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Publication numberUS1895233 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1933
Filing dateMay 15, 1931
Priority dateMay 15, 1931
Publication numberUS 1895233 A, US 1895233A, US-A-1895233, US1895233 A, US1895233A
InventorsRossen Maurice A
Original AssigneeRossen Maurice A
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US 1895233 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jah. 24, 1933. M. A. ROSSEN PACKAGE Filed May 15, 1931 Patented Jan. 24, 71933 uNlTao MAURICE .aRossEmonAKnomoHro,

use) Application filed May 15,

This invention relates to packagesof the paper match-book type, and it has for its object to provide an improved package of this class adapted to receive and c'oncealone. or more small articles on the inside thereof, in such manner that the package when closed will have the appearance of an ordinary match book or folder. Of the accompanying drawing, Fig. 1 is a front elevation showing a package embodying my invention, with the cover flap open. Fig. 2 is a vertical section on the hne 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an edge view with the flap closed. Fig.4 is a perspective view showing a mod-' ification. V

Referring at first to the forms shown in Figs. 1 to 3, the package includes a one-p ece paper or light cardboard cover 10 comprlsing a back portion 11 whose lower end 1s turned upwardly in a'short marginal front portion 12 and whose upperportion 13 constitutes a foldable front flap, the terminal edge of which is adapted to be tucked in behind the free edge of the'lower marginal portion 12 in the usual manner as indicated in Fig. 3, when the package is closed. V

14 is an inner holder, preferably composed of a plurality of leaves, thicknesses or laminations of paper or light cardboard preferably though not necessarily pasted together and secured at its lower end between the back 11 and the upturned lower marginal portion 12 of the cover by means of'a metallic fastener or staple 15,but otherwise free from the cover. 7 a

The inner holder is provided with'rela- V tively narrow, upright side marginal portions 16 showing as separate laminations at their outer edges so as to simulate paper matches. These portions may either be real matches preferably two rows deep, or the tips may be colored as at 17 to imitate match heads, and

the front face of the upturned cover portion 12 may also be colored to imitate a striking V the' form of a flap integrally secilred sit-its 193i. "se ial, n 537,563.

or scratching surface,or inthe case ofg'en'u;

ine matches such as the safetykind, said or: t1on 12- m'ay have an actual striking sur' aoe which 'willchemically combine withf'and ig Ilite *the'gmatchheads when the; latter are' 0 drawn across said surface. 1 The in ner holder is further providedwith a front 18 of shallower-depth than the side portions 16, said front 'wallin this case be ng laterally continuous withthe portions 16 landforming a part'of theflfront ply of' the h'older.- Said front wall 18-provide's,-in connection with the'side portions 16' and the back cover portion 11, an inner 'pock'et'or receptacle for small articles. Being; shorter o 7 than the match-simulating portions 16, said wall leaves an openspace or front opening above its upper edge for easy access tothe contents, which opening is covered by} the frontfiap13 when the package is closed;

. .lr efe t pr ein he nnenp eket one or moretwo as here shown"paper s heaths 19 or sub sreceptaclesforholdin the articles in the Pac a a he th n gi wsl av+ ing their front walls adhesivel y 'united with therea'r side ofthe fron't'jwall 18 of the holder.

Their upper ends terminate endear n 11p: petends bfthejside portions 16 for convenient acess'tothe contents, but iare BXPoSe'din the 1 ron pening above the front wall 18 to facil-i, itate e tion' i articles into these sheathsb Myfinvention' thus provides" a' package which; when" closed. has the appearanceofa" papermatch book or folder, in theinterior of which may be held in a concealed position one or mor'efsmall articles. r "In the modification illustra ted in- Fig.' 4, the front wall 18 of the innerholdefM' is in lowerend to the ba-se of said'holder andh'aw ing its .side edges free from theside or match portions 16 of 'theholder, the'paper sheaths in this casebeingomitted. u: Various other'modifications could be made g9 tions and a frontwall included in the front portions appearing as separate laminations at their outer edges to simulate matches and p a front wall providing, with said side portions and the back of the cover, a receptacle for holding and concealing articleswithin the package when the latter is closed. V 2. A folder package of the paper match book type comprisinga cover having aback, a

relatively-short, permanently upturned lower ing a sub-receptacle accessible through said opening. o

9. A folder package of the match-book type comprising a foldable' cover including a back portion and a frontv flap, an inner holder composed of leaves anchored at their lower ends to the cover and otherwise separate therefrom, formingwith thecover back a receptacle provided with a front opening, and

a paper-sheath sub-receptacle in said holder, having its upper end exposed in said front opening.

this 5 day of May, 1931.

: front marginal portion and a tuck-in flap, and; r I

an inner holder secured at itslower edge be= tween said back and front lowermarginal portion of the cover and including side p'o'r iQnS i u at g tches nd; r nt W l,

forming with-said side portions and the cover back, a receivingpocket, said holder and frontflower-marginal portion of the cover re-' ceiving between them the lower edge of the flap when the package .is closed. I

,3.. A package accordmg-tojclaim, 2, in

' which the front wall of the inner holderis a: of saidholder.

laterally continuous with the; side portions 4; A packageaccording to claim which the front wall of the inner holder is a flap secured at, its lower end and having free side edges-i e r'packa ge according toiclaini h v ng V a tubular" sheath secured in the receiving pocket'for holding anriarticle therein;

6. A package according to claim 2, having 'a plurality -of tubular paper sheaths adhe- V sively'secured-in'the receiving receptacle to the rear'side-of the frontwall of the inner holder. V "7. folder package of the paper matchbook type comprisinga covering havinga back with a continuation forming a front 'flap, and fan innerholder including a plural- V ity of leaves mainly separate from'the cover back and having match-simulating side p o'r-' leaf and shorter than said side portions, said leaves forming 'fwith the back, a f receptacle MAURIOEA. no'ssn v.

Infwitness whereof I havehereuntoset my Ihavingafront opening adapted tobecovered f by the'fl ap when the receptaclev is closed. I a ,8,;- A 5 folder package of the match-book type comprising a coverhaving back and I front-flap portions and 1 an; inner holder 1 forming a, receptacle therewith, said holder simulating side portions and a front wallupwardlyterminatingshort of the upper ends including paper-board leaves having match:

of said side portions to provide a

ing, and a paper sheath adhesi'vely secured to the rear side sofjs'aid front wall and provid-

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