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Publication numberUS1901243 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1933
Filing dateJan 17, 1930
Priority dateJan 17, 1930
Publication numberUS 1901243 A, US 1901243A, US-A-1901243, US1901243 A, US1901243A
InventorsHorwitt Paul H
Original AssigneeMenasha Products Company
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US 1901243 A
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lhis invention relates to a dispenser and more particularly to a device for dispensing folded articles, such as napkins, toilet paper, towels, and the like. The more common type of dispensers for folded paper napkins for use in restaurants, and the like, is a cabinet which is adapted to be placed upon the top-of a table or counter. A dispenser of the cabinet type, while in general satisfactory, is often unsightly in appearance and is subject to the disadvantage that it may be easily moved from its normal position or even knocked off from the supporting table or bench onto the floor.

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a dispensing device of the builtin type that may be inconspicuously mounted in the front wall of a table, counter, bench,

or the like, in a place convenient to the user.

It isa further important object of this invention to provide a dispenser for folded articles and more particularly paper napkins wherein the container for the folded ar# ticles may be bodily removed from the supporting frame of the dispenser by releasing a normally concealed catch or lock. I

It is a. further important object of this invention to provide in a dispenser a drawer that is readily removable therefrom and that is in the shape of a scoop to facilitate the refilling of the drawer.

Other andfurther important objects 0f this invention'will become apparent from the disclosures in the specification and the accompanying drawing.

This invention (in a preferred form) is illustrated in the drawing and hereinafter more fully described.

On the drawing:

Figure 1 isa fragmentary front elevational view of a table, bench, counter, or the like, showing a. dispenser embodying the principles of my invention mounted in the front wall thereof.

Figure 2 is a top plan View of the dispenser as a separate unit.

Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken substantially on line III-,III of Figure 2, witlrthe drawer partially removed to show its operation.

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 2,

wall of the dispenser is substantially flush' with the wall 11 of the table and the articles to be dispensed, in this case folded napkins 13, may be readily removed through a dispensing window 14 pose.

The dispenser 12 comprises a casing l5 and a drawer 16 normally positioned within said casing 15 but removable outwardly therefrom through a front opening 17 in said casing 15.. The casing 15 is of generally rectangular cross section and is suitablyk formed from stamped sheet metal. The body portion of the casing 15 may suitably be formed of a single sheet bent to provide a bottom wall 18, side walls 19 and 20, and relatively narrow flanges 21 and 22 ex- 23 is riveted or otherwise secured to the provided for the pur-- body of the casing. The bottom wall 18 is provided with a downwardly extending flange 24 and the flanges 21 and 22 are similarly provided with upwardly extending flanges 25 yand 26, all lying inthe same plane and adapted to be secured to a plate 27 that forms the ornamental front of the casing. When positioned in place, the front wall 27 of the casing is adapted to lie against the front wall l1 of the supporting table or other structure. 4

The drawer l-is of such shape and size as to be slidable within the casing 15. Said drawer 16 is further preferably made in the form of a scoop, open at its top and back end. A front wall 28 is brazedor otherwise secured to the body portion of the its forward end as drawer 16, said wall 28 being provided with a dispensing window 29 through which the articles, in this case napkins, may be readily withdrawn. Outwardly curved flanges 3() and 31 are provided along the top and bottom marginal edges of said window 29 to facilitate the withdrawal of the folded napkins without causing them to catch or tear. Although the napkins 13 here illustrated are rectangular in shape and provided with rectangular shaped tabs or ends 32 for grasping by the user, it will be understood that other forms of folded napkins may be used and that the shape and design of the dispensing window 29 may be varied accordingly.

An expansible means, indicated as a whole by the reference numeral 33, is provided within the casing 15 for urging the napkins 13 toward the front end of the drawer 16. Said expansible means 33 comprise a pair of springs 34 and 35 each formed from separate bands of spring metal joined together at their ends as at 36 in zigzag fashion, the rear end of the springs being secured as at 37 and 38 to the rear wall 23 of the casing 15. The front ends of the springs 34 and 35 are secured to a plate 39 of substantially the same dimensions as the inner dimensions of the drawer 16. It is thus apparent that the normal tendency of the springs 34 and 35 is to push the plate 39 against the stack of napkins 13 to urge the napkins toward the'front end of the dispenser. In order to prevent the plate 39 from being forced out of the open end of the casing 15 when the drawer 16 is removed, a chain 40 is secured thereto, as at 41 and 42 and to the rear wall 23 of the casing 15 as at 43. The length of the chain 40 is such thatit prevents forward movement of the plate 39 beyond the end of the casing 15.. v i

Means are provided for releasably retaining the drawer 16 within the casing 15 and these means suitably take the form of cooperative members 45 and 44 secured to the inside ofthe front wall 28 of the drawer 16 and to a plate 46 extending across the top of the casing 15, respectively. The member 45 comprises an angle piece secured as at 47 to the wall 28 on the inside thereof and provided with an upturned iange 48. The member 44 comprises a plate loosely secured to the plate 46 by means of rivets 49 and provided with a downturned flanged edge 50 for engaging the upturned flanged edge 48 of the member 45. The rivets, or headed members 49 extend through enlarged openings 51 (Figure 5) in the member 44 to permit said member 44 to be tilted upwardly at shown in dott-ed lines. In operation, the drawer pulled outwardly aft-er rst releasing the cooperating locking members 44 and 45 by 16 may thus be`- inserting a finger inside the dispensing window 29 and raising the member 44 until the cooperating flanges 48 and 50 are disengaged.

One of the principal advantages of a. dispenser of the type described is that it can 4 be conveniently located in a position readily accessible to the user of the articles to be dispensed while at the same time being Ninconspicuous and out of the way. It 1s also an advantage to be able to remove the drawer completely from the casing and use it as a scoop to refill the dispenser. The normally concealed locking device prevents unauthorized tampering with the dispenser.

I am aware that many changes may be made and numerous details of construction may be varied through a wide range without departing from the principles of this invention, and Itherefore, do not purpose limiting the patent granted hereon otherwise than necessitated by the prior art. Y

I claim as my invention: l

In a dispenser, a casing having a rear wall, a follower plate, spring means to urge said plate towards the front of said casing, and means to limit forward movement of said plate, said limitingmeans comprising a chain anchored at the middle thereof on a hook centrally positioned onsaid rear plate and having the two, ends thereof secured, respectively, to points adjacent thel upper end lower margins of said plate.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. V


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European ClassificationA47K10/42D2