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Publication numberUS1896941 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1933
Filing dateMar 5, 1932
Priority dateMar 5, 1932
Publication numberUS 1896941 A, US 1896941A, US-A-1896941, US1896941 A, US1896941A
InventorsOscar Cohen
Original AssigneeOscar Cohen
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US 1896941 A
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O. COHEN APPLICATOR Filed March 5, 1932 INVENTOR Oscar- Coh em Wyn/P60. I

ATTORNEY Patented Feb. 7, 1933 UNITED STATES oscaa comm, or NEW izonx, N. Y.

arrmcaron Application filed larch 5, 1932. Serial No. 597,064.

This invention relates to dental applicators, an object of the invention being to provide a simple, inexpensive applicator adapted to be supported on the finger of the user and to be used once and discarded.

A further object is to provide an applicator of this character which can be manufactured and sold at an extremely low price, which will contain or support tooth paste, powder, antiseptic or dentifrice of any desired character until ready for use, and will then be available when moistened for rubbing and massaging action upon the teeth and gums and which will most efliciently apply the dentifrice and the antiseptic in a sanitary manner.

I The inconvenience of carrying containers of tooth paste, dentifrice and antiseptic, and the absence of these articles when desired in public places make it desirable to provide a device which can be used and discarded. Such devices may be dispensed from slot machines or they may be sold in packages and carried in the pocket of the user, and when one is desired it may be conveniently used and then discarded.

My improved applicator embodies many advantages, some of which may be enumerated as follows:

It operates to thoroughly protect and shield the tooth powder, tooth paste or other (lentifrice until it is improper position on the finger of the user and moistened, and then the moisture not only functions to penetrate the support or facing material carrying the dentifrice, but it also operates to release a protecting cap which shields and protects the dentifrice until this moistening operation takes place.

The device is entirely sanitary and convenient for use whenever desired, and it most efliciently performs the functions for which it is intended.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts, all of which will be more fully hereinafter described and pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying drawing- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my improved applicator as it is removed from its casing or coverin or package, with the pro- ;ecting cap still in position over the dentirice;

Figure 2 is a view in longitudinal section showing the applicator in position on the finger of the user, with the protecting cap removed;

Figure 3 is a perspective View of the applicator shown in Figure 2; and

Figure 4 is a view in transverse section showin the applicator flattened and rotected y a suitable wrapping or covering, 55 preferably of cellophane, although it is to be distinctly understood that the invention is not limited to the materials employed.

My improved applicator comprises a facing 1. I use this term facing to distinguish this portion of the a plicator from a backing 2; the facing and the backing taken together constitute areceptacle for the finger of the user. The backing is preferably of re: silient material, such as elastic mesh, and preferably projects at its open end slightly beyond the facing, as clearly shown in Figure 2 of the drawing, so that this projected portion of the backing acts as a lip which can be readily grasped and a finger inserted in the applicator, or the applicator drawn over the finger.

The facing may, of course, be made of various materials. It is preferably of two thicknesses of cheese-cloth or analogous material with a filling 3 between the two thicknesses of absorbent cotton or similar material. The facing extends across ap roximately one-half of the device as a who e and all the way around the end of the device, so that in actual use no portion of the backing comes into contact with the teeth or gums, but only the facing material which is thoroughly sterilized.

In order to provide a receptacle or space for the accommodation of tooth paste, tooth powder or other suitable dentifrice, as indicated by the reference character 4, an opening 5 may be provided in the outer sheet of the facing and the dentifrice deposited directly on the absorbent cotton lining 3, as clearly indicated in Figure 2 of the drawmg.

To protect and shiel the dentifrice before it is actually used, I provide a cover 6, shown in Figure 4 of the drawing, which is of such size and shape as to cover and protect the dentifrice without contact with the same, and this cover may have base flanges 7 which rest on the facing and may be removably connected to the facing by some form of adhesive or b some other securing means, which may rea ily be broken after the facing ls moistened: The importance of this will be understood when it is realized that without such a protecting cover if the device is placed under a force of water issuing from a faucet the dentifrice may be washed away, whereas if the cover is allowed to remain over the dentifrice until the facing is sufliciently moistened then the cover can be removed from the dentifrice without loss.

By reason of the construction above explained, the applicator as a whole may be flattened, as shown in Figures 1 and 4 of the drawing, so that acovering 8 of cellophane or other suitable'moisture and germ-proof material may be utilized to protect the applicator until it is used. It is also to be distinctly understood that the facing as a whole may be impregnated with some antiseptic, which is released when moistened, and in fact it is to be understood that the invention is to be in no way limited to the particular dentifrice or antiseptic employed, as any of the we] known materials may be utilized. 7

While I have illustrated and described what I believe to be a preferable embodiment of my invention, it is to be distinctly under- 1" I stood that I do not limit myself to the'pre-g v v cise details set forth, but consider myself at liberty to make such changes and alter V ations as fairly fall within the scope ofthe claim. I

What I claim is:

A dental applicator including a facing of absorbent material, a dentifrice supported by the facing, and a protector normally secured by an adhesive to the facing and enclosing the dentifrice, said casing being readily removable when the facing is moistened to soften the adhesive.


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European ClassificationA46B5/04, A46B11/00A