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Publication numberUS1901861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1933
Filing dateFeb 20, 1932
Priority dateFeb 20, 1932
Publication numberUS 1901861 A, US 1901861A, US-A-1901861, US1901861 A, US1901861A
InventorsBaker Ida S
Original AssigneeBaker Ida S
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Artist's kit
US 1901861 A
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I. S. BAKER ARTIST 5 KIT March 21, 1933.

Filed Feb. 20, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 l. S. BAKER ARTISTS KIT March 21, 1933.

Filed Feb. 20, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 iw i2 Patented Mar. 21, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ARTIST S KIT Application filed February 20, 1932. Serial No. 594,341.

This invention relates-to an' artists kit or cabinet and comprehends an equipment to facilitatethe creation and reproduction of artistic work in connection withtransparencies for use in projection work.

The cabinet is designed primarily to carry out educational or instructive work, particularly where pictorial representations accom pany printed or written matter. In preparing this work for projection purposes, the pictorial matter must be transferred from the original: or copy to a transparency, the transparency then colored and afterwards applied to a projecting machine for display upon a screen in enlarged form. The kit of thepresent invention embodies means whereby the pictorial matter may be quickly and easily transferred to the transparency and properly colored and otherwise completed '20 for projection purposes.

The invention contemplates the structure hereafter fully described and claimed and particularly illustrated in the drawings wherein Fig. 1 is a perspective view, parts broken away, of a cabinet or kit involving the invention and showing the same in position or con dition it will assume ready for use.

Fig. 2 is a similar View showing the cabinet in closed position,

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken substantially upon line 33' of Fig. 1, and

Fig. i is a similar view taken on line l -4 of Fig. 1, with the palette applied to the top.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, the cabinet in the present instance is of substantially rectangular or box-like shape of a size suffioient to accommodate the materials and supplies usually employed in operations'of the character concerned. This cabinet, represented generally at 5, includes an adjustable top 6 preferably connected as by hinges 7 to the rear edge of the upper part of the cabinet. This top may include a depending apron represented at 8, and the brace 9 of familiar construction maintains the top firmly in open position. The top is provided with a cut-out or open ng, indicated generally at 10, and a slot 11 1n the apron communicates with the lateral edges of the said opening. The lateral edges of the opening 10 are defined by parallel guide bars or rails 12 secured in any pre ferred manner upon the inner face of the top 6, while a channel member 13 constitutes a stop defining the lower edge of the said opening 10. g The front of the cabinet comprises a panel- 14 connected by hinges 35 at its lower edge near the lower end thereof. This panel cor- 80 responds substantially with the height and breadth of the cabinet. The said panel is so connected to the cabinet that when let down to extended position it will be disposed substantially horizontal and constitutes. a drawing board or work surface. The inner face of this panel is equipped with guide rails 15- to properly receive, center and hold an original or copy sheet 16 of a size requisite for the work contemplated. The guide rails also receive and hold a transparency, such as a glass pane 18 corresponding substan tially to the size of the sheet 16.

The kit also includes a palette represented at 19. This palette is of rectangular formand maybe made of any desirable or suitable material, being of a lengthsubstantially corresponding to the breadth of the top 6 so as to fit between the front and rear aprons I 8 of the said top. Turn-buttons 20 or other 30 securing elements are arranged upon the inner face of the top to engage opposite edges of the palette and to hold the latter firmly against the rails 12 upon the interior of the top when the palette is'not in use, thus securely holding the palette and also adequately closing the opening 10 in the top. j The interior of the cabinet 5 is provided with racks, compartments or recessesfor the accommodation of variousmaterials for use in reproduction work contemplated. For instance, a longitudinally disposed partition 21 has associated therewith lateral partitions 22, dividing a part of the area of the cabinet into three compartments, one of which may receive blank or clean transparent plates 18, another retaining drawing paper or originals 23 While the third accommodates finished or completed transparent plates or additional clean plates. The base of the cabinet, between the partition 21 and the front of the cabinet, is provided with sockets or recesses 24 for the accommodation of bottles or jars 25 of coloring materials, while the kit also includes places for bottles containing cleaning fluid 26 and a solvent 27 for use in the reproduction work. The said bottom is also channeled or recessed as at 28 to accommodate brushes for applying the various colors, while 29 represents pans to contain the cleaning fluid and solvent necessary in the painting operation. \Vhen not in use, these pans, after bein cleaned, may be inverted and positioned upon the upper ends of the jars or bottles 25.

In the reproduction work here contemplated the original or copy to be reproduced upon transparency is positioned upon the drawing board with its edges properly ad justed to the right angular rails 15. A margin of proper width is made upon the copy, whereupon a plate of a size corresponding to the copy sheet is cleaned and placed down flat upon the work to be reproduced. By the aid of a fine pointed brush and black ink, the outline of the copy is reproduced on the transparency, whereupon the transparency is removed from the drawing board and inserted in the slot 11 of the top constituting the easel. The body of the picture will be interposed properly over the opening 10, so that light will pass through the transparency. When thus properly positioned upon the easel, the desired colors from the jars 25 are applied to the transparency to properly color the same. The tones of these colors and the density desired in projection will be governed by the artist, and by reason of the particular manner of mounting the transparency this may be easily and accurately governed. While the foregoing describes the reproduction of pictorial representations, it will be understood that other matter may be with equal facility reproduced, such for instance as lettering, scroll work or other designs.

By the use of the cabinet constructed and equipped in the manner stated, it is obvious that with the exercise of but a limited amount of artistic talent attractive reproductions on glass or other transparencies may be very readily made. The kit or cabinet is so constructed as to properly house and retain the various materials and supplies incident to such reproduction work, and maintains such materials and Surplus against danger of breakage, spilling or derangement. The cabinet is equipped with fasteners 30 to hold the top securely in closed position, while the handle 31 enables the cabinet to be easily and conveniently carried about.

Having thus described my invention, I claim 1. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top normally closing said top and capable of being held in an adjusted position at an angle to said cabinet, a front section on said cabinet forming a drawing board when in open position, and compartments in said cabinet for the accommodation of artists materials.

2. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top constituting an easel hinged to said top, a front hinged at its lower end to said cabinet capable of swinging forward to horizontal position,

and compartments in said cabinet for the accommodation of artists materials.

3. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top hinged at its rear edges to the upper corresponding edge of said cabinet, a front hinged at its lower edge to the bottom portion of said cabinet, and means on said front and on said top for the reception of materials.

4. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top adj ustably carried by said cabinet, said top having an opening therein, and a palette removably secured to the inner face of said top and coveringsaid opening.

5. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top hinged to said cabinet, said top having an opening therein, a palette arranged upon the inner face of said top and covering said opening, and clamps on said top to engage and removably hold said palette in position.

6. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top hinged to said cabinet, said top having an opening therein, a palette of a length substantially equal to the breadth of said top arranged upon the inner face of the latter and covering said opening, and turnbuttons on said to engaging said palette to removably hol the same in position.

7. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top for said cabinet having an opening therein, guides on the inner face of said top adjacent the edges of said opening, and a stop on said top near the lower edge of said opening.

' 8. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a top for said cabinet having an opening therein, the said top having a slot in one edge adjacent to said opening, guides on the inner face of said top adjacent the lateral edges of said opening, and a stop on said top near the lower edge of said opening.

9. In an artists kit, a cabinet, a front leaf hinged at its lower edge to said cabinet near the lower end thereof, means on said leaf and cabinet for holding the former in closed position, and a rack on the inner face of said leaf for the accommodation of artists materials.

10. In an artists kit, a cabinet, top and front members hinged to said cabinet, a rack on said cabinet to accommodate artists supplies, said top comprising an easel and hav ing an opening therein, a rack adjacent to said opening, means on said front to receive and hold artists materials, a palette and means on said top to hold said palette over said opening.

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto afiixed my signature.


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International ClassificationB44D3/04
Cooperative ClassificationB44D3/04
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