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Publication numberUS1898297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1933
Filing dateSep 23, 1931
Priority dateSep 23, 1931
Publication numberUS 1898297 A, US 1898297A, US-A-1898297, US1898297 A, US1898297A
InventorsBarcley Fox Ned
Original AssigneeBarcley Fox Ned
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Building blocks
US 1898297 A
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Feb. 21, 1933.

I N. B. Fox



Patented Feb. 21, 1933 m BABCLEY rox, or nonwar, MICHIGAN BUILDING BLocxs Application filed September 23, 1981. Serial No. 564,505.

The invention relates to improvements in building blocks especially adapted for use by children, the primary ob]ect of the invention being the provision of a simple set'of blocks for the purpose indicated which are interlocking in character and highly eflicient 1n use.

Another object of the invention is the provision of an improved set of blocks of the character indicated,. including improved means for interlocking the individual blocks or members thereof.

Other objects will appear hereinafter. I

The invention consists in the combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, and in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating the blocks in use for constructing a part of one end of a rectangular enclosure;

Fig. 2 a top plan View of one of a plurality of side members or blocksemployed in the set; A

Fig. 3 a top plan view of one of a'plurality of corner members employed in the set; and

Fig. 4 a top lan view of one of a plurality of combined Her and locking blocks em ployed in the set.

The embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawing comprises a plurality of corner blocks 10 substantially square in horizontal section and each provided on each of its four faces with a vertical dove-tail groove 11, as shown. Cooperating with the corner blocks 10 is a plurality of side members or blocks 12, each consisting of an elongated bar or strip, having at each end a vertical dove-tail projection 13 adapted and arranged to fit the grooves 11 in the blocks 10, as indicated in Fig. 1'. i

As shown, the side members 12 are unequal in height to the corner blocks 10 so that when arranged as indicated to form the corners and sides of an enclosure, the joints between the corner blocks will not register with the joints between the side members so that the side members exert a locking action with the corner blocks, tending to maintain the corner blocks in vertical post relation.

Cooperating also with the corner blocks 10 is a plurality of combined filler and locking blocks 14 and 15 shaped to fit and fill the groovesll, so that when the corner blocks are employed at an exterior corner of an enclosure the grooves in the outer faces thereof may be filled with the blocks 14 and 15 and the'outer facesof said blocks thereby ren- 'dered smooth and flush and also interlocked with each other so as to reinforce the structure.

- By this arrangement a simple and hi hly efiicient set of building blocks is'provided especially for the use and education of children which may be readily put together or assembled andwhich will interlock so as to give stability to thestructure.

While I have illustrated and described th preferred form of construction for carrying my invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification without departing from the spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details disclosed, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications as fall within the scope'of the appended claims.

Having thus fully. descrlbed my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by LettersPatent is:

1. Building blocks comprising a plurality of corner blocks, each having on each of its four faces a dove-tail vertical groove; a plurality of side members each provided at each end with a dove-tail projection to fit said grooves; and combined filler and locking blocks shaped to fit and said corner block-s.

2. Building blocks comprising a plurality of corner blocks, each having on each of its fill the grooves in four faces a dove-tail vertical groove; a pluv rality of side members each provided at each end with a dove-tail projection to fit said my hand this 10 groove i and combined filler and locking blocks shaped to fit and fill the grooves in said corner block.

4. Corner building blocks adapted to be arranged one on top of the other and havin four faces, each provided with a dovetsul vertical roove; and combined filler and locking "bloc' s shaped to fit and fill the grooves in said corner blocks and of lengths to span the joints between said corner blocks. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set day of Se tember, 1931.


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International ClassificationA63H33/04, A63H33/10
Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/105
European ClassificationA63H33/10G