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Publication numberUS1892048 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1932
Filing dateMay 10, 1930
Priority dateMay 10, 1930
Publication numberUS 1892048 A, US 1892048A, US-A-1892048, US1892048 A, US1892048A
InventorsSolon Genung Harrington
Original AssigneeSolon Genung Harrington
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Adjustable auto armrest
US 1892048 A
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Dec. 27, 1932. H s GENUNG ADJUSTABLE AUTO ARMREST Filed May 10, 1930 anew" 013 o.


Application filed May 10, 1930. Serial No. 461,477.

This invention relates to an auxiliary arm rest desi ned for use in eonnootion with motor veiiieles, the primary object of the invention being to provide an arm rest for the eonvenieneo of the. oeeupants ot' the car, when the ear wimlows are closed. I

An important object. ot' the invention is to provide an arm rest of this character wlneh may be adjusted to various angles, means being provided for securing the arm rest in its positions of iuljustment.

A still further object of the invention is to irovido an arm rest which may be readily and easily secured in position on the. door of a ear, eliminating the necessity in making extonsivo alterations in tho construction of the ear to position the arm rest.

With the foregoing and other objeets in view, whieh will appear as the dost-.i'iption u'oeeeds, the invention resides in tho eoniilination amt arrangement of parts and in the details of eonstruetion hereinafter desorihetl and rlaimed, it. being understoml that ehanges in the preeise elnluulilnent ol' the invention heroin diselosod, may be made within the seope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit. of the invention.

Referring to the drawing:

Figure l is an elevational view of an arm rest eonstrueted in aooordanee with the in vention.

Figure 2 is a vertieal through the arm rest.

Figure 3 is an elevational view illustrating the rear surfaee of the supporting plate of the arm rest. 1

l iguro 4 is a sectional view taken on line 44 of Figure 1.

Referring to tho drawing in dot ail, the arm rest eomprises a supporting plate indioated generally by the l'oforoneo e mraetel' 5, the same being provided with o )enings to reeoive the seeuring screws 6, whoroi) the support ing plate is seeured to tho \VUOt on frame work of the. door.

As elearly shown by Figure 3 of the drawing. the rear surface of tho plate 5 is formed with serrations 7, tho serrations being formed adjaeent to tho elongated opening 8, in which sectional view opening tho bolt 9 moves, the bolt 9 being pro- REISSUED vidod with a roughened portion to cooperate with the serrations in holding tho boltt) in its positions of adjustment.

A linishing plate indieatod by the rotorenee oharaeter ts" is postionod on tho supporting plate 5, amt is provided with an elongated horizontal opening registering with the elongated opening 8 inthe sup )orting plate 5 to receive tho bolt l). Those piates 5 and 8' etump tho upholsteriag material in a manner as shown by Figure 2. herows ltl extend through tho linishing )lato amt supporting plate 5, to so. are the tinishing plate to the supporting plate, it being understood that tho upholstering eloth or eovoring on the inner surl'aee of tho door, is eaught between the tinishing plate and supporting plate, to give a tinished appearanoe.

lositioned on the bolt 2), is a washer ll whieh is disposed on the bolt at a point beyond the threads of the bolt. The retereneo eharaeter IL designates a plate having upturned ends til delining spared tlanges between whieh the shank 1-1 of the supporting arm. is positioned. The supporting arm is termed with an elongated opening positioned over the bolt in sueh a way that 'verti eal movement of the supporting arm will be wrmitted, so that an adiustment of the supporting arm may be made readily. The real" surl'aee of the shank H is roughened to bite into the plate 12.

A washer to is positioned on the bolt, and is engaged by the. knurled nut. '17 which may be operated to set. a a binding aetion between the plate 12. shun It and washer to, to hold the supporting arm in its positions of adjustment. 'lhesupportiug arm also ineludes a substantially wide plate is formed integral with the shank It, and extended at right angles to the shank. the plate lh being provided with openings to reeeivo seeuring s -rews ltl tor seeuring the plate to the. block of the arm rest,the bloek 20 being supplied with a enshioning member .21, seeured to the upper surl'aee thereof.

From the t'oregoing it will be obvious that due to this eonstruetion, the arm rest may be swung t'orwardly when the door equipped with the arm rest is opened to facilitate gettit) ting out and into the car. This maybe done without loosening the arm rest, as the serrations of the'shank 14 hold the arm rest in place and prevent it from sliding or moving downwardly when it is being tilted forwardly.

It might be further stated that the device may be secured to a bar which is designed to be attached to an all metal door.

It willof course be understood that the block 20 and cushioning member 21 are covered with material to match the cloth with which the car is upholstered. It will also be noted that due to the construction shown and described the arm rest may be adjusted to various angles for the convenience of the occupants of the car.

I claim:

An arm rest for vehicle doors covered with upholstering material comprising in c0mbination a supporting plate having an elongated horizontally disposed opening formed adjacent to one edge thereof, said supporting plate adapted to be secured to a door under the upholstery material, a finishing plate secured to the supporting plate to clamp the upholstering material therebetween, said -finishing plate having an elongated opening registering with the opening in the supporting plate, a plate having outwardly extended parallel end portions, adjustably mounted on the supporting plate, a shank. having an elongated opening and disposed at an angle to the opening of the supporting plate, said shank being held between the outwardly extended parallel end portions to prevent rotative movement of the shank with respect to the last mentioned plate, a bolt extending through the plates and elongated opening of the shank to adj ustably secure the shank to the plates, and a padded block secured to one end of the shank.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto atfixed my si nature.


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