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Publication numberUS1896098 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1933
Filing dateJul 18, 1930
Priority dateJul 18, 1930
Publication numberUS 1896098 A, US 1896098A, US-A-1896098, US1896098 A, US1896098A
InventorsPoyer Guy R
Original AssigneePoyer Guy R
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Adjustable compression chamber
US 1896098 A
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Feb. 7, 1933. 7' PQYER 1,896,098

ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION CHAMBER Filed July 18 1930 E g V 1 i i .O\ 1 i g I? 6' j 2 4! 5 i. I, g I *O, i E INVENTOR. 629/ 19/ 4 inuli I MTTORNEY.

Patented 'Feb. 7, 1953 GUY 3. rows, or wrcn'r'ra, msas PATENT OFFICE ADJUSTABLE oonnnssron Application filed m, is,

This invention relates to adjustable compression chambers for internal: combust on engines and the primary ob ect of the mvention is to vary the size of t e compression and combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine for a piston having a fixed amplitude of movement so that the compression of the motor fuel in the combustion chamber can be varied without changing the stroke of the piston;

The novelty of the invention, will be understood by reference to the following description'in connection with the accompanyin drawing in which:

ig. 1 is 'avertical, longitudinal, sectional view through a com ression' and combustion chamber constructe in accordance with my invention and I Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view through the casin or blockto which the compression ,cham er is secured.

Y The casing .or block consists of two comlementary members l and 2 to make a split lock, secured together by transverse bolts 3 and 4. At suitable intervals in the block m, cylinder-receiving o enings 5 within which the cylinders may e secured. I have shown only one'cylinder 6 althou h the number of cylinders may be varied. ach cylinder is provided with a threaded skirt 7 to engage the threads 8 in the portion of the block surrounding the openin 5. Within each cylinder is a piston 9 having the usual connecting rod 10 fastened to a pin or crank 86. shaft 11 as the case may be. There are three connecting rods 10 shown for a three cylinder ,engine,-b ut obviously, I do not wish to be limited to the exact number of cylinders.

I Adjustable on the cylinder 6 is ahead '12 having intake and exhaust ports 13 and 14 with appropriate valves not shown. The head is provided with a cylindrical skirt or sleeve 15, referably cast into a1 therewith and threa ed on the outer we of the cylinder 6 as indicated at 16. The head and its skirt are provided with cooling fins 17 of appropriate construction.

, For low compression engines, the cylinder 6 will be adjusted inthe opening 5 away from the element 11 so that the combustion 1 :0. sum 10. ,mass.

chamber will be relatively l'ar e. Therefore, the piston will not compress e charge to as many atmospheresas it would if the combustion chamber or compression chamber happened to be smaller.

If it is desired to have high compression, the cylinder 6 will be moved inwardly toward the element 11 to bring the head nearer the piston to thus reduoethe sizeof the compression chamber. Therefore, on the com-1w pression stroke of piston 9, the charge will,

e compressed to a 'gher number of atmospheres than in the example previously given. The adjustment can be made by loosening the bolts 3 and 4, moving the cylinder to the I desired position and then tightenin the bolts to cause the half-round portions 0 the mem bers 1 and 2 to bind against the outside of the cylinder 6 to hold it in place and in the ad'usted osition. [9

rom t e foregoing it will be apparent that the cylinder may be adjusted longitudinally with respect to the piston so as to vary the size of the compression chamber, that is, vary the distance between the head and the piston at the end of the compression stroke of the piston to thereby raise or lower the compression of the engine.

According to my invention, I can make the cylinder member 6 of seamless tubing which ma be threaded externally from end to end an then cut in appropriate lengths for installation in the engine block. The threads in the members 1 and 2, the threads on the cylinder member 6 and the threads on the s eeve15 can all be cut to the same pitch. Therefore, the assembly may be built up in an inex nsive and convenient manner.

at I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. In an internal combustion engine, a cylinder member comprising seamless tubing provided with exterior threads from end to end, a cast cylinder head having a threaded skirt screwed on to the cylinder member and means for adjustably engaging the exterior threads of the cylinder member to fasten it to the engine block.

2. An mternal combustion engine, a cylinder member provided with exterior threads: 100

from end to end, a cylinder head having a threaded skirt screwe on the cylinder member and means for adjustably engaging the exterior threads of the cylinder member to fasten it to the engine block.

3. In an internal combustion engine, a split block, a cylinder member comprising seamless tubing provided with exterior threads from end to end, a cast cylinder head having a threaded skirt screwed on to the cylinder member and means for clamping the split portion of the block to the threads of the cylinder.

In testimony whereof 'I aflix m si nature.


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U.S. Classification123/48.00C, 123/193.2, 92/60.5, 123/41.69, 92/161
International ClassificationF02B75/00, F02B75/04
Cooperative ClassificationF02B75/044
European ClassificationF02B75/04B