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Publication numberUS1904572 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1933
Filing dateFeb 5, 1931
Priority dateFeb 5, 1931
Publication numberUS 1904572 A, US 1904572A, US-A-1904572, US1904572 A, US1904572A
InventorsClarence D Trussell
Original AssigneeTrussell Mfg Co
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Loose leaf binder and holder for writing implements
US 1904572 A
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April-18, 1933- c. D. TRUSSELL 1,904,572





comm, OI rouemnrsm, NEW YORK, A CORPORATION 01 m LOOSE LIA! BINDER AID KOLDEB TOR WRITING m I Application m min 5, m1. lerial Io. 513,506;

v the holder and an inserted writing implement may lie within the space between the inner ed es of sheets of aper held by the rings.

still further ject of the invention is to provide the ring mechanism of the looseleaf binder with a cover-plate having slots or ope therein adapted to receive the clip or clipshy means of which a holder for a writing implement may be detachably at tached to the metal structure of the binder.

When used in combination with a looseleaf hinder the holder provides a satisfactory means whereby a lead pencil, fountain n or other writing implement'may be securedto the back of the binder' ready for use when it is opened. When the binder is closed the holder and the inserted writing implement are housed in the space within the ring structure between the inner edges oft the sheets of paper held by the rings and the hack of the binder so as to be thoroughly protected. As soon as the binder is reopened the writin implement is readily accessible for use. tmightalso be inserted and withdrawn from t e end of the binder while closed. 1 r k In the accompanying drawing illustrating preferred forms of the invention- 4 Figure 1 discloses the inside of. an opened binder having a holder embodying the invention mounted upon the cover-plate of the.

ring mechanism."

Fig. 2 is a fragmenta View of a rtion ,of the cover-plate for t e ring mec amsm having a slot therein of the preferred form to provide for the attachment of the holding element for the writing implement.

mechanism Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of' one of the holding elements, the section being taken along the line 3-3 of Fig. 4.

1g. 4 is a transverse sectional view of the holder and the ring mechanism on which it is mounted, the section being taken along the line 44 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 5 illustrates a holder embodyin the invention as cut from a flat plate in rea mess to be bent to a curved form adapted for attachment to a mounting plate.

Fig. 6 illustrates parts of a ring mechanism in cross-section and a holder embod ing the invention as compressed between t e fingers ready to be inserted in an opening in the cover-plate of the rin mechanism, the normal curvature of the holder before Ipemg compressed being illustrated in broken mes.

Fig. 7 illustrates a holding element of the form of the ones disclosed'in ,Fig. 1, the element being shown in the fiat ready to be bent to its curved form. I

Fig. 8 is a longitudinal sectional view through the holder illustrated in Fig. 7 after.

it has been bent toits finaLform and inserted in amounting plate.

Fig. 9 is a longitudinal section similar to Fig. 8, except that it shows the parts as viewed in the opposite direction.

Flg. 10 is a face view of a modified form f cover-plate for the ring structure of the binder with the invention applied thereto in.

an alternative formconsis'ting of spring fingers which are integral with the plate.

Fig. 11 is sin-end View of the cover-plate and holder illustratedin Fig. 10.

In Fig. l'is illustrated an opened looseleaf binder having covers and a rin structure 21 including the usual rings 22 an rounding the clips.

In Figs. .3, 5 and 6 of the invention embodied in a holder comprising a single holding element. In'Fig s. 7, 8 and 9. the invencover-plates23. 1 A pair of holding elements tion is illustrated in e form which is most effective if two holding elements ere used, mounted n tandem relation as indicated in Fig. 1. Figs, 2 end i ere ty representative or either EGlm of the invention.

Referring first to the form oi invention illustrsted in Figs. 3 .5 end 6, the holder may comprise n sheet ornoetel 27 having fingers 28,. which he reedily struck irom the body portion of the structure, end fingers 2% which may extended from one oi? its ed .7 en. The ends oi the plots may he cut to suim. is form to provide holding clips till, 81. The

clips 3@ ill he bent into a", hookshspe respect to the body oi the strnc= ture, es nest indicnted in h1g8, 4; end fiend the body portion niey he bent to a curved form with the endssepornmd, indiceted in broken lines in Fig. 6. The holder thus shown. This disposition of the clips enehles formed rney be inserted in the covenplete 23 of the hinder or in eny other suitololynper tured mounting plate by bending the strnc ture into n ring-like form, as indice wd in Fig. 6, then inserting'the clips in the, open ture in the piste, and permitting them to expend, after "which the holder will he held in engagement with sdj scent portions of the mounting plate, es indicated in Fig. l.

The fingers 28 may be bent inwerdly end their ends gently curved ontvverdly so es to provide fingers adopted for frictional engegement with the .Writing implent to he held in the holder. By making these fingers of suitslole length the holder may be ndepted to receive implements verying' in size are much as the sire of on ordinery fountain pen difi'ers from that of as lead pencil.

' in order that the holder mey be inserted in s slot o iniinimum Width, the clips 30, ill

at the opposite ends of the holder may he so disposed es to be in e steggered reletlon es them to be moved into nli n no es indicated in Fig. 6, so that the Width of the slot 26 need not be materially greaterv than the letersl Width of one oi the clips.

As a means of more firmly attaching the holding element to the plate in which it is mounted, the wells at either or both sides of the slot 26 may he provided with inwardlyextending lugs 32, 33, as best indicated in Fig. 2, in "which case the clips .31 may be re cessed as st 3% to cooperate with the lugs 32 end the clip 30 should be provided with s slot 351:0 cooperate with the lug 33. The interengaging relation between the lugs of the walls of the slot end the perforation and re cesses in the ends of the holding element when theholder is tteched to the mounting plate is best indicated in Figs. 3, 8. end 9.. If two of the holding rings are to be used, as indicated in Fig. 1, they may be con structed in the form illustrated in Figs/7, 8 s and 9, having but one set of fingers 28, the

fingers 29 bemg omitted. It will be eppar seed ent, however, that either ring me he provided with fin ers like fingers 28 o Fig. 5 or i having as cover-plate provided with e; slot or opening edepmd to receive as holder for e Writing in'iplenient is of itself regarded as on imports-int lieeture of the invention, irrespective of the specific nsture of holder which may he mounted on the oints, Forexemple,

s fountain pen or pencil provided with the intnrned spring oh by which the pencil or pen may be secure to the upper edge oi e pocket may he readily secured to the coverplete of the ring structure loy inserting the clip in the not so and drawing the pencil and clip in on endwise direction so that the clip will engege the under side of the piste. The slotted cover-plots will, therefore, he loroedly claimed es en importent denture of the invention herein disclosed.

In s. it) end 111. is illustreted e, modified form or the invention in which the holder comprises resilient fingers 36 which rney be struck up from the cover-plate 23 with them llllil free ends in opposite directions end loent to en appropriate form to permit the Writing implen'ient to he either snepped into or holding relotion from the front or inserted endvvise,

The invention is not intended to be limited to the specific forms in which it has been herein illustrated end described, but should he rcgerded es covering modifications end verietions thereof Within the scope of the eppended cleirnsv 4 What is cleied is l. lhe cornhinetion, with e loose-lest hinder of which the ring mechanism has e covenplste provided with on opening,'oi aholder for o, writing implement, heving e readily detachable, resilient ottnching moons adopted to be inserted in said opening and held clipped to the odjocent port of said plate lay its elasticity.

e. The combination, defined by claim 1, of

which the holder and its attaching means comprise at dlSCODiJlllllOllS circular bend oi -re- Elli) silient material heving outwardly-turned hook-like clips etits ends, the clips on the opposite ends of the band being. in s staggered relation so that the may be forced into relative positions of so stantial alignment to facilitate their insertion in the opening in the cover-plate.

3. The combination, defined by cl 1, of

which the holder has inwardly-directed resilient holding elements struck from its body portion and adapted for frictional engagement with the writing im lement.

4. The combination, de ed by claim 1, of which the holder and its attachin means comprise a discontinuous circular and of resilient material having outward -turned hook-like clips at its ends, and of w 'ch the cover-plate has lugs extending inwardly from the walls of its holder-receiving opening, the clips of the holder being recessed to cooperate with said lugs and thus enhance the firmness of the attachment between the holder and the cover-plate.

5. The combination, defined by claim 1, of

which the holder and its attaching means comprise a discontinuous circular band of resilient material having 'outwardl -turned hook-like clips at its ends, and of w 'ch the cover-plate has a lug extending inwardly from one of the walls of its holder-receiving opening, one of the clips of the holder being recessed to cooperate with said lug and enhance the firmness of the attachment between the holder and the cover-plate.

6. A loose-leaf hinder of which the rim mechanism has a cover-plate provided wit a longitudinal slot to receive the fastening elements of a holder for a writing implement,

the portions of the plate ediately surrounding said slot being free from permanent attachment with any other structure.

7. A loose-leaf binder of which the ring mechanism has a cover-plate provided with a longitudinal slot to receive the fastening elements of a holder for a writin implement, portions of the opposite sides 0 said slot being ofiset in staggered relation.

8. A holder comprising a band of resilient material having hook-like clips at its opposite ends adapted to be inserted in an opening in a mounting plate and detachably held in engagement with said late by its own resilience, and havin resilient means to frictionally hold a writing implement inserted endwise thro h said band while in engage ment with said plate.

9. A holder, as defined by claim 8, having the clips at its opposite ends staggered to per- Y mit them to be moved into a sition of alignment by bending the band w ereb they may be inserted in a slot of substanti' y the same width as that of the clips.

10. A holder, as defined b claim 8, havingan opening in one of its c 'ps'to receive a steadyin u on a mounting plate.

11. A 01 er, as defined by claim 8 having its clips recessed to cooperate with steadying lugs on a mounting plate.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto my name.

CLARENCE n. Taussnnn

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