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Publication numberUS1899440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1933
Filing dateSep 28, 1931
Publication numberUS 1899440 A, US 1899440A, US-A-1899440, US1899440 A, US1899440A
InventorsA. R. Hart
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Score pajd or memorandum
US 1899440 A
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Feb. 28, 1933. A. R. HART SCORE .PAD OR MEMORANDUM HOLDER Filed Sept. 28, 1951 Patented: i i

i 52 Adjacent the lowerend ofmeinber-ioandg on ltlietilblei lfi 3 p e RLQHLRIOF SYRACUSE; some: h SCQREi'PAi) mnlvtjonmnumfliiomnn f I -fAppllcaitionfiled se ptenibci'l28fl93l. Serial K015653510. o

:5 Thi ;ni yention rel i fi a new andjm-f extending partially of the length thereof, i si proyed s'cor'e padorniemoranduin holder; a strnek-out elongated tongue "l7- b,etween fAlthough my devioe maybe-usedin various "whichvandthe main portion- 6,,mafy be re: V WayS itiSpflItiClllttllyjWflllQadapted-t0 hOld'eeivedthe lower e dg'e' of sooring oime'mk, i a ipadfwhieh'isusedin'keepingwtheSC m O o dl m p I E" eard-fgames, such HST-auction,{orgcontraot JThe upper edge ofqthe tongue 7i-is bent! bFMzQQvfi; *L 19f f il1Wa-fd1y ftO"aslight degreeffor af purpose g .TfAl pQughit is 'mo'reveonvenientvjto havefthe hereinafter; to be explainedr j U 1 p e v V o score eard on the:ca d tableftopwhen seo Thei ppefedge'ofth m b fii t n 2 ing is'beingfdone, it Will if left in that posibent to form a'l'rib gwhich extends outward-1 6o 5 i tion,jinterferetosomeextent withitheeasy 1y from one feee f thefmember 5' andaa act-1 9,1 play b ofthe ga ne,-}and then ain'objeetjsecondiopposed rib 101Whichextendsout- 7 of inyinventionilisato provide gt -scorelcard wardly i frjom the' oppo'site faceofmember fi. 1 holder Which n ay-be" e'a sily rpla'ee d on' the The ndist'ance, betweenjthe outer edgesjof 1 tabletop whenscores"orereeordedhutWhioh @ribs 9 and-'10 is greater thanthe 'widthiof [555. may then be ea silyg renioved from the table; slot 3 so that-when the member 5 is inserted I top andheld ina eonvenientgplaoe ,until'it is 5111 slot 3, it: Willi-b6 held suspended in the *gigaindesiredtoieoordi the score. ff} r 'nember'llg. p Anothei iobjeet is to pro'v'd 'fad'evice, ofthe I -Beneath the rib'lO. is 3' depending tongue i 1 character described ,I'Whieh'may sbe easily re? llflwhich is'in spaoed relation to the imain f'ro movedfrom the table wh'enj no gameis being b0dy;6 sothat, the upper edge of a; "soore-org o v p1ayed',1 and it i s desiredto fold thetablevand memorandum-pad may; be received therebe-, i remove it to 'aiplac'e of storage. tween. l v p i Other objects and edvantag'esfrelate to the Tlhe lower'edgeiof membe b is rolled 'npon 7 sizefshape and arrangementfof parts,"a1l1"asfitselifyas shown at atoxform etub'ula r ,willfmore'fu1lyappearlfrom the following} portion n whlchfa 'peneil 12 may 'be retained; description taken-inoonneoti-onwiththe ae-"v The diameter of [s 1'1ehrtubu1ar portion is ",--coinpanyingzdrawing,iniwhich ,1 r 'grez ter ithan the W dthofthe-slot3-softhatk 4 1. Figure-1 is aperspeotive view 'otmyfdevioefthe* member 5-jCflI1i1Ql) be 'removedfrointhe V f showing the. same in positiong-on Qtablltop nembenl",bntim aybemovedrelatlvely-there so gidjecentio'ne corner thereoiy Q1, 1 6 UbH1 IYZPQ O i flls positloned o i 1152- 2 of; Fig; whollyat. the mean-of member 5fso;tha,t' when 1 V ,1nember 5 isiny'tjhe raisedposition; itgmayi Figure 3 is a perspective-view o l 'i hifiad .move angnlarly in relation tomembe 51 to J holder,portion oii rny oleyice i i;

1 Figured IS a perspective vie w'of theniem- I For th'e' purpose of providing a convenient .lie: fi at on table 16. 1

er in which'the. part shownin Figure 1311s ine'ans by which my device may be SG CIIIiGdtO "siispe'nded. h I" J a,table,-I p 'ovldean elongated strap 13"hafv o 'T-jFigure 5 is a perspective view; ofothe'st'rap ing offset perforatedends. lfl land 15"s0 that.j, v: y 4 by ineansof which thedeviceis'seonred to a thestrep 13 may be secured in positlon-on the o Q o p tabl i 'edgeofia table l6ias byscrews 17,-Withthe'; 1 o p devicefeomprisesje-anzelongated sus main portion of strap 13inspaced'reletion pending member 21 whichzhas atop portion to the edge of the table;16. 3 H I p 2;,providedwith an elongated slot 3." v QWhenthe membenS has been asseinbled 1n "4 Th ltopj, portion 2-;fomnswa right-angle the nieniberl, and it is desiredto. secure the p I with the -rear 'de"pending portion .4L salneto ,tz ble 16,:thedepending portion 4 o o The pad holding member, '5' cornprises a mimenl'ber 1 is placed in position between'gthe o I flitbody 6, the lengthof which issi ch thet strap '13'a11d the edgeof the; table 16, and th r i p it may be received -in thefslotfi of member l; 1 device willthenibeiheld securely; in position o Y V It will be understood that before the device is ready for use, a score or memorandum pad 8 will have beenplaced in position on member 5 with its upper edge secured by tongue 11, i

i and 2.

After the score ormemorandum has been recorded, the member 5 1s raised and allowed to drop downwardly in the member 1 into the position shown in dotted lines on Figuresl and2.

In this latter osition the device forms noobstruction for the upper surface of the table As above described, the upper edge of the tongue 7 is bent slightly inwardly, and this is-also true of the lower edge of the tongue 11.

The purpose of so forming tongues 7' and 11 is so that there may be no possibility of such tongues catching on the edges of the slot 3 when the member 5 is moved therein, and to facilitate such 1novement,'I also prefer to have the outer edge of the slot 3beveled as indicated at Z) on Figure 2.

So that'the sheets from the pad 8 may be easily removed as the same are filled with indicia, and also sothat ther'eanay be no possibility of the pad 8 becoming loosened, with respect to tongues T and 11, I prefer to have pad 8 scored at c and cli adjacentthe edges ofthe tongues 7 and 11. v

The different parts of my device may be made of metal or otherappropriate material, and'the size of the same maybe varied toaccommodate different sizes of score or memorandum pads for it willbe understood that although I have here shown and described a specific structure and form and relationof the parts thereof as an eneinplification of an embodiment of my invention, I do not desire to restrict myself to theexactsirie, shape .or relation of parts, as various changes maybe made within the scope of the appended claims. 1

Iclaimz 1." In a device of the class described, a frame having a horizontal portion provided with an elongated slot and a vertical portion adapted to be removably mounted on a support and a pad-holder comprising a substantially flat rectangular body member slidably mounted in said slot from horizontal position above the frame toa vertical suspended position in the frame, and opposed spaced tongue members made integral with said body and adapted to releasably clamp ascore padrthereon.

2. In a .deviceof H frame'adapted to be removably mounted on a support and comprising a portionhaving the class d c zscribed, a

frame adapted to be removably mounted on a support, and comprisinga portion having an elongated slot adapted to extend outwardly from said support and a pad-holder comprising-a substantially flat rectangular body member mounted in said slot for movement thereth'rough, said body having one side bent upon itself to form a laterally projecting rib of greater width than said slot, and a tongue member extending inwardly from said rib and spaced from the body to removablymaintaina score pad thereon.

' 4. In a' device of the class described, a

frame: adapted to be removably mounted on a support and comprlsing a portionihaving an elongated slotadapted to extend outwardly from said support and a pad-holder comprising a substantially fiat rectangular body membermounted in said slot for movement "therethrough, said body having opposed sides bent to form laterally projecting ribs of greaterwidth than said slot for preventing the removal'of the holder from the frame, and: opposed spaced tongue members made integral with saidbody intermediate said ribs, adapted to'releasably clamp a score pad thereon p 5. In a device of the class described, the combination witha table, of a frame adapted to-be-removablysecured,to the table in a plane below the, top thereof and a pad-hold- "ing memberslidably supported by the frame for movement from a horizontal position resting on the top of the table to a'vertical suspended'position at one side of the table.

7 6. In a device of the class described, the

' combination with a table, of a frame adapted to be removably secured to the table in a plane below the top thereof and'having a portion provided with an elongated slot adapted to extend outwardly from the table and a pad-holder comprising a substantially flat rectangular body member mounted in the slot for movement therethrough from a horizontal position resting on top of the table to avertical suspended position at one side of the table, and means associated with the body memberfor limiting the movement of the holder in said slot.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 21 day of September, 1931 ALAN R. HART.


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