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Publication numberUS1896949 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1933
Filing dateFeb 5, 1932
Priority dateFeb 5, 1932
Publication numberUS 1896949 A, US 1896949A, US-A-1896949, US1896949 A, US1896949A
InventorsJohn Greiner
Original AssigneeJohn Greiner
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Socket wrench
US 1896949 A
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Filed Feb. 5l 1952 ZO-7l ,NVENTOR E" W' ZM ATTORNEQ,`


Patentedl Feb. ll?, 19u33 UNITED STATES JOHN enumera, oF'rrIILAnnLPHrA, PENNSYLVANIA SOCKET WRENCH Application iiiea `February 5, 1932. serial No. 591,189.

The invention relates to an improved socket Wrench, and the purpose ofthe iinvention is to provide a holding shell for the reception of a plurality of interior nut engaging socket tubes, which are yieldablyv mounted individually in the shell, so that the innermost nut engaging socket tube may engage one size of nut or bolt head and then when the Wrench isA appliedV for use on' a larger nut, the innermost soclretftube can be receded, and when a larger size of nut is engaged the innermost andthe next size nut engaging socket tube may be receded. This oper ytion may be carried out for various sizes of nuts orbolt heads.

another purpose is to provide a socket Wrench of this kind wherein the plurality ofnut engaging socket tubes are of substantial length, and the innermost nut engaging socket tube is interiorly unobstructed, so that bolts ofc'onsiderable length can extend into the various tubes and yet not interfere with4 the removal of the nut. This'arrangement is one of the particular features of the invention. A f i A further and Aa mostiimportant purpose is to construct the nested socket engaging tubes, each of a plurality of strips arranged in polygonal relation so as to provide polygonal shape to the tubes, the inner ends of the strips being inclined and provided With openings to receive clamped ears, of correspondingly inclined arms of several ring members, to provide seats with Which the springs engage to Vhold the tubes in position and allovv them to yield, the springs being in turn engaged Within flanges on a head, in order to retain the springs in position, whereby each individual nut engaging socket tube may yield automatically and individually.

t is to be understood that the particulars herein given are in no Way limitative, and that While still keeping Within the scope of the invention, any desired modification of details and proportions may be made in the construction of the appliance according to circumstances. Y

The invention comprises further features and combination of parts to be hereinafter set forth, shown in thedravving and claimed.

Figure l is .a vieW in perspective ofthe improved socket Wrench constructed in accoi-dance With'the invention. n FigureQ isa longitudinal sectional View. through the same.l 4 Y Figure 3 is a cross sectional view on line 3-3 of Figure 2.-. 5 y

Figure 4 is a cross sectional `viewfon line iL-4 of Figure 2. *j n i v Figure 5 is an enlarged detail Viewv showing how one of the strips constituting one of the faces of any one of the polygonal socket y engaging tubes is attached toa ring forming im a seat for one of thevsprings. i

yReferring to the drawing l identifies'an outer bodyA shell,`which comprises a large portion 2 and Vasmaller portion 3, that is to say .portions larger and smaller in diameter 79 it being obvious that theseV proportionsas b Well as the length of said parts 'can be varied,` according to the size of Wrench to be constructed. y

The larger portion orsection 2 integrally joins the smaller portion or section 3- by vmeans of an intermediate tapered section 4. A cap orcover 5 is` threaded at Ginto the section `Qofthe wrench vshell body, `for .theV purposeofretaining a plurality of springs in position.` 1

` rf he section 3 ofthe Wrench shell body ispolygonal in cross section, nanielyythe cross sectional area ymay be made to fit a square:

nut, a hex nut or an eight sides nut.

Arranged in the section or portion 3 yof the wrench'shell.' body is af'plurality of nut en. gaging socket tubes 9, l0, lland- 12, though it is obvious that any number of inner tubes may be used. `The inner .tubes 9, 10 and 11 at portions adjacent'thetapered section 4 of theouter shell are likewise tapered asshovvn at 13, parts ,of Whichcooperate With each other for the purpose of limiting the inner nut engaging socket tubes in their normal positions with their marginal end edges 14 flush. Y A` Each of the nut engaging socket tubes, eX- cepting theouter shellisvmadeupwof a plurality of metallic strips3'fin the forni'` of steel 100 y i clinedeXtensions 19 of the rings 20 to the` strips or blades. The rings are so arranged as to abut inorder tov limit the nut engaging socket tubes with their edges 14 iiush. The rings 2O have flanges 2l, within which coil springs 22 engage. The springs 22 in turn engager,withinflanges-23 carried by the cap or'heaid 5,'thereby retaining the springs in i position, so that the nut engagingsocket tubes may yield, according tov the one or those which are'receded; f i

Obviously by permitting a heir nut to engage the innermost nut engaging socket tube 12, the shank of the bolt may extend intorthe tube for a substantial distance. In case it is desired that a larger hex nut may engage withinvr the nut engaging socket tube 10, the tubes 1,1 and 12 may be receded. By grasp` ing the-larger section of the wrench shell body, itis possibleto rotate the wrench in either-direction by hand.

The invention having been set forth, what is claimed is: 1.V In a socket wrench, the combination Vwith an outer Wrench body shell having a contracted lnut engaging socket sectionv of felongatedformation and a tubular handle section of largerdiameter than the first section and yan intermediatetapered section integrallyv connecting the first two sections,

y' of aplurality of telescopically united nut engagingfsockettubes telescopically mounted inthe first section of the shell, a head for the handle section, said plurality of nutengaging socket tubes having vextension arms,

- `hanged rings Akof gradual increasing diameters located at one end of the handle section and ianged rings of gradual increasing diameters with the ring of larger diameter abut/ting a shoulder where the tapered section merges into the handle section, said rings provided with extension arms conforming to andengaging the arms of the nut engaging socket tubes, slot and lug connections uniting the arms, the abutting of the flanged rings acting V-to limit the tubes with their outer ends Hush,

and yyieldable means between the flanged rings and the head.

3. A socket wrench, consisting of an outer wrench bodyvshell having a contracted nut engaging socket section of elongated formation p'olygonalinY cross sectional area, and a tubular handle section of larger diameter than the 'iirstsectiom said body shell also haif'ing any intermediate tapered section uniting the firstV two sections, a head for the handle section, a plurality of telescopically united nut engaging socket tubes corresponding in cross sectional areal to and nested within the polygonal section of the shell, said nut engaging socket tubes being made up from a plurality of strips orbladesconstituting the polygonal sides of the tubes, the inner ends of the blades having inclined extension arms tapered section, a plurality of rings adjacent the intermediate tapered sectionl and provided with extension arms positioned to "correspond to the intermediate tapered section and engaging against the first arms', means for uniting both sets of arms, and yieldable means interposed between the rings and the head for yieldably supporting the nestednut engaging socket tubes. v

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


having arms connected to the arms of the nut engaging socket tubes, said iiange vrings being abutted and the flanged ring of larger thereby limiting the nut engaging socket tubes with their outer endfedges flush, and spring means interposed between the anged rings and the head, thereby yieldably mounting the nut engaging socket tubes.

w2. In a socket wrench, an outer wrench body shell having'a contracted nut engaging socketl section of elongated formation-'and a tubular handle section of larger diameter than the irst section, the first section being polygonal in cross sectional area, an intermediate tapered part joining the two sections, a plurality of telescopically united nut engaging socket tubes corresponding in cross vsectional area to and mounted in the polygcorresponding to the intermediateV

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U.S. Classification81/185
International ClassificationB25B13/00, B25B13/10
Cooperative ClassificationB25B13/102
European ClassificationB25B13/10B