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Publication numberUS1899311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1933
Filing dateJun 15, 1931
Priority dateJun 15, 1931
Publication numberUS 1899311 A, US 1899311A, US-A-1899311, US1899311 A, US1899311A
InventorsCassell John A
Original AssigneeSunterbach Company
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Article case
US 1899311 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 28,v 1933. J. A. cAssELL ARTICLE CASE Filed June 15 1931.

`4. Attached to the outeredge of the Vrear,

Patented Fel,A 2s,v ...19331y Mmrao; JOFl-lcaf JOHN A. cAssEL'L, ,o1-innanzi; MICHIGAN, AssIGNORLTO sui'vrialuseonVL COMPANY, OF MICHIGAN, A CORPORATION yoriiucrlefnnA This invention relates to small article-holding cases of the type customarilyvmade lof leather and having narrow sides with an open end or side,- and particularly'to cigarette and cigar cases, card cases, instrument, camera and medicine cases and portfolios. The obj ect of the inventionis the provision of an article` case of this character, which is composed of a minimum of material, is eas-` ily made, with little stitching, and has its side walls reinforced both `to strengthen the case and to facilitate the sliding of articles there` in or removal ofthe same therefrom.

The invention is fully described in the following specification, and while in its broader aspect` it is capable of embodiment in various forms, one4 embodiment thereof illustratedA in the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure lis a plan of the body blankfrom which the case is lmade with the reinforcing member for the bottom and ,side Vwalls attached thereto. Fig, 2 is a cigarette case embodying the invention with aportionof the reinforcing member broken away, land Fig. 3 is a fragmentary section on the line 3-3inFig.2. Y

A case embodying the invention is composed of two pieces of material, one constituting the body blank l, and the other thereinforcing Vstrip 12. The blankY lis composed yof the` front and rea-r panel portions 3 and 4, which are joinedtogether at their adjacent edges by a bottom edgepanel 5 corresponding in length to the width of the panels 3 and panel 4, preferably integral therewith, is a fiap 6 adapted to extend over and to close the upper open end of the case when the blank 4 -is folded up to form a case. Each side edge of the panels 3 and 4 is formed with extensions or side wings 7, which are coextensive in llength with the lengths of said panels and in Vwidth yare substantially the thickness of the case from frontto' rear, thus adapting the extensions 7 at the same edges ofthe front vand rear panels 3 4and 4to have edge-abutment with each other when the panels are folded upward in parallel relation, and the extensions are turned inward-at right anglesy thereto. In other words, when the panels arev 1931. s611111,iva.,544,335.2`

foldedy in. parallel relationand the edgelexftensions 7 thereof ,arel turnedinward, suchy edge extensions cooperate to form'the narrow sides of thecase, which sides correspond in widthf to the -width `ofthe bottom panely 5.

. The reinforcingy strip .24 is secured .in any suitable"4 manner, `preferahlyfby sewing, cen. t1-ally of its ends-tothe outer or bottom side of the bottom panel 5 lengthwise thereof,^an`dY when the front and back panels 3 and=4 and ytheside extensions 7 thereof have been folded in case-forming relation,lthe end portions ofl :the strip 2, which project beyond rtheends of Athe bottomy panelv 5, are .fold'edrupl along the ,respective sides of the case formedby the extensionV 7 and yfirmly secured thereto, preferably by gluing, lso as to maintain Lthe adjoin- 'i surfaces of the side walls,beii1gfpreferably It .is apparent that the strip'i'2 not only serves to, strengthen, stifen and reinforce the bottom panel 5,but`alsoto jointhe adjacent extensions togetherr and to provide a double reinforcement and 'stifeningQmeans for the sides fofthe case,'as is apparent by referencey to Fig 3.- The extension ofthe end portions 'o f'the" strip 2 downy into thefcaseat the lsides 'thereof renders-the inner vsurfacesof the sides smooth to vfacilitate the insertion of articles into and removaly thereof from the'rcase. e

l When the case 'has beenlformed up jthe extension 6 on the outer'up'per edge ofthe 'rearypanel 4, providesua closure flap" for thek openrk `end of thec'ase, and is sufficient inllength to extend',k over the top open end of thecase f '90 anda' distance down the front side thereof,

to which latter' itis detachably secured,` in

any suitablemanner. In the present instance, f

the free Aendr of the flap''is inserted between a strap 8 and the,y front side of the case, said strap extending lacross kthefront side of `the y case and having its endsy secured to the adjacent edge extensions 7 by'stitching, or in any otherA suitablekmanner, as shown in Fig.,1.kv .y

The stitchedends of the strap 8 are disposed` between the case sides and the strip 2 so that such ends are not exposed.

It is apparent that if the strap 8 is disregarded, the ease is composed of only two pieces, namely, the-body blank 1 and the reinforcing strip 2, and that after the forming of the body blank, the strip 2 is secured to the bottom 5 and to the sides formed by the adjoining extensions 7 in a simple and inexpensive manner, as, for instance, by stitching the strip midway of its ends to the bottom l5 and then cementing or gluing the same to the y outer and inner surfaces of the oase sides.

The employment of the strip 2"to connect and reinforce the bottom and sides of the case, not only gives a finished and pleasing appear-V ance, but Vmaterially strengthens the oase against collapsing.

l wish it understood that myinvention is not limited to any specific constructions, arrangement or form of the parts,'as it is capable of numerous modificationsl and changes its ends projecting up along the respective sides of the case and thence down into the case substantially to the bottom thereof and secured to said sides to unite and stiften the extensions forming the saine, a strap extendingacross the front panel and having its ends lapping the side edge extensions of said panel and secured thereto between said reinforcing strip and such extension, and a closure flap extending from the outer edge of the rear panel and adapted to be extendedover the open end of the case and inserted between the front panel `and said strap.

In; testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name to this specification.


without departing from the spiritv of the Y claims.V e

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by United tates Letters" Patent is:

1. A case of `the class described, having yconnected front, backand bottom panels, the

front and back panels having extensions at their side edges cooperating to formthe case e tially edge-abutment, a reinforcing strip attached towthe outer surface ofthebottom panel and extending lengthwise thereof with its ends projecting up along the respective sides of the .case and thence down into the case substantially to the bottom thereof and secured inside and out to said sides to unite and stiii'en the extensionsforming the same.

2. A oase ofthe class described, having .connected front, back and bottom panels, the front and back panels having extensions at their side edges cooperating to form the case sides with the adjacent extensions in substanf tially edge abutment, a reinforcingV strip attached to the outer surface of the `bottom panel and extending lengthwise thereof with its ends projecting up along the respective sides of thecase and thence down into the case .substantially to the bottom thereof and secured to said sides to unite and stiften the Y,

'their side edges cooperating to form the case sides with the adjacent extensions in substantially edge abutment, a reinforcing strip at tached to the outer surface of the bottom 'sides with the adjacent extensions in substanpanel and extending lengthwise thereof with

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