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Publication numberUS1896812 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1933
Filing dateMay 29, 1930
Priority dateMay 29, 1930
Publication numberUS 1896812 A, US 1896812A, US-A-1896812, US1896812 A, US1896812A
InventorsDrew Jack J
Original AssigneeDrew Jack J
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Box for shipping coal
US 1896812 A
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Patented Feb. 7, 1933 UNITED STATES JACK J. DREW, oF McAnEs'r'nn, QiLAnoMA Box Fon Asruirrrrofl coni. 'i

Application filed May 29,

This invention relates to special receptacles and more particularly to a dispensing receptacle in which coal or other material may be shipped and from which the coal may be poured directly into a stove when it is to be used.

One object of the invention is to provide a dispensing receptacle which will be of simple construction but very strong and durable and in which coal or other heavy material may be safely shipped Without danger of the receptacle becoming broken or otherwise damaged in transit.

Another object of the invention is to pro- Vide the receptacle with a binding strip which will serve to reinforce the end walls of the container and may also serve as a hand hold by means of which the receptacle may be lifted while being carried from one place to lanother or while the contents are being poured out of the receptacle.

Another object of the invention is to so form the receptacle that a corner portion thereof may be cut in order to form a pouring opening having guide flaps to direct coal poured out of the receptacle into a stove and to further so locate the pouring opening that when side walls of the receptacle are cut to form lthe same a flange will be formed along the bottom of the opening in order to brace the portion of the lower end wall of the receptacle beneath the opening and prevent this portion of the end wall from bending downwardly.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein Fig. l is a perspective view of the improved dispensing receptacle, l

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view of the corner portion of the receptacle in which the pouring opening is to be formed,

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary perspective view showing the manner in which the flaps are bent outwardly after being cut in order to form the pouring opening, and

Fig. 4. is a fragmentary view showing the strap and hand hold mounted thereon.

The dispensing receptacle indicated in general by the numeral l consists of a box formed of corrugated cardboard or of any other i930; i spefrign 110145731351 suitablematerial having suificientstren th to withstand the weight of ya quantity o coal when the box is filled but at the same time ybeingfcapableof being easily cutwith a knife. Thislbox orgreceptacle is preferablyv oblong 155 in shape,-althoug`h `itmaybe of any shape desired, which will prov-ide side walls 2 `intersecting to formwc'orners 3. t The sidewalls vare extendedto form iiapsv-and theseliiap's w are bent towards each other to form endwalls 50 5 having inner and outer layers glued tofeach other, as is customarywhen'forming a boxof this type. l V

l Afterthe box has been'iilled with coal and the endflaps foldedinwardly and, glued to each other, a metal strip or band 6 isI drawn tightly labout the box and itsends connected in order to Aform a reinforcing bindingwhich extends across endwalls andalong opposed side walls .of the box. This binding strap 770 or meta-l band carri-es a'handlfe 7 consisting of a strip .of strong material, such asl tough ber or lea-then' and adjacent itsjends-the handle is formed with slits 8 through'which the band passesin order-to'sl'fidably` mount 75 i the handle :and'permit it to ibefmovedto 'such a position-that the boxfcanbe easily lifted; By this arrangement the receptacle may be easily carried from one place to another and also held by the handle while coal is being poured out of the receptacle into astove.

Adjacent one end of the receptacle certainV of the intersecting side walls are inscribed with a pair of guide lines 9 normal to the line 3 in which the side walls intersect. There 85 has also been provided a guide line 10 inscribed along the line of intersection 3 and hinge lines 1l joiningthe outer'end of each of the lines 9 to the upper end of the line 10. One wall bears the inscription To open,V 90 v cut here adjacent the line l0, as shown at 12, and along the lines 9 and ll are printed the Y inscriptions Gut here and Fold here, as v' Vshown at y13 and 14. By cutting along the lines 9 and l0 a pair of flaps l5 are formed, 95 which when folded outwardly provide a pouring opening or spout 16 in a corner portion of the receptacle adjacent one end thereof. It should be noted that since the lines 9 are spaced from the adjacent end wall of rthe receptacle a flangeV 17 will be formed at the bottom of the opening 16 when the box is cut and the flaps bent outwardly, as shown in Fig. 3. Therefore, the corner portion of the k bottom or end wall beneath the opening will be reinforced and prevented from bending downwardly and yallowing coal to iow too freelypfromthe receptacle, This also eliminates danger of the end wallof the corner portion suddenly giving way while pouring coal out of the receptacle and causing theeoal to be spilled instead of flowing into a stove. I have, therefore, provided a *receptacle in which coal may be transported and very easily 1 5 handled -both when Onsale aridwhn deliverediortuseda n HavingV thus described the invention, I Claim: c e

:1. A dispensing receptacleincludingtwo .plane .side wallsintersectingin a line` and a plane end wall intersecting said side walls in a point at onel end of said line, a guide line inscribed alongsaid line `of intersecftion, another guideline normalfthereto inssjclribedfzonv each ofthe side walls near the .Y .plane of the end wall, and a hinge line con'- netingthe ends of said guide lines and forming therewith a pair of triangular portions, whereby when the vreceptacle is severed along Vthengluide -lilies the triangular portions may be folded back along the vhinge lines to provide a pairk of hinged aps cooperating to serve as av spout of variable crosssection.`

. 2;, A dispensing receptacle as claimed in 345 cla-im l, ,inV which the pair of guide lines norrnal to the first mentioned guide line are parallel toand spaced slightly from the plane of the end wall to provide a stiffening right angular iange attached to the end wall when 19t-he iaps are opened. e e

In testimony whereof I aiiiX my signature. vJACK J. DREW- Q `[L 5.]

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U.S. Classification229/117.23, 206/459.5, 229/204, 229/122.1
International ClassificationB65D5/70
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