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Publication numberUS1895291 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1933
Filing dateSep 25, 1931
Priority dateSep 25, 1931
Publication numberUS 1895291 A, US 1895291A, US-A-1895291, US1895291 A, US1895291A
InventorsMeyer Paul H
Original AssigneeSolar Sturges Mfg Co
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US 1895291 A
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P. H. MEYER RECEPTACLE Filed Sept. 25. 1951 @ma @Zffyeffd Patented Jan.' 214,

1 AUL Hummm, ornmnnwoonyrnmiois, AssIGNoajTo sonaafs'ruae'nsziri? Eco;

' f or inazLLiiWooD, ILLINOIS, A conrorm'rioniorinmnors i "mamans:

v(This invention` relates to 'a' receptacle'for `waste products of an. kind and-oneth'at is particularlyv adapte for accommodation within doors since it offers facilities Afor plano- 4 ing material thereinand for removing the accumulated material without displacement of any of the surfaces of the receptacle that may Y bein contact with the walls'or objects in the n room.: vIt is especially 'adapted for use in enf 1() vironments where Lquietness is desired in that the hingeddoor normally closing the opening provided for the'jdispositionV of the material is automatically and silently returned to a vclosing'positionon removal of the slighty pressure 15 I required to open it; i y l l e It isfan object of this'invention to provide a receptacle that by virtue of having kno'm'ov` ingVv or movable partsor projections on fthe f y sides orI back thereof maybe placed solid againstthe Wall or against the walls o f a cori -of a recessfor that may ner'or the walls built into the wal Itis another ob] from withoutmoving the allotted positioni @n n 'It isa further object of this inventionto provide a convenient method for the removal of thecontents lof the receptacle turbing its position,

It isa still'further object of this invention to provide a receptacle having a normally Without disclosed entrance that can be opened by slight pressure for the deposit of material and that will be automatically and silently closed upon the removal of the pressure. l

.It is yet another object of this invention to provide a receptacle that presents a neat substantial appearance, that' is sim lev of construction and economical to manu acture, and that is sanitary in its operation.

. Other and further important objects of thisv invention will be apparent fromI the dis,-V

closures in the speci cation and the accompanying drawing. Y t

The invention in a preferred form is illustrat'ed' in the drawing and hereinafter more fully described. y On the drawing:

ect of this invention to pro-j y vide va :receptacle which may have material t insertedtherein and material removedlthere? receptacleA` from itsv o Figure n improved receptacle.

5' `Figure2 isa top planview"ofthereceptacle?"` 1n rosiaonin afcorner-g-the ,wausbein :in` j l, away; *The dotted lines denote the wastecan "j section andtheilooil and walls partlyfbro` of the-receptacle pulledout in emptying "por Sama f -j I *Figure 3 is a longitudinal verticalsectimf taken on theli'ne III--IIIofFigure 1 sho'W-fV ingin dotted; lines the. Waste P8911 P11,1.1. 1i011t foremptyingand the .swinging'door "'pushedjy A `infor depositing material. e

'Figure l` '1sa transverses taken on thelline IV-IVof'Figure 3;

Figure 5 is afragmentaryperspectiveview of the gravitational balancer V of the7 entrance.

`closure with parts-5 broken awayto showfthf" vadjusting means. '1 f e v Asshown von'the drawing:

toa suitable bottom 'GL' a The .upper ends of the side walls arebeveled or cut awayfat the front andfan integrall cover or` top wall 7 lis 1 bent downwardly at A front Wall "O APil-119119 0f the Case islalso a, 86 front wallof` a lwaste'can lOadaptedto lit l the enclosureformed by the casefwalls" and tof occupy substantially all ofV the lower'p'ortion thereof. This pan is hingedt ony its -frontQ lower edge vat Ul so thatitmay'be swung f forward',v asv indicated vby* dottedlines' "F iguresB, giving access tobitsj'opentopwvithout removal' from the case, a transversefmeniber llaengaging the rear wall of the pan tof-limit the forward movement.` l i The front panel"9 foffthe ywaste -can"10`pro 'y jectsbeyondthe sidewalls'thereofsoasto overlap the side Walls and 4V of'thecase; 1:

as shownat12 and 12a in Figure4, and thusfj l Y an unbroken front isipresented to viewf The* 5 enable them tojclearthe top-member llfeasf Y y thel panis tilted'.iA YHooks 1 3 areprovidedin l 3 Itwill thus be seen thatv I have d vas bag or other convenient means for receiv' ing and' subsequently removing fthewaste ma- 1 terial may be innig. y I Y `The cover of the case rovided with a 5reotangular opening 14 in which a door or closure 15,'pivoted at 16V to the cover, swings cover 7. t 15 Y p ceiver suitable for* enclosingthe vwaste mate- U .ri'al'onthe inside ofthewastefcan. 2:91` pressure'oi the'h'an'd onf thezdoor 15 causes itV 1 to, swing. inward" andv material deposited Yin j the-,opening'dropsinto the hagorl the like lining Athe-v `waste can 10. `Whenthe` pressurek 'A r`isremovedthe weight 18 ca uses the door 15 2?, to. nieve Yba'ck'into position Vfor closing the epeeingle, eed lhe edventese ef hevingtlle Vdoor ,L15-*swing freely in the opening is that v the door comes' to rest at its proper position absolutelynoiselessly.` Y VVllhen Lthe material has p 39Vj accumulated sufficiently the waste can 10A is 'y pulled l forward.on its hinged edge andthe Abagis removed and emptied and replaced in the vr'can which `is' vtheny returned to position `within the-receptacle. a a invented a 'new and improved receptacle ,foriwaste maj terialywhich is adapted to be v-iilled'and emp- Y tiedwithout disturbance of surrounding walls :or objects/and which is loperative when the 4Q Vreceptacle isfapproachableUfrom-the front I j n t Y `me1f1tw1thsa1d cover.' j 1,; u

Y have hereunto'sub-vy namelat'Bellewoodpj,Cook County', L

a Vside only. t

vIt will,of course, behunderstdod that details of 'construction'may bevaried through a Wide range without departing from' the 4f J'principles'of thisfinventionfand vit is therelfore' not proposed vto limitthe patent granted L In the 'operationofthisireceptaol@ it gis"` customary/as has lbeen mentioned, to hanga' canvas bag or 1a net 'or so-me kind of, a re-g of said receptacle andhingedto said receptacle at its lower front y'end,;said'Wastecan @comprising a. front wallyadapted-toform the` front wall ofvsaidreceptacle, said front wall including marginal vflanges extending rover l and eempletely concealing thefront edges ef the sidewalls and thebotatomawall. 3". The combination with Va receptacle having an 'open front side ofa wastecanadapted te lt the lower ypart Ofsad reeeptaele andi hinged thereto .at its lower front end Whereby said wastefcanv maybe inclined forward y for emptying, a fron-t `wall of said wastecan Vadapted to close thefront side of'said re-` 8,0

ceptaele, said frontl.wall including sidev e aegee ,extending entirely evier 'and eeneeah 1. 1'I`hel `eomhination with f'areceptacle a Cover having fn @Peeing therein,V er deer Swelslneeiniead 'epeeesfenmwerdly pref yieelies. flange en said deferisadfieesehere djus'talolyv securing saidweight tovv said flange wherebyI said 'door yis retained in 17.

balanced alignmentA with s4aidifcov`,er. 4 f

5. The combination with .a'receptacleofaf d coverwhaving an opening' therei'n av door. lllngel te ,Selel eeverfer Swinglngemevemet tllreushf Seld epenlna en llevierdly!projects` of spacedfslots therethrough, acounter'` weight kfor saidj door/Comprising a laterally a ably mountiiig said har on lsaid iiange Wllelfy Y y said` door is retained in balanfdfalidiiv`v In testimony whereof I scribed my Illinois,.." V, ,n


hereon, otherwisev .than necessitated 'byl Ythe claims. Y YI claim las my invention i scope of-'thepriorQart andltheeappended.

sidewalls, awaste can adapted to iit'in and,v

5v5-i, sula stantial1y occupy theflowergportion of said receptacle,and a frontlwall of. saidpgr' 1. In combination, a receptaclehavingtwo Y waste canvincluding Vmarginalv lflanges com "l pletely concealing the front edges of the side- Y walls and the bottom wall',and adapted ,t0-.f p 60 form the frontlwall of ksaid reoetaele.

l2; IIn `eombination,fa receptacleA iavingtwo .oppositely ldisposed side walls,ia' back wall, abottom .wall, anda top wall.connectingsaid;-v f

l side "Walls, and a waste can'adaptedtov it inl@ f 95- f'ellflieube'eentielly .eeeupy the a lower,- reritien ing flange on `said door disposed perpen-- k if dic'ulai* thereto, saidflange having avplurality p y.eitending bar, and" means passingthrough.-v 'saidfslots andsecured to: saidbar for adjustsl Y n, f

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