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Publication numberUS1890983 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1932
Filing dateMay 15, 1930
Priority dateMay 15, 1930
Publication numberUS 1890983 A, US 1890983A, US-A-1890983, US1890983 A, US1890983A
InventorsAnna Griffith
Original AssigneeAnna Griffith
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Metal folding crate
US 1890983 A
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mi; 13,1932. w. P. GRIFFITH 1,890,983


This invention relates to crates and has for its object the provision of a highly e'icient -metal folding crate, and to this end, it

consists of the novel devices and combina# Figs. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are fragmentary detail views with some parts sectioned on the lines 4 4, 5--5, 6--6, 7-7 and 8-8, respectively, on an enlarged scale; and

Fig. 9 is a fragmentary perspective view of the upper and lower frame members shown in Fig. 6, some parts being shown in different positions by means of broken lines.

The improved crate includes rectangular pressed sheet metal marginal side frames 10 and end frames 11, each side frame 10 and each end frame 11 has a reticulate panel 12 and 13, respectively. Said crate further in-` cludes'a bottom 14 and a cover 15 each of which is formed from a single piece o-f sheet metal. Each upright and horizontal member of each frame 10 and 11 has an inner longitudinally extended reinforcing bead 16 pressed therefrom and which bead extends substantially the full length of the respective member.

The upper edge portions of the upper horizontal members of the frames 10 and 11 are inwardly rolled to form tubular reinforcing beads 17. Each lower horizontal member of each frame 10 and 11 is in the form of an angle bar the lower horizontal flanges of which are turned inward and their free edge portions rolled to form underlying tubular beads 18. The several sections of the beads 17 as well as the beads 18 form substantially continuous beads except at the corners of the crate and give these outer edge portions of the crate a smoothed and finishedk appear- 1930.',y semi No; 452,743;-

ance. The beads y1 8'alsoaford a rest which i holds the crate above the support onwhich itrests. .L 'The outer -edge portions ofk the upright members of the frames 10 and 11 are inwardly rolled to form, l,at `eachcorner ofthe crate, a pair of tubulanreinforcing beads 191and 20.` These pairs of beads 19 and 20 not onlyreinforce the kframes 10and 11 but eliminate sharp edges yand one thereof rolls about the other, but not in rcontact therewith, during the folding and openingof the crate.y

The frames 1() and 11 are hingedly connected by rlong., hinge rods 21 which loosely extend'throughthe beads 19 and through aligned holes in overlapping upper andl lo'werf ears 22 and plates 23. 'These hingeears22y are formed by flattening the ends of the beads 17 over the ends ofthe beads 20 and the hinge plates 23 are rigidly securedk by welding or79; otherwise .to the ends of the upright mem-f n bersof the frames 10 and 11 having the beads 19, seeFig.r 7. l

It is important to note that two of the uprightmembers ofthe side fra-mcs 10 andat 'l i opposite ends thereof are in the form of-angle bars lwhich laterally offset the hinge connections at the respective corners of the crate in the 'plane of the end frames 11 and cause, the two sides of the crate when folded to assume parallel arrangement. The two hinge connections at the other two corners of the crate cause the connected side frame 10 andr end frame 11 of each side of the folded crate to assume positions in the same plane.

The bottom 14 is hinged at 24 to one of the side frames 10 'and when closed rests on the horizontal flanges of the horizontal members of the frames 10 and 11 and when the crate is folded extends within said crate substantially 99;; parallel to the frame 10 to which it is hinged.

The cover 15, as shown, is hinged at 25 toV the upper horizontal melnber of the same side frame 10 to which the ybottom 14 is hinged and, when closed, rests on the beads 17 and when the crate is folded liesiat against the outer side of the frame 10 to which it is hinged. Suitable latches or hooks,not shown, may be provided ,for holding the cover15 either in an `open or closed position.

Each end frame 11 is provided with a hand hold 26 formed in part by the top member thereof intermediate of its ends and in part by forming a tubular bead 27 on the lower 5 edge portion of said member. In order to grip thehand holds 26 through the end frame members 11 the top members of said end frame members 1l have inwardly extended portions, at said hand holds that are aper 1 tured at 28', and the metal at the ends and the bottom of said apertures is rolled inward at 29 to eliminate all sharp edges.

Each panel 12 and 13 is of open mesh and, as shown, is formed by an endless marginal 15 Wire and crossed diagonal wires secured to said marginal Wire by bending their end portions therearound. The panels 12 and 13 are secured in the frames 10 and 11, respectively, n by shaping the inner edge portions of said frames to form edgewise spaced bendable l-'ugs 30 Which primarily extend in the planes ofsaid frames, see Fig. 9. These lugs 30 are bentaround the marginal Wires of the panels 12 and 13 between certain of thel diagonalwires thereof, see` Figs. el, 5, 6 and 7 and permanently and rigidly secure the panels 12 and 13 in the frames 10 and 11, respectively.

The fol-lowing is claimed:

1'. In a crate, a section thereof comprising mf a marginal frame having on its inner edge a multiplicity of hook-likel lugs that are folded over the inner face of the frame and spaced therefrom, and a reticnlate panel having an end-liess marginal member between the frame 3U and ings and" held thereby against movement in all directions in respect to the frame.

2. The structure defined in claim 1 in which .the frame and its lugs are cut and pressed from a single sheet of metal.

4D' In testimony whereof I hereby aiiix my signature.

\ ANNA GRIFFITH, Admi'L/stmtrz' of the Estate of William P.

Gm'yfth, Deceased.

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U.S. Classification220/6, 220/485, 224/42.35
International ClassificationB21F45/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/26
European ClassificationB65D7/26