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Publication numberUS1890467 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1932
Filing dateNov 20, 1930
Priority dateNov 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1890467 A, US 1890467A, US-A-1890467, US1890467 A, US1890467A
InventorsMccarroll Walker W
Original AssigneeMccarroll Walker W
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Shipping-container for printing plates, electrotypers' mats, etc.
US 1890467 A
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Dec. 13, 1932. w. w. MccARRoLl. 1,890,467


Filed Nov. 20,'1950 g, 27 /7 zz /0 '/4 ////////l//l/l/ll///// Patented Dee. 13,r 1932 UNITED; STATES .PATENT 'ol-FICE v WALKERv W. inrccAnnoLL,A or NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT SHIPPING-CONTAINER non PRINTING PLATES,V ELEcTRoTYPERs' MATS, ETC. V

Application led November 20, 1930. Serial No. 496,880.

as will appear from the following, myinven# tion consists in a shipping-container having certain detailsof construction and combinations of parts as will be hereinafter described and particularlyrecited in the claims.

In the accompanying drawing: V

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a shippingcontainer embodying my invention, shown as ready for shipment; e Y

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view thereof taken on the line 2-2 ofl Fig. 1, but onva larger scale; e Y Fig. 3 is a perspective viewof the elements of the inner package, showing the printing plates in place preparatory to fastening the parts together as in the succeeding figure;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the inner package completed and ready for insertion into the outer casing; Fig; 5 is a perspective view of the outer cas'- ing shown as open and ready for the recepion of the' inner package illustrated in the preceding figure; and i l Fig. 6' is a viewpcorrespondingA to Fig. 5, but showing the inner package inV place preparatory to closing and fastening the outer casing. l v' In carrying out my invention as herein shown, I employ what I shall for convenience of description designate as an finner package, consisting in the main of topand bottom-pads 10 and 11, preferably formed of relatively stiff cardboard and a pair of complementary side-guard bars 12 and 13, ree tangular in cross-sectionV and preferably formed of wood (Fig. 3).

A desired number of printing plates 14 are stacked upon thebottom-pad 11, after which the top-pad is placed over the upper face of the stack of plates, and theside-guard bars 12and 13 are broughtagainst the side edges of both the pads 10 and 11 and the plates ali'gnedrtherebetween. fThe' parts just above referred toare nowA secured ltogether into a unitary package preferably by two (more orl less) Vtransverse straps 15 and 16 of gummed paper and a'longitudinal strap `1'? of similar material. As thus assembled, the pileA of printing. plates 14 has'its vrespective opposite y faces vprotected by the topand bottom-pads 10 and'llV and its side edges protected by the side-guard bars 12 and 13.' Y Y f In conjunction with the inner package j ust above described, vI employ an outer casing consisting of a sheet of cardboard suitably scored to virtually dividek the same into ar# soA ticulartedV sections consisting of a bottompanel 18, relatively narrowside-panels 19 and 20, 'and complementary top-flaps 21 and Secured to the respective' opposite ends of the bottom-panel 18 by means of staples 23 or other vsuitable means, ar`e a pair of complementary end-guard bars 24 'and 25 extending substantially the full width of thesaid bot-v tom-panel and organized therewith, as before.

stated, by means of the staples 23 or other suitable means. The so-called end-guard bars 24 and 25 are preferably made of wood or other suitable nail-permeable and nail-retentive material, for' the purpose as will hereinafter appear, and together, bars 12 and 13 may be appropriately designatedfmarginal guard bars. f The bottom-panel 18 tially. corresponding to the widthof the inner package shown in Fig. 4 and of a length between the end-guard bars 24 and25 toalso Y snugly accommodate thev said inner package,

as clearly shown in Fig. 6.A

After the positioningof upon the bottom-panel 18 of the outer casing as above described andas shown in Fig. 6,

the flaps 21 and 22 are folded over upon the upper faces of the nail-permeable end-guard bars 24 and 25 and secured in place by means of staples 26. i

For further security, theiiaps 21 and 22 are held together by a longitudinal strap `of is of aA Width substanthe inner package f gummed paper 27, as clearly shown in Fig. 1. In the-completed shipping-container, asdescribed above, the relatively heavy and sharpedged printing plates 14 are shielded on their respective opposite sides by the side-guard bars 12 andv 13, forming a feature of the socalled inner:package, andtonthein respec- V ktive lopposite ends by theend-:guardbars 24:

and 25, forming a feature of the outery casing., so that despite rough handling, they will not only be preserved. againstffbrui'sing, but will be prevented. from. cuttingthrough the package itself as has been almost unavoidable in connection with the useof packages ofthe prior art. A

Ifi'ndfit highly convenient:y when preparing printingV plates for. shipment to organize one pairof edge-guardbars, such' as the end-guard .bars .24v and 25;, with lthe' outer casing, and

organizing;theside-guard bars v12 andzlwith the; printing; platesfthemselves, prior to I their introductionl into the outer` casing.

' .Q As. above pointed yout, the end-guard. bars 24 and 25 are preferablymade ofwood; or

' equivalent material: capable of beingl self-sustaining'v and penetrated` by staples, nails or fastening-v means, sotthat the-flaps 21- and 22 maybe readily andconvenientlysecured inzplace..A Y Y .f In. shipping `lighter articles such-aselectrotypers.-mats I have found that vtheouterlcas.-

`ing itselt isv adequate without'the employment-.of the'inner package and when shipping suchV light articles, they are merely laid upon the botcm-panel 1,8-betweentr theend-bars 24 and 25 and the flaps are folded over the tops of thelatter and stapled; or etherwisesecnred l in place.

It will be understood by thoseskilledinthe art'. that vmy invention may assume yaried physical forms withouty departing tromqmy inventive conceptl and 1,.:therefore, do, not

ylimit myself tothespecific embodiment here- .in` chosen for ,illustration` butv only asiindicatedl in the appendedclaims. f


1.. A shipping-container of. the ltypef re- ,terre-d to consisting ofay pair of marginalguardbars; respectively-located against the opposite edges of the goods vto beshipped and organized; therewith into a unitary inner packagegan-.outer casing; anda pair. of complementary marginal-guard bars. secured to the sai'dcasing and extending at agright ang-le to the marginal-bars first mentioned toA complement the same in protecting the edges of the-'contained goods. n

2. A shipping-container of the type repair ofcomplementary marginal-guard bars secured to the said casing and extending at a right angle to the marginal-bars yrst mentioned tocomplement the same in protecting` the edges of the contained goods.

3. A shipping-container of the ktype referredV to consisting of ay pair of. marginalguard bars. respectively located against the facesof the saidguard-barsI and? secured in place thereover.

Y, et'. A shipping-container of. the -typerefe-rvred to consisting of top-'and bottom-'padsbe.`

tween: which;` thegoods to befshippedare loicated; a pair of .complementary marginal.'- guard-bars respectivelyy located* at the:v op- -posite'edges ofthe goods andorganized there.- `,with and with the said topandbottom-.pads

. into :al unitary innerpackage ,i a, fl'oldable; outer casing; consisting- .of a bottom-panel 'and one or more; foldablef top-flapsvand pairof complementary marginal-guard bars secured to the'said casing and'extendingl at a" lright angle tothe marginal-bars, first mentioned to complement the same in protectingthefdges of the contained goods.. g

5. A, package ofthe type referred to con;u sisting of a pair of marginal-guardv barsI re'.-

snectively located. against the opposite edges Iof the goodstov loe-.shipped Aand organized therewith intoa unitary inner" package; a

foldable outer casing consisting oa bottomr 4panel and` one-or `more foldable top-flaps; andV apairi of complementary nail-permeable marginal-guard bars securedto the bottompanel nortion'of the saidcasing, and extending atea right angle to the-marginal-bars first m-entioned'to complement the sa-me in pro..- tecting the edges yof the con-tained goods.; the

ysaid top-naps being folded-.over the. 'upper faces. of the sa'id'guard-bars and secured` in place thereover by meansfvof nails` rassirnrY through the'flaps and into' the said nativi-per..-` meable guard-bars. p

l InI testimonywhereof, I have; signed this specifica-tion. l f 1 i VVVALKER W. Mo@ARBOLL.

ferred to consisting of topand bottom-pads located: g1 a pair of complementary marginalgarard bars respectively-located atr the oppobetween which the goods to be shipped are sifeedges of the goods and organized there-V witlrandwiththe said. topand bottom-pads into a unitary inner package; a casing; and a "f

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