tubular member in which the 'candle'is disposed, thebraclret having an inwardly disposedportionfor engagingfthe top of the candle and which will,` permit the. bracket to descend -as the candle'is burned, the bracket being disposed atithe bottom of Y the candle and below the wick as the candle burns out becauseof the burning aymy'of the" A wick. w l v.

6. In a lighting iiizture,abracket.having a central tubular member in which a candle `is normally disposed and two bottomv members spaced one above thev other and 4extend-.

' ing around the tubular member, a flange eX- tending around the bottom members and engaging the latter, the flange extending above A the upper bottom member and normally embracing a globe, an enclosing wall disposed' between and connecting thebottom members and spaced from the fla-nge'a-'nd the tubular member, there being airinletsfin theiange between the bottom members, there being ail` inlets in the enclosing wallbetween the iirst l' l i mentioned air inlets and there beingair inf- ,l lets in the upper-.bottom member spaced around the upper bottom member `from the air inlets in the enclosing wall and disposed t between the tubular member and the enclos-l ingwall. Y f v Y 7. In a lighting fixture, a bracket havingl a central tubular member andi two bottom members spaced one above the otherV and veX- tending to and around the tubular member, A a flange around the bottom members, anair e inlet or inlets in the ange betweenthe bot- 5@ tom members, and anv air inlet or inlets in the upper bottom member, the tubular member having an inwardly extending portion above the bottom members for resting on the top of a candle disposed in the tubularQmemli ber. i t e JOHN` G. GODOY.

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