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Publication numberUS1899841 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1933
Filing dateFeb 18, 1931
Priority dateFeb 18, 1931
Publication numberUS 1899841 A, US 1899841A, US-A-1899841, US1899841 A, US1899841A
InventorsAcken Raymond V
Original AssigneeAcken Raymond V
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Safety razor
US 1899841 A
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salar mzon Application filed February 18, 1931. Serial 1T0. 516,889.

This invention relates to improvements in safety razors and has for the primary object,

the provision of means for applying shaving soap or shaving cream to the face directly in advance of the cutting edge of the razor while in. the act of shaving to obviate the customary practice of first lathing the face with soap applied thereto or to a brush and rubhing the brush over the face many times to develop the lather. Another object of this invention is the provision of means forming part of the razor whereby shaving cream or soap may be applied to the face in a quantity desired and in advance of the cutting edge of the blade', that the cream or soap' will 'give the necessary lubricant to the heard or hair that the same will be easily severed when moving the razor across the face'in the customary manner of shaving.

A. further object of this invention is the V provision of the handle of the razor so constructed that shaving soap or cream may be stored therein and dispensed to the face as needed and in advance of the cutting edge of the blade.

A further object of this invention is the provision of means whereby the ordinary collapsible tube in which shaving cream-or soap now is sold in may be attached to the razor for. the purpose of dispensing-the soap or cream to the face while in the act. of shaving and which will provide the necessary handle for the razor. V

A still further object of this invention is the provision of a safety razor of the above stated character which will be simple, durable and eflicient and which may be manufactured and sold at acomparatively low cost.

With these and other objects in view, as will become more apparent as the description proceeds, this invention consists in certain novel features of construction. combination and arrangement to be hereinafter more fully described and claimed. For a complete understanding of my invention, reference is to be had to the following description and accompanying drawing,

in which Figure I1 is a fragmentary side elevation illustrating a safety razor constructed in accordance with my invention.

Flgure 2 is a sectional view taken on the line 22 of Figur'e'l.

Figure 3 is a top plan view illustrating the body of the holder for the blade.-

Figure 4 is a bottom plan view illustrating the same. V

Figure 5 is a sectional view illustrating a modified form of my invention ,wherein a specifically constructed handle is provided to receive shaving soap or cream.

Figure 6 is a perspective view'illustrating the tension means for maintaining the modified form of handle in its normal position. 65

Figure 7 is a fragmentary end elevation illustrating another modified form of my invention or means for applying the shaving soap or cream to the face in advance of the cutting edge of the blade.

Figure 8 is a. sectional view taken on the line'88 of Figure 7., i s

Figure 9 is a perspective view illustrating the attachment in the modified form of my Y invention shown in Figures 7 and 8.

Figure 10 is a perspective view, illustrating another modified form of my invention. Figure 11 is a plan View, illustrating the soap applying plate slotted to provide teeth.

Referring in detail to the drawing the nu- 30 I meral 1 indicates the body portion of the razor blade holder and has one face slightly offset to form a seat for the usual blade 2 and .of the type having cutting edges at the opposite side edges thereof. The body portion 1 5 along the side edges of the seat is provided with soap grooves 3 communicating with a plurality of spaces 4 formed by guard teeth 5. The teeth 5 project slightly beyond the side or active edges of the body portion 1 as clearly'shown inFigure 2. Soap passages 6 are formed in the body portion 1 and communicate at one of their ends with the grooves 3 intermediate the ends of the latter while the opposite ends of, the passages 6 extend through the body portion 1 to communicate with a passage 7 formed in a connecting member 8 which is provided with a centrally arranged screw-threaded socket to receive the screw threaded stem 9 formed integral with 199 the cap plate 10. The cap plate 10 'is of struction in which shaving soap or cream is now sold and when-applied tothe razor as clearly shown in Figure 2 with the passage 7 in communication with one of the passages 6, the shaving cream or soap may be forced into one of the grooves 3 and thence between the guard teeth 5 adjacent the respective groove 3 so that when the razor is drawn across the face in the act of shaving, the soap or cream will be applied to the face in advance of the cutting edge of the blade. After sufiicient soap or cream has been forced from the tube 14, the connecting member 8 may be rotated sufliciently to move the passage 7 out of registration with the passage 6 thereby closing or interrupting the flow of cream or soap to the body portion of the razor.

It is to be understood that a person first thoroughly washes the face leaving the face wet or extremely moist and the razor is then moved over the face in the ordinary manner applying a thin film of shaving cream or soap directly to the face in advance of the cutting edge of the blade. The soap or cream thus applied to the hair on the face provides a very efficient lubricant and as the hair is softened by the water or moisture, a very clean and smooth shave may be obtained, thereby obviating first lathering the face with soap, either applied directly thereto or by the customary practice of applying soap to a brush and rubbing the brush many times over the face in order to develop the lather.

Referring to my modified form of invention as shown in Figures 5 and 6 of the official drawing, the connecting member 15 is similar in construction to the connecting member 8 except the chamber 16 which communicates with the passage 7 is flared where it extends through the end of said connecting member 15 and the latter is grooved to receive the head 17 formed upon the tubular handle 18 constructed of rubber or any other material suitable for the purpose which will permit a person to squeeze or compress the by the customary practice of applying soap orcre-am contained therein outwardly therejfrom'through the passage 7 of the connecting ,member 15. The handle 18 is of suflicient rigidity that it will maintain a normal position as shown in Figure 5 when pressure or squeezing action thereon is discontinued and will provide an efficient handle for the razor.

- member 15.

Spaced tension members 19 are connected at one of their ends by a ring portion 20 and the tension members are arranged within the handle 18 with their free ends engaging in notches 21 formed in the connecting The tension members 19 are adapted to permit collapsing of the handle 18 when squeezed but will return the walls of the handle to their normal position when the pressure or squeezing action thereon is discontinued. As the handle 18 is constructed of rubber or similar material, sufficient elasticity is provided that the'handle may be easily removed from the connecting member 15 when it is desired to replenish the handle with shaving soap or cream.

Referring to mymodified form of invention as shown in Figures 7 to 9 inclusive, a safety razor of a conventional type is shown and is provided with a soap or cream applying plate 22, arcuately curved as shown 1n Figure 9 and is positioned between the body portion 23 and the handle 24. The plate 22 is provided with a central groove 25 to receive the usual bead 26 on the body portion 23 and is further provided with the openings 27 and 28 to receive the attaching stem 29 f and retaining lugs of the conventional type of razor. The plate 22 lies directly behind and against the body portion or guard 23 and thus shrouds the teeth of the guard on the back andprovides in conjunction with the teeth a series of adjacent shallow cells into which thesoft soap or shaving cream is wiped prior to beginning the shaving operation. The guard portion of the razor thus becomes charged with the soap or pream and applies it to the face in advance of the blade, as the razor is moved over theface in the operation of shaving.

In Figure 10 a similar plate 30 is shown and is adapted for use on any type of razor now in use either employing a single or double edgeblade for the purpose of applying soapor cream to the face. The plate 30 is provided with an opening 31 to receive the usual handle attaching stem of a razor and has slots 32 extending inwardly from the ends that the pins of any razor may pass through the plate, thereby rendering the plate 30 applicable to various types of safety razors. As shown in Figure 11 the plate 30 may have the side edges slotted to provide teeth 33.

While I have shown .and described the preferred embodiment of my'invention, it will be understood that minor changes may be made in the construction, combination and arrangement of my invention without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention, as claimed.

Having thus described my inventionfwhat I claim is: I

The combination with a safety razor including a cap plate and guard, bladeand handle in which the blade is secured between the ca plate and ard and these parts held assem led when t e handle is attached tothe cap plate, of a sup lemental plate interposed between the ban lo and the guard and conforming to the rear face of the latter where it contacts with the same, said plate extendin over the back faces of the teeth of the guar in contact with the same to shroud the latter and provide in conjunction with the teeth a plurality of closely related shallow cells for charging with cream or soap prior to beginnin the shaving operation.

In testimony w ereof I aflix my signature.


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International ClassificationB26B21/00, B26B21/44
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European ClassificationB26B21/44B