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Publication numberUS1901583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1933
Filing dateAug 12, 1929
Priority dateAug 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1901583 A, US 1901583A, US-A-1901583, US1901583 A, US1901583A
InventorsConway John J
Original AssigneeAcme Shear Company
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Shipping and display cabinet for shears
US 1901583 A
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` March 14, 1933. J. J` CONWAY ,1,901,583


This invention relates to a device for shipping and displaying shears or like articles, and has for an object to provide a dlsplay cabinet that may receive and display shears '5 or like articles in an attention attracting manner, and to provide such a cabinet that may securely grip the contained articles yet permit-them to be withdrawn without undue effort.

A further object of this invention is to provide a means for ship'ping the cabinet with the articles placed therein in display formation, whereby the storekeeper receiving the same need only remove the container used when shipping and the cabinet is ready with its articles in display formation to be placed on exhibition to the customers.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a closed display cabinet so constructe'd that the entire article may be displayed,

and to provide a shelf therein having spaced openings in vertical alignment with correspondingly spaced openings in the cabinet top to receive the articles, to provide means in said openings to grip the sides of the articles and to provide recesses in the top openings to permit the passage of projections in the sides of the articles, such as the pivoting bolt or rivet in a pair of shears.

With the foregoing and other Objects in view, this invention consists in certain combinations, constructions and arrangements of parts as set forth, disclosed and claimed in the following specification taken in considera- D- tion with the accompanying drawing.

In this drawing: Fig. 1 is a front elevation of 011e embodiment of the display cabinet and contained articles therein placed in the opened shipping container, with the container cover broken away. I

Fig. 2 is a partly broken section on line 2 2 of Fig. 1, the container being closed.

Fig. 3 is a section of the cabinet, per se broken section on There is shown at 10 a closed display cabinet made of heavy paper, cardboard, pasteboard or the like material, the sides and edges being overlapped and pasted as at 11. Within the cabinet 10 and spaced between the top 12 and the bottom 13 is placed a transverse shelf 14 made of similar material, and it may be supported by legs 15 pasted to the inner sides of the cabinet. The cabinet as shown is used to hold and display shears 9 or scissors, but it will be understood that other similar articles could be so held and displayed, and as here shown, is of a size to display at dozen pairs of shears. Accordingly, a dozen spaced openings 16 are formed in the shelf ltand a dozen correspondingly spaced openings 17 are formed in the cabinet top 12, the corresponding openings 16 and 17 being in vertical alignment. Each of the openings 16 and 17 are formed with short tongues 18 projecting from the ends and each pair of shears is intended to be inserted through a pair of vertically aligned openings 16 and 17 to thereby hold the shears in upright positionwhen the cabinet stands on the lower end 13, the

tongues 18 being bent downwardly as the shears are inserted, as shown in Fig. 5, to grip the edges of the shears andprevent them from shaking in the cabinet, or from getting loose when the cabinet and shears are being shipped. If the tongues 18 are relatively short, they are stiffer and have a greater holding effect than when they are relatively long. -It is to be understood that while the drawing shows a tongue at each end of the because the rivet or screw 19 will come to rest above the shelf, as is apparent in Fig. 2.

When on display, the handles of the shears will project above the top wall 12 of the cabinet and thus be visible to the prospective purchaser. To increase the display, the cabinet front 20 may have a design cut therein 'to permit the contained parts of the shears to be visible. As shown in Fig. 1, the design may be cut into the shape of the contained arti# cles, that is, a pairof shears, thereby serving to aid in catching the eye of the prospective purchaser, or as shown at 22, Fig. 6 however, 4the design may be any other or fanciful design and preferably it should permit the blades to be visible, and especially the trans- .verse shelf 14 and the openings therein to facilitate the insertion of the shears in the cabinet.

In shipping, the cabinet 10 and the contained articles are intended to be enclosed in a carton or shipping box 23 having a folding cover or closure 24, which is of such size that the cabinet and projecting handles will fit in the enclosing carton, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. When in this carton, the shears will be held in place in the cabinet in display forma.- tion so that when the storekeeper receives them, he has only to remove the cabinet from the carton, whereupon he may place the cabinet with lthe shears on display on his counter. It will also be noted from Fig. .2 that when the 'cabinet is in the shipping carton, the shears'are each held firmly by the walls 12 and 14 in spaced relation from the other shears so that they are effectively .pro-

' tected against breakage should they be subj ected to rough handling. They are also spaced from the side walls of the container insuring still further protection.

Thus it will be seen that this invention provides a novel means for displaying shears or like articles in an attractive manner and a means whereb the cabinet may be safely shipped with t e shears already placed theres in 1n display formation and elfectivel prgtected against injury without the use of, other packing means.

Having thus set forth and disclosed the invention, what is claimed is: o

1. In a de ,'cel of the rcharacter described for shipping and displaying shears, a `closed cabinet open at the front, a shelf fixed in said cabinet spaced below the top wall and tially rectangular parallel spaced openings l to position and dis lay the shears with their handles in paralle planes, and short ton e means at the ends of said openings yelda le downwardly when shears are inserted in the openings to grip the edges of the shears to retain them against longitudinal movement.

l2. In a device of the character described, a display cabinet for shears, a shelf in said cabinet, spaced below the top wall and above the bottom wall, the top wall and shelf bein provided with a plurality of vertically a gned spaced substantially rectangular openings to receive the blades of the shears, s ort resilient tongues projecting from the ends of the openings yieldable downwardly when shears are inserted in the openings to grip the edges.

of the shears and retain t em against longitudinal movement, the sides of the openings in the cabinet top being recessed between the tonguesl to permit the passage of projecting heads of the shear blade pivots.

3. ,In a device of the character described for shipping and displaying shears, a closed cabinet having a plurality of spaced substantially rectangular openings in its top wall, a shelf fixed in said cabinet between the top wall and bottom wall having spaced openings in alignment with the o enings in said top to receive the blades of t e shears to be displayed, and a resilient tab at one end of each opening in the to wall yieldable downwardly to grip one e ge of the shears-when the shears are inserted in the opening and retain them against upwardrdis acement.

4.' In a deviceof the c aracter described for displaying and shipping shears, a vclosed cabinet having a top wall provided with a plurality of oblong o nings-arran d to receive the Shanks of t e shears an position and hold them so that the handles of the shears are di layed in substantially parallel relation and t erefore are all visible, from one side of the cabinet, and a shelf xed in the cabinet between the top and bottom walls and having openings in alignment with the openings in t e to wall to receive the blades of the shears an hold them in upright position, edges of the openings in one of said members beingy provided with resilient tabs yieldable downwardly when shears are inserted in the openings to grip the shears and hold them against upward displacement.

5. In a device of the character described for displaying and shipping shears, a cabinet having a plurality of spaced oblong openin s in its to wall to receive and hold the shanls of the s ears, said openings being arranged in substantially parallel relation so as to position the shears and dis lay the handles in parallel relation so that t ey are all visible from one position, a resilient tab at one side of each opening yieldable downwardly to Leonesa grip the shears when they are inserted in the openin and retain them in the o nings, and a s elf in said cabinet spaced be ow said top wall and above the bottom wall having a plurality of spaced openings, the openings in the shelf being in allgnment with the o nings in the top to receive ths blades o the shears to be dlsplayed and hold them in upht position.

n testimony whereof I afiix m si ature.


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