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Publication numberUS1900005 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1933
Filing dateNov 13, 1931
Priority dateNov 13, 1931
Publication numberUS 1900005 A, US 1900005A, US-A-1900005, US1900005 A, US1900005A
InventorsSeiichi Yasuda
Original AssigneeSeiichi Yasuda
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US 1900005 A
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S. YAS U DA March 7, I933.

PLAY BOARD Filed NOV. 13, 1931 m/ A/ B/ INVENTOR. Jez'za/az' yasu 0 a Bygmy 7" ATTORNEYS Patented Mar. 7, 1933 i i .umreu s'ra'ras eaten-T orsice snironi YASUDA, caesi m-mm I A rnnynonnn I Application filed. Nov ember 1 3 19 31. Seriat No. 574,776?

This invention relates to play boards and respond'ingjtoa rectangle in column 4,1,it has as its principal object to provide a debeing understood that the participant or parvice for playing interesting games. Another tici-pants inscribing their names. in eachfof object of the invention is to provide a device the respective rectangles indicatetheir guess 5 for playing games having some relation with as to the winning "team being the one indigames or sports enjoying great popularity. 'cated by the indicium opposite-their. names. A still further object is to. provide such a On the otheryhalf of the boardl there is device in which the results deciding the game a space 6 foriinse'rti ngthe .indicia. of the are revealed only by using a reagent incorsupposed winningteams and another space porated in the device for causing an inv1s- 7 "for insert'ng' therein the supposed scores 60 ible ink indicium to become visible. or proportionate winning results of the With these and other objects, which will teams. As illustrated in the drawing, as an hereinafter appear, in view, the invention example, the teams A and D are the winners consists inproviding a board with. indicia and their respective scores are 3:2. Both 7 to indicate different playing units, such as the indicia and the score figures are printed baseball teams, and preferably illustrations in invisible ink, either on the board itself ofplayers of the game or sport, alongside or on replaceable attachments. Between these indicia, blank spaces for inserting the these, there is attached a reagent-carrier such names of the participants of the game, in as illustrated at Sin the shape of a cup which, juxtaposition with the particular playing when touched to the characters in invisible units believed by the respective participant ink, causes them to become visible. or participants to be the winners and, pref- Itwill be apparent from the foregoing deerably on a separated portion of the board, scription, that the participants in the game spaces or attachments on which the names first inscribe their names opposite the indicia of the winningteams and their scores, reindicating the teams which they, respectivespectively, are inscribed with invisible ink, ly, believe to be the winners, whereafter the together with a reagent which, on application invisible characters are made visible to disto the invisible characters, will cause them close the result or correctness of guess of the to become visibleand thereby decide the relarespective participants. I 3o tive standing of the participants as to cor- It i d t d th t thi game may b 3 rectness of their guessing the result. played as a simulation of baseball or any Be fe1eI1Ce w now b had to the q other sport and that other changes may be p y g dralflngythe smglefigure of Whlch made in the device as illustrated and de- 3 1S Perspectlve V 9 one Preferred scribed, without departing from the princi bodlment lnventlonv 1 ples of the invention as set forth in the claims In the draw ng, a play board 1 made of hereunto appended. cardboard or similar materlal 1s scored as at I claim: 1 d up when not m use and 18 thereby i 1. A play board comprising a board proper, 40 dwlded Into two aqua; fi i d 1 th acolumn of indicia on said board, a column I On the first half 0 t e QM e of blank spaces in juxtaposition with said i left hand margin thereof, lllustrations of d t at h d ther in baseball players 3 are provided to indicate m 0 3"? z th e a the supposed nature of the game. Next therenames 0 t 6 Pa 101mm S 0 3 9 to a column of indicia such as A, B,C etc. is gl red g fi lv Characters rp 5 provided in rectangles such as 4,intowhich lflvlslble 111k on Sud b a pt to the name of the supposed team may be in- Cheat? PPP Q m e e P' ff f serted. Next to this column there is a column 'S 111 lnvlslble 111k g t of blank rectangles 5 for the inscription posed scores of the winners, respectively, therein of the names of the participants of and means on said board when applied to 50 the game, each rectangle in the column 5 corthe characters for causing said characters n invisible ink to become visible by a chemical reaction therewith.

2. A play board comprising a board proper, illustrations of players of a game on said 5 board, adapted to symbolize the game to be played on said board, a column of indicia on said board, each of said indicia being enclosed in a rectangle in which the name of the team designated by each respective indicium may be inscribed, a column of blank rectangles alongside said first mentioned column, adapted to have inscribed therein the names of the participants of the game played on said board, in juxtaposition with the respective indicia believed by each participant to designate the Winning teams, removable tabs adapted to be secured to said board, carrying characters in invisible ink for determining the Winning team and their respective scores and a chemical'rea'gent carried on said board, adapted to make said characters visible when applied thereto.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification. 7 SEIICHI YASUDA.

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U.S. Classification273/138.1, 434/328
International ClassificationA63F9/18
Cooperative ClassificationA63F9/18
European ClassificationA63F9/18