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Publication numberUS1898621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1933
Filing dateJun 29, 1931
Priority dateJun 29, 1931
Publication numberUS 1898621 A, US 1898621A, US-A-1898621, US1898621 A, US1898621A
InventorsHerman B Ferguson
Original AssigneeHerman B Ferguson
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Moth repellent
US 1898621 A
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Patented Feb.21, 1933 1 1,898,621@v ,I

UNITE-D STATES PATENT, OFFICE 1in3mini' B; Fnn'GUsoN', oF,HILiiELrrriLrENNsYLvANrA l momentanen", applicati@ mea nine "2a,V 1931".'A sefiai"'1\it.`547,`55s;

. This inventionl relates to moth repellents Referringnow4` more. particularly:tov the and more particularly to an improved pack-V drawing itz will be observed that the 'image containing matter the ojdor of which is.V provedmoth and'fother insect-rep'elling packobnoxious to moths, insects and the like; age'is--generally inthe form of a bag 10 With- It is among the principal objects ofv they in the interior of Which is contained a solid 55 present invention'to provide, as an ineXpenor crystalline material 11, suh'as para chlosive and simple article of manufacture, aj ridebenzin'eorother matter which has the package containing a solid or crystalline Ina-f characteristic y' of Vgiving off a gas 'ori vapor terial, such as para chloride benzine orthe obnozious'and destructivel tol ravaging inlike, which, inthe course of its eva-poration, sects,\such as moths andthe like; Itis inher- 60 gives off av vapor or gas which is distinctly .ent with such "material as is preferably conoffensive and destructive to mothsand the tained Wit-hin the bag 10 that it gives off the like, thepackage being adapted to' be hung in obnoxious gases in the course of its evapora-Y any suitable and convenient place as aprotion' and 4itis therefore importantV that the tection against the ravages ofrsuchinsects. bag beso constructed that such evaporation 65 A Yfurther object of the invention is'the be not too rapid, because otherwise its periodk provision of a` container for the odorous maoffeectivenesslwould be unduly shortened.- terial which is not-only extremely simple and To that end the bag 10is sovdesignedthat inexpensive in construction but which also While it preserves the 'matter `llfagainst too prevents a too rapid evaporation of the marapid evaporation, it also providesv for an 70 terialcontained therein. adequate 'quantity ofl insect-repelling gases Still another object oftheinvention Vis the to be given olf. t

provision of a package containing insect-re-v 'As appears quite clearly lin thevdravv'ing,v

pelling material in the formof a. bag all but a the bag` 10 is preferably constructed of a small Vportion of which effectuallyseals the pair ofy superimposed vpanelsl2 and,A 13 of 75 material fromthe atmosphere, thereby pr.esubstantially equalwidth, the panel 12ho.W-'

serving'fthe same against too rapid evapora-V ever, being of 4greater length than the panel tion, the bag being further characterized in 13.: .The coincident sideV edges of the panels that thesurfaces thereof which are impervi- 12'and13'aresecured together, preferablyy by n ous to the free passage therethrough of the a binding or tape 14 which istdoubled to over- 80 repelling gas are transparent so that one may llethe oppositemarginal surfaces of the pandeterminesat a glance when the packageis no, els. Preferably, this binding 14.eXtends 'coni longer-eff-gctive f its intendedpurpog, v. tinuously around the `sideand top edges of Other objects of the invention and advanthe bag;Y For the sakev of appearance, the top 85 tages thereof Wll beapparent more fully @fthe bag is rounded, as at 15. f Y

hereinafter.- Thejpanelsl 124 and 13' are preferably con' The invention consists substantially inthe Structd 0f fle'Xb'le material Which islnot 0111)'T4 combination, construction, location and rela` mOre 0I less transparent'but which' is alsoimtive arrangement of parts, all as will be de' pervious to the atmosphere.` To this end I scribed morefully hereinafter, as shoWnnin preferito employ amaterial kno'wnrasfglazed 90 the accompanying drawing, and finally net but itwill'be'understoo'd ofcourse that pointed' out in the appended claims. .other materials such-` as' waxed paper and the In the said accompanying drawing like may also be used as desired: Figure 1 is a perspective view of the im- 'The bOrt'QIIledgesof the panels 12 andf 13 proved insect-repelling package; are'respectively `reinforced With bindings 16 Figure 2 is a bottom view thereof; and 17, each offwhich extend from' side to Figure 3 is a vertical sectional View taken side of-the bag. As mostclearlyapp'ears in on the line 3 3 of Figure 1; and Figures 2 and 3, apocket 18 is thus provided Figure4isahorizontal sectional View taken having an expansible' bottom 19 'the side o0 on the line 4--4 of Figure 1. edges of 'which are-'suitably secured to the 100 vsage therethrough of the insect-repelling,

reinforced bottom edges of t-he panels 12 and 13 Preferably, the several bindings are secured to the bag panels and to each otherby stitching, designated generally by the reference numeral 20. It is important to note that the bottom 19 of the pocket 18 is formed of a fabric which differs from f the sideA panels thereof in-that it is pervious tothe free pasi gases given olf by the material llncontained within the pocket. Ipreferably employ rordinaryrcloth as the material of toni is formed.

vided with a binding 21 which extends horizontally from side to side of the bag, the said upper edge so reinforced being adapted for securement to the body of the panel 12 as to eftectually seal the upper end ofthe pocket It will beunderstood that in formingthe bag 10, I preferably do not secure the upper edgeof the panel 13 to the bodyof panel 12 untilafter the material 11 has been placed,

within' the pocket 18. vWhen the material is placed within the fpoclret and the upper end of the latter sealed 'as aforesaid, the gases which are given off by the material in the course'of its evaporation escape from the bagv only by way of the cloth bottom 19.-, In order tofacilitate hanging thebag 1,0 in any place,

as upon a hook, clothes hanger'ortlie like, the

, panel 12Vis, provided adjacent the upper end i from the general principles or real spiritV 4e and centrally thereofwith aneyelet22 or its equivalent. Y 1

The invention, as will be readily understood, is susceptible of various changes and modifications without involving a departure thereof and it `is accordingly intended to claim the same broadly as well as specifically as indicated by the appended claims.

IVhat is claimed as new, and useful is -1. An article of the class described comprising a bag the top of which is sealed and the sides 'of which are formed of a material impervious to the freevpas'sage therethrough of a moth or other insect repelling vapor or gas, thebottom of said bag being formed of a material pervious to said gas or vapor,the area of said pervious material being relativelysmall as compared to the'Z total area of;saidimperviousmaterial. c I v i 2.,An article of the class described comprising a bag-like container for a moth or other insect repelling material capable of' sagetherethrough` of said gas or vapor, and

a bottom for said bag extending .between the bottom edges of saidpanels, saidA bottom being pervious to said gas or vapor.-

,3. An article of the class described prising a bag-like container for a material capable of evaporating to produce a gas or vapor, saidcontainer including a pair of panels the perimetral edges of-which are secured together throughout all but a limited extent thereof, said panels being formed of a vmaterial practically impervious to the passage therethrough of saidgas or vapor, and means for closing the opening provided between the unsecured portions of said panels, v'said meansy being 'formed'of' a 'material perwhich the botc l u. generated within said container. The upper edgeof the-panel 13 is also pro-J initting the gradual escape of the gas or vapor vapor, said; container including. a pair ofA panels the perimetral edges ofrwhi'chare secured together throughout all but a limited extent thereof,saidpanels being formed of a material practically impervious vto the pas-k sage therethrough of said gas or vapor, and means vfor closing the opening provided between the unsecured portions of said panels, said means being formed'of a material permitting'the gradual escape of the gas or vapor generated within said container, the material of which'said panels are formed beingy transparent to a greater or less-degreeif# V5.YA An article of the class describedcomprising a bag-like V'container forl armoth or other -insect repelling material capable of evaporating to produce a gas or vapor, said container including a pair of panels the side and top edges of which are secured together, said panels being impervi'ousto the free'pas-A sage therethrough of said gas or vapor, and a bottom forV said bag extending betweenthe bottom edges of said panels,'said bottom being pervious to said gas or vapor, one of said panelsbeing of greater length than'the other and having means therein for suspending the container upon a hook or the like. l 6. An article lof the class described comprising a bag-like container for a mother other insectAVA repelling material capable of evaporating to produce a gasor vapor, said container including a pair of panels the side and top edges of which are secured together, u.

A iao

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