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Publication numberUS1904760 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1933
Filing dateMar 16, 1931
Priority dateMar 16, 1931
Publication numberUS 1904760 A, US 1904760A, US-A-1904760, US1904760 A, US1904760A
InventorsMatheson Avery A
Original AssigneeAgfa Ansco Corp
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Merchandising and display receptacle
US 1904760 A
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1933' A. A. MATHESON MERCHANDISING AND DISPLAY RECEPTACLE Filed March 16, 1951 IN VEN TOR Amer ,4. Marx/is o/v.

Patented Apr. 18, 1933 :UNITEDlSTATES AVERY A. MATHESON, OFIBINGHAM'ION, NEwflYonK, assrenon TO aerniansco can a IPORATION, F BINGI-IAMTON, NEW YORK, a CORPORATION or NEW XOR-K a q MERCHANDISING nn nIsrLAYnEcEPTacLE v I Application fil ed. March-16, 1931. S eria1'No.52 2,82 4.

My invention relates generally to recepof merchandiseandthat this description'and.

tacles and articularly to the type used for the displaying, dispensing, and transportation" of articles of merchandise and is espe- V "5 cially adaptable to articles such as photographic film. I have provided a; suitable container in which a representative assortment of sizes or kinds of articles may be segregately classilied and indexed according to sizes. This container is strong anddurable and so designed that it may be Wrapped and sent through the mail or other means of transportation to the dealers. v l

package merely has to unwrap it and set it in a convenient place in the'store and dispense the articles directly from it as the occasion requires.

tractive and decorative and aside from the convenlence 1n transportatlon and merchandising of the articles, forms a rather effective pensingin the usual manner, by merely re versing the positionof the cover with respect to 'thel-body portion of the container. This feature is of particular importance and proves to be especially advantageous in mer-= chandising articles of this character for if through oversight or negligence thev de aler V permits his supply of stock to become" depleted without placing an advance-order for replenishing same, he has immediatelyavailable this second or reserve supply thus-elimihating the occurrenceof being sold out,

Specificobjects and advantages in details of construction will be apparent as the descriptionproceeds, reference now being had i to the figures of the accompanying drawing forming a part of this application and where'- V in like referencenumerals indicatelike. parts. 'While I have described and illustrated my 'finvention in connection with photographic film, it will, of course, be unde-rstoodthat it f'Q'is readily adaptable to many other articles The dealer upon receiving improved 7 p I of'heavy cardboard material {but may be The, receptacle is'so designed as to be atbf flier-sawmi s: I I

the drawing are to be taken a fllu t Inthe drawing: 3

.Figure l isa perspectiveview of iny improved receptacle taken fromthefront therer 1 J I". f

igure' 2' is a perspective view taken from the rear thereof, certain parts being broken away for clearness. I V Q.

F-igure3 is a sectional plan'view of. same. Figure 4L is a perspective 'view of the receptacle withv the cover raised preparatory to posi on g a e a hs b y her o The Y receptacle is preferably constructed equally as well formediof-light metal materialor the like:{ I r a f i i The reference numeral 1 refers to a box like structure 1 over which there is adapted to be asto 'completely 'encase the box 1 'with fthe exception "of the 1 side 7 V which is preferably thereof. o d

partitions orseparators 9 of suitable varying ticles v placed therein in rows or stac-ksqas 3 1 clearly shown in Figures 2 and 4, thebackings 10 of such partitions,being'sformed substane V tially in step formation as clearly shown -in 9 i Figure hus p rmi aar s qfiv' ryi lengths and widths to bestacked in tlie. car-J f ton o q e ai r, Wi hit fro ndis'i us tithit e inner s rf es itbe dss' fan i7 5 lhelewe en e 'th s p tition members a f ,a hu Per i ng he t ing. q dof lb e ie t arti mach .qo partm placed the usual cover 2 comprising the top '3, end-walls 4:, front". 6,-' and back 7 I'GSPBQ'] c. tively.j. This cover 2' is preferably formed so 1' formed so as tofallshortoficompletely covi' eringtl e back of the receptaclein order that the-film cartonsor other: articles 8 may be V p withdrawn one ata time from-the bottomv ormed preferably with cutout portions I 7 the V terminatingslightly above the bottom of the cover are similarly cut away as at 12 for the box, permitting access to the compartments same purpose; It is understood, of course, only at the lower edge of the side of said box that when'using the receptacle as a dispenser, adjacent thereto.

the pulling out of the lowermost article in any compartment results in the lowering of V the next article above to the position occupied by that one removed. In this manner, clean I fresh stock is always available and such ar-,

rangement is especially valuable in 'connec 'tionwith film aslthe same can be dispensed in accordance with its age,that is the older stock being the first taken out. v

7 the cover is'facing the customers and therear The dealer when displaying the receptacle in the store preferably "sets. same, on the counter or cabinet sothat the front side 6 of side 7 a from which the articles are' removed, directly away from same. In this position any advertising matter which may be and preferably is printed on the cover 2 (particularly'the front 6)-'may easily and readily'be observed. It is obvious that whenthe articles 8 contained in one side of'the'box 1 have 7' been completely dispensed the dealer merely removes the cover '2 therefrom, reverses the position of the'box 1 and replaces the cover Zthereon, thus bringing into dispensing position a completely new set up of film cartridges or other articles which are stacked therein.

It will be observed from the foregoing'that my improved receptacle is not'onlyespecially and advertising unit without the unnecessary 5 useful asa dispensing and reserve supply I storage unit but also'provides a substantial,

economicalcarton or package "for-shipping the merchandise contained therein, and which can be used immediately as a dispenser handling of the contents, Of course, changes may of construction, and arrangement'of' parts without departingfrom the spirit and scope of my invention. I do not limit myself therep v fore tofthe exact form herein shown-and de- I scribed other than by the appended claims. A I claim; r l

slightly above the bottom or said box, permitting access to the compartments at the lower edge of one side of said box.

QLL-JAFI'GCGPBELClG' comprising a box having 1 open from; and rear sides, partition members in said box forming compartments opening be made indetails In testimon on both sides of said box, and a removable and reversibl'e'coyer member having oneside of substantially the same height 0f the box whereby to completely cover the side :of the box" adjacent thereto and the opposite side. V

ywhereof,I aflix my signature. I AVERY A, MATHESON.

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