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Publication numberUS1898936 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1933
Filing dateJun 2, 1932
Priority dateJun 2, 1932
Publication numberUS 1898936 A, US 1898936A, US-A-1898936, US1898936 A, US1898936A
InventorsBrawley David A
Original AssigneeBrawley David A
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Lubricated hinge
US 1898936 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 21, 1933. D BRAWLEY 1,898,936

LUBRICATED HINGE Filed June 2, 1932 FIG, 1

FIG. 2 Y -FJ6.3.

E624. D/wzo ABRAWLEV pintle.

mecca Feb. :21, 1933 PATENT OFFICE DAVID A. BRAWLEY, OF FLINT, MICHIGAN LUBRIGATED HINGE 'Application filed J'une 2,

My invention relates to lubricated 'lin'ges.

An object of my invention is to pro ide lubricated hinges particularly fitted for use on automobile doors.

A further object is to provide a hinge, the

pintle of which contains an oil cup for lubricating the same and preventing wear even when the pintle has been tightly fitted.

A still further object isto provide a hinge which will not become loose with age, will aprevent squeaks and rattles in the door, and

which will allow easy removal of the door when it is so desired.

Further objects and advantages will be ap-' parent from the following description which, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which like numerals refer to like parts hroughout the same, Int e drawing: Fig. 1 is a side view of my device installed on an automobile door;

Fig. is a vertical longitudinal section through the hinge and pintle, as on line 2-2, Figure 3. F

, Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2, and

Fig. 4 is.a' perspective view of the hinge The nu meral5 designates an automobile door, and 6 and 7 designate the two sectionsof a hinge therefor. The head portion of the pintle is designated as.8, and the shank as-9, the said head portionhavin'g acavity 10 in its top for receiving aself-closing oil cup 11 of any suitable construction. :Oentrally located in the bottom of the cavity 10 is a well 12 extending down into the shank portion 9 01 the pintle. In the upper portion of the shank 9 is centrally disposeda horizontal; passage 13,.the said passage piercing the well 12 at a point abdve its bottom. Extending downwardly from the outer openings'of the horizontal-passage 13 are formed slots 14, the said slots ending at a point ad- -jacent to the-bottom of the shank' 9, thus preventiug'oil from dripping out the bottom of the hinge. A In, operation, oil .from the cup 11 flows down into the well 12, out through the ends ofthe passage 13 and down the slots 14,

1932. serial No. 615,004.

,where it is spread over the' surface of the pintle shank 9 by the working of the hinge. Even after the oil level in the well 12 has fallen below the point of intersection by the passage 13, the joltsand jars of the car will 53$ throw same up into' the passage 13, thus continuing the lubrication of the pintle until practically all of the oil in the well has been exhausted. Furthermore, my device wil continue to permit the tight installation 0 pintles as is now the practice and, by preventing pintle wear, will do away with the noise common to hinges and. doors during the operation of the car. It is to be understood that.

my invention as above shown anddescribed is to be taken as a preferred embodiment of same, and that changes in shape, size, and Q arrangement of parts may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention or of the scope of the subjoined claims. 10

Having thus described my invent1on, what I wish to claim by Letters Patent is:

1. In a hinge, a pintle having head and shank portions, an oil cup receiving cavlty in the top portion of said head, a well in the bottom of the cavity, a horizontal passage through the upper portion of the shank portion, said passage bisecting the well at a point above its bottom, and slots on the shank portion extending downwardly from the ends of 39 the said horizontal passage, said slotsending at a point adjacent to the bottom of the shanl I 2. a hinge, a pintle having head and shank portions, an oil cup receiving cavity in the top portion of said head, a .well in the bottom of the cavity, a" horizontal passage through the shank portion adjacent the uper end of same, said horizontal passage isectin'g the well-at a point above its bottom, and slots on the shank portion extending downwardly from the ends of the horizontal passage.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification16/274, 188/196.00M, 384/396
International ClassificationE05D11/00, E05D11/02
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