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Publication numberUS1897598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 14, 1933
Filing dateOct 8, 1930
Priority dateOct 8, 1930
Publication numberUS 1897598 A, US 1897598A, US-A-1897598, US1897598 A, US1897598A
InventorsJr Thomas P Wyman
Original AssigneeWestern Electric Co
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Transporting platform
US 1897598 A
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Feb. 14, 1933. T. P. WYMAN, JR


This invention relates to a transporting platform, and more particularlyto a portable platform upon which material may be stacked and secured for shipment.

An object of this invention is to prov de a simple and durable material transporting platform.

In accordance with this object one embodiment of the invention comprises an annular, 10 radially corrugated, metal-disc for supporting rolls of material, such as metal tape, wherein each roll has an axial aperture formed at its center. The disc is'supportedabove the floor by metal skids or runners secured to the underside of the disc so that a lift truck or other transporting means may readily engage the platform. A frusto-conical hollow metal thimble is secured to the center of the disc and extends upwardly therefrom to engage the aperture at the center of a. roll of material, and where a plurality of rolls are stacked on the disc, securing bands may be passed through the thimble and around the material and disc to secure the rolls to the disc.

A clear understanding of the invention will be had from the following description of one specific embodiment thereof as illustrated in the accompanying drawing, whereso in Fig. 1 is a fragmentary, plan view of the platform Fig. 2 is an elevational side view of the platform showing in broken lines a number of rolls of material strapped thereon, and

Fig. 3 is a detail view showing the manner of forming a sheet of metal into one of the skids of the platform.

Referring now to the drawing wherein like reference numerals designate similar parts throughout the several views, there is disclosed a horizontally disposed annular corrugated metal disc designated generally by the numeral 5, which disc maybe corrugated in any well known manner by pressinga fiat annular sheet of metal to form radially extending depressed and elevated portions 6- and 7 respectively, these corrugated portions being wider at the circumference of the disc 59 than at the aperture in the center thereof.

1930. Serial No. 487,136.

A frusto-conical metal thimble 8 is positioned within the central aperture of the disc 5 and welded at the locations 9 (Fig. 1) to the depressed corrugated portions. 6.

A pair of parallel skids 10 tapered at their ends are welded along the lines 11-11 to the depressed portions 6 for supporting the disc 5 above the floor-or surface upon which the platform is to rest. The skids 10 may be formed of sheet metal in any well known manner but they are preferably produced -fr0m a blank sheet cut in the shape shown in Fig. 3. The sides 1414 of this sheet are turned either upwardly or downwardly at right angles to the rest of the sheet on the broken lines 15-15, and the four corners 1616 are then turned inwardly at an angle to the sides 1414 on the dotted lines 1717 to make the four edges 1818 exactly coincide with the two end edges 1919 and the four edges 2020 abut against each other upon the broken lines 2121 in which position the end edges of' the four corner portions 16'16 will contact with each other along the lines 22-22 at the tips of the wedge shaped ends of the skid 10. Thus there will be formed a hollow box-like metal skid with tapered portions at each end as outlined in broken lines in Fig. 3 and also shown in Figs. 1 and 2. The various contacting edges 1818 engaging the transverse edges 1919, the abutting edges 20-20 engaging each other on the lines 21-21, and the engaging edges 2222 at the tips of the tapered runner are welded to each other as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, thus completing the formation of the skid. Each skid 10 is then welded around its rim at the locations 1111 to the depressed corrugated portions 66 as mentioned above.

. The material or load 25 to be carried by the above described platform may consist of any article or articles of annular shape which may be positioned over the central thimble 8 to keep the material from sliding transversely of the platform. Bands 26-26 preferably of metal are extended underneath the disc 5 and up through the thimble 8 with their ends bound together at 27-27 to hold the material 25 in position upon the platform, thus securing the material and platform together as a unit for transportation and handling.

In the illustrated embodiment, the material 25 consists of rolls of metal ta e used for armoring telephone cable, whic rolls are 5 stacked one on top of the other and then strapped onto the platform by the bands 26-26 for shipping. Such a platform for handling-the tape rolls 25-25 provides an orderly and systematic means for preserving the rolls in stacked formation at all times during transportation and while they are being handled at their destination, and such loaded platforms may be conveniently positioned one on top of the other to take up a minimum amount of storage space. It will also be apparent that the platform, due to its being circular, may be readily moved from one location to another by positioning it upon its peripheral surface and rolling it. This may be done either when the platform is empty or is loaded with objects, which necessarily do not have to be circular in shape but should be positioned inside the periphery of the platform, or rolls of tape of the diameter shown in the drawing, in the latter case the peripheral surface of the roll or rolls would engage the floor or other surface along which the load is being rolled. The thimble 8 in addition to centering the objects mounted upon the platform also serves with the bands 2626 to prevent them from moving relatively to the platform when it is positioned for rolling. After the material has been removed from the platforms, the empty platforms may be stacked one on top of another by nesting or telescoping the thimbles 8 thereof within each other. and all the platforms bound together for returning them to the metal tape suppliers. The platform being made entirely of metal with corrugations in the disc to provide rigidity and strength is a very durable and rugged structure capable of undergoing severe usage.

Although one specific embodiment of the invention has been above described in detail it will of course be understood that the invention is not to be limited thereto but is to be limited only by the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A shipping unit comprising an annular corrugated disc for supporting a plurality of stacked annular objects, a hollow metal thimble welded to the disc and extending upwardly into the central apertures of the supported annular objects, metal skids welded to the lower side of the disc, and metal bands extending through the thimble, underneath the disc and around the stacked objects for securing them in place.

2. A shipping unit comprising an apertured platform for supporting an apertured object, a tubular member secured to the platform around the aperture thereof and extending upwardly into the aperture of the sup ported object, and means extendin through the tubular member and the aligne aperture of the platform for securing the object to the platform.


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