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Publication numberUS1903681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 11, 1933
Filing dateMay 23, 1932
Priority dateMay 23, 1932
Publication numberUS 1903681 A, US 1903681A, US-A-1903681, US1903681 A, US1903681A
InventorsReuben Merliss
Original AssigneeReuben Merliss
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US 1903681 A
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April 11, 1933. R MERLISS 1,993,681

SYRINGE Filed May 23, 1932 i m 5 L INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented Apr. 11, 1933 UNITED STATES NT FFICE REUBEN MERLISS, OF DETROIT, .MI CHIGAN SYRINGE Application filed May 23, 1932. Serial No. 613,115.

clamped to the collar of a toilet bowl, so that a person may have the nozzle facing the subject that uses it and by moving herself on the nozzle and pressing against the stopper of said syringe the canal having received the l the lower curved face 6 conforming to the curvature of the upper surface of the collar nozzle will become completely sealed and whatever medicine is introduced may remain within the canal as long as may be required, the medicine being delivered through the nozzle by pressure exerted from a compressible bulb of the syringe.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a syringe of this character whereln medicine can be introduced into the vaginal canal of a female with resultant stretching of its membrane and reaching in all crevices when the solution achieves its object and thus thoroughly clean and treat the parts without undue discomfort or displeasure to the user. A further object of the invention is the provision of a syringe of this character, wherein the construction thereof is novel and the use assured with dispatch and without displeasure or discomfort to a user.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a syringe of this character, which is extremely simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and eificient in its operation, usable when in sitting position, readily and easily worked, strong, durable, attachable to the basin collar of a lavatory, and inexpensive to manufacture.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists in the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described in detail, illustrated in the accompanying drawing, which discloses the preferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a side elevation of the syringe- .constructed in accordance with the invention. Figure 2 is a verticalsectional view with stop .17 of the base.

the syringe mounted .upon the collar ofthe basin :of a lavatory.

fi-S'imilar reference characters indicate-corresponding parts throughout the several views in the drawing.

.Referring to the drawing'in detail, A designates generally the syringe constituting the present invention and 1B the collar .of the basin of a lavatory with whichasaid syringe is applicable. v

The syringe A comprises a base .5 :having B,Wl1 ll6'tl1e-Sl(l67 of said base is inclined and "formed with an externally threaded nipple 8.

To this nipple is applied a detachable nozzle 9 having a perforated head or cap 10 at its outer end which is formed with a chamber 1l merg'ing into a-central bore .12. At the polnt of merger of the chamber and bore is a valve seat 13 for the normal seating of a ball check valve v1 1 to prevent back flow of fluid. a

The base is formed with ,a passage 15 opening through the nipple 8 at its .outer end, while the opposite end opens through a threaded socket 16 centrally formed in the Rising vertically fromthe base 5 is acompressible bulb 18 having the coupling .19 detachably engaged in the :socket l6 and this bulb constitutes additionally a container for the liquid medicine to be used in the syringe, the bulb being provided with a removable filling cap 20 so that the liquid or solution can be introduced into the bulb for the filling of the same.

The nasal or nozzle 9 has removably fitted thereon a soft rubber stopper 21 having the guard flange 22 and this stopper functions to close the mouth of the vagina when the nasal or nozzle: 9 is inserted in its canal so as to close the said mouth, the liquid or solution being forced under pressure from the bulb 18 by compressing the same through the pasi5 sage 15, bore 12 and chamber 11 past the valve 14 and then discharged by the head or cap 10 to the part to be treated, the valve 14 being adapted to prevent back flow of such liquid or solution, and becomes unseated on the entrance of the latter into the chamber 11 of the nasal or nozzle 9.

The base 5 has connected therewith a wire clamp or jaw 23 to detachably fasten the syringe in place on the collar B of the basin of a lavatory.

In the use of the syringe the person or user occupies the lavatory basin by assuming a sitting position with the subject to be treated facing the nozzle 9, and by moving herself onto the latter and pressing against the stopper 21 the canal having the nozzle 9 therein becomes completely sealed and whatever medicine is introduced may remain therein as long as may be required. The medicine is introduced when the bulb18 is compressed and causes a stretching of the membrane, reaching in all crevices. When the medicine achieves its object the user moves backward and all waste drops into the lavatory basin. By releasing the pressure on the bulb 18 the medicine cannot be drawn into the latter as the valve 14 prevents back flow of the fluid.

What is claimed is A syringe of the character described comprising a base formed with a lower curved face conforming to the curvature of an upper surface of a lavatory collar and an inclined side provided with an externally threaded nipple, a nozzle threaded with said nipple and having a perforated head at its outer end, said nozzle being formed with a chamber next to the head and merging into a central bore, a valve seat located at the merger of the chamber and bore, a ball check valve engageable with said seat to prevent back flow of fluid through the bore, said base being formed with a passage opening through the top thereof and an inclined side to meet the bore in the nozzle, a compressible bulb container supported by the base and communicating with the passage therein, and

.a wire clamp hinged to the base and having a j aw to detachably engage the collar for the mounting of the base at rest thereon.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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