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Publication numberUS1899327 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1933
Filing dateJul 21, 1931
Priority dateJul 21, 1931
Publication numberUS 1899327 A, US 1899327A, US-A-1899327, US1899327 A, US1899327A
InventorsHawkins William S
Original AssigneeHawkins William S
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Automobile seat cape
US 1899327 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 28, 1933. 'w. s. HAWKINS 4 3 AUTOMOBILE SEAT CAPE Filed July 21, 1931 2 Shets-Shee 1 llllllllflllili W. S. HAWKINS AUTOMOBILE SEAT CAPE 2 Sheets-Sheet Filed July 21 PatentedTFehiZS; 1933 WILLIAM S.-HAWKINS, or wasnme'romfmsrnicr or coLuiriam j AUTOMOBILE "surpr e I; j y

Application 1 filed J uly 21,

The object 'or'my invention is to provide a comfortable and efficient rumbleseat cape for one or two persons that 1s wmd, snow and rain proof. n n

A further object of my invention is to provide a cape of this character that may be conveniently carried'in the car in a small package, and which may quickly and readily be assembled in positionon the car, and the fori ward edge of which is adapted to be secured" a to the usual rain gutter in suchmanner. asto not only utilize said gutter as i a holding means but also to carry off rain water fall ng.

from the cape.

vide means. to prevent the entrance of wind, or rain, through the twin design by proit vidinga closurefor the unused opening in the cape. Y

parts and combination of set forth. In the drawings z I Figure 1 is a side elevation of the rear end portion of a rumbleseat automobile showing my invention in place and ineiuse.

Figure 2 is a top plan viewof the same."

Figure 3'is a vertical sectionalview on the line 33, Figure'QJ, 5 v I Figure 4 isqa perspective View of my improved cape detached and in extended po- Figure 5 is a perspectiveview of a package with my improved cape enclosed therein. I

Figure 6'is a detailsectionshowing more particularly the construction of the; spring 1,

c'lipsand their mode of application to the apron andvgutter. a r

n The reference numeral 1 designates a I 45. rumble seatautomobile, the, rumble seat back 210i whichis showninopen position. The. rumble. seat cushion is designated by the; reference numeral3. Rumbleseat cars are provided around the margins of the ,entranceof the rumble seat ecompartment with agroove A further object of my invention is to pro-f A further object of my invention is to make it possible for four passengers to use a rumble seat carfor touring irrespective of Weather conditions; and with these and other objects in view my invention consists of the" parts hereinafter ter, which gutter :has an'inneror rear upstanding flange 6, as shownin Figure 3.

. 4 whichfunctions as a rain or moisture gut:

My improved-cape 7 may be made of any suitable material and'consists of a top 8, side panels 9, andarear panel 10; said top and panels cut-to {proper shape and size JandL then sewed, or otherwise secured togetherat their meeting edges;

Sis provided withspring'ifasteners 11 for en gagement with the rear flange 01- *wall of the gutter 4 tosecure such portion of the cape to the'g'utter; As'shoWn, these fasteners 11 are I placed a suitable distance apart and each fas tener is formed ofa'single piece of spring I metaland comprises a bracket-arm llahaving upper and-lower portionsllb and bent at j an angle toieach other," the upper portion 11a being arranged to correspond to the slope of the top '8 and riveted or otherwise-secured v thereto at a distance inwardly :from themarv ginal edge 86 ofsaid portion 8a. From this point of attachment of thearm the lower arm portion 11?) extends downwardly and forwardly at an oblique angle'and terminates man upwardly bent inverted U- shaped clip 11c, Thisclip 110 lies above thehorizontal "plane of the lower endofthe bracket arm portion 110 and comprises the-front and rear -grippinggjaws llduan'd lie-and the arched bight portion 11f, the said front awterminatingin; a supportingand" stopfbead 11g adapted tolengagethe bottom ofqthe gutter 4&0 limit the downward movement' offthe fastener-therein. These clips are adaptedto be'snapped down in straddling engagement withitherear wall or flange of the gutter with'its jaws'grippingsaid flange-0r wall'to" hold the cap portion Sain position; As'a're-v sult of this construction: and mode of application of. the fasteners the portion 8a of :the

cape isleft free from connection with the fa'sr The, front end portion 8a ofthe slopingtop 6 ing it from flowing over the surfaces of the deck and into the rumble seat compartment.

The back panel 10 is, or may be,,designed to fit exteriorly of the back, as shown in Figure 5 3, so that the weight of the cape is carried by the clips 11 and the top edge of the back 2.

By this means the side panels 9 may be left unattached .to the vehicle with their lower edges depending into the sides of the gutter, 10 as shown in Fig. 3, for drainage of moisture therefrom in-to th-e gutter. a i The top panel 8 of the cape is provided with openings 12, through which the head and neck of the passenger projects and theseopenings V are provided with upstanding, but soft and pliable collars 13, which are providedwith snap, or other suitable fasteners,14whereby when only one passenger is using the cape the. other opening 12maybe closed against the a elements: by a cap 15 having snap fastenings which interlock with the fasteners 14.

To enable the'passenger to quickly place the cape inoperative position I provide. a slit, or opening, 16 extending from the collar 13 a suitable distance toward the front of the cape, as shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4, and to the edges of this slit I secure, preferably, the

- well known 7 slide, or Zipper, fastener 17 with the operating, or closing slide 18 within the cape for ready manipulationby the pas senger, and as a further closure for this slit I provide the flap 19, thus sealing the slit against the elements. It is, of course, understood that the collar :18 is open at the front in alignment With the slit 16.

Y The cape may be folded and placed in the package 20, which package'may be conveniently stored in the car, or it may be used as a cushion.

I am aware that changesmay be madein the construction of my cape illustrated with.- ont departing from the'scope of the appended claim. 1

What I claim is: V V

A combined capeand top for the rumble seatcompartment in the rear deck of an automobile body provided with a rain gutter about the margins of the compartment, comprising acape cover for said compartment andthe occupants thereof, said cover having. an edge portion provided with inverted U-shaped spring fastening clips to engage the inner flange or wall of the gutter and fastening arms for the clips secured to the cover'at a point set back from the edge of the cover so 7 asto leave a projecting part of said edge portion free to form a drain flap extending over the clips downwardly into the gutter in spaced relation to the walls thereof.

' In testimonyzwhereof I afiix my signature.


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