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Publication numberUS1904790 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1933
Filing dateJun 24, 1932
Priority dateJun 24, 1932
Publication numberUS 1904790 A, US 1904790A, US-A-1904790, US1904790 A, US1904790A
InventorsHowell Joseph C
Original AssigneeHowell Joseph C
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Arch support for shoes
US 1904790 A
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April 18, 1933. 1 :l HOWELL 1,904,790

ARCH SUPPORT 'FOR sHoEs Filed June 24, 19,32

looooo 000002)' INVENTOR ATTOR N EYS l 15 Still anotherobject-oflthelinvention lthe thefarch supporting meanslremoved; "1

i :30 'A-The invention alsol haslinI "vieWaf-flexilble yitofthe instep'of anormal footl [Thesaid plate:

Patented Apr.1s,`1933 v 1,904,790-- `Vcostrinse. nonnina, HMljfancn'suronr Fon; sieIoEsl l f V',applicanur nieexunegll, 11932;.' 4serial*Nafeiaxfi`2`. p I. Y p This invention relates to supports-for f1 Figs is a plan vviewtof the-curved plate t the human foot and-has` ufor an objectjthe Which'underlies the-"arch supportinguplaterin provision of an arch 'supportand a supportthefregionpf'the-ball ofthe footy-f ing means thereforfarranged l`in position on i v`Figz is asectional viewronthelllnel' @the insole-oi` a Vshoe,` and Which receives'the fofiFig. 4;'` L t s i la l*.55 4Weightof the Weareri-lthrust -upon the arch lil-lig.,- 6` 'isi a plan.y View` offtheadjustable 1 support `and dstributes"`the#Weight-poverta itubularmemberjwhichsupportsfthe arch supp n \substantial'area ofthes'hoesole. 1 v 'portln'g plate andthe curvedplate An-"posi- Another object `of the invention is the protion yunder the ball ofthe footgj y l '10 vision of an arch supporting plate,l and 'a sup- Fig 7; isafcross sectional fview onthe line 60 Y I i porting meansfor the saidarchisupporting'"74T ofi-Eig. 6; v i f.

plate arranged outhe insole of ,theshoe5zad-x: :Fig: 8,`is a Vcross sectional view on elthelline 1- jacent the side edgesathereofpand w'hichat S'f-'S-of Eig.j3;' if l* theside edges conform'sto the last-ofthe shoe. "1F-ig; `9lis. a planlvievvfo'f the devicef'with A* provision 'o fpa springfleafedfsupporting l"Fig.10isacross'sectionalvview on'ythclline meansforan archd support,` which willfleX 10f10 of Fig9and withthearchsipporting p Y` l l i Iand bend with the movement of. the: sole of wplateinposition'on'the device`;'fand v f' the shoe, Willreinforcethe 'sole'j'ofthe' shoe, F'gnll's aperspective'vevvfofftheslide1l thel said arch*l support" againstlateral `displatemovesgfwi i p. ,Y p 14, placement `in theshoefsole. TheA said spring In the embodiment 'fthelinventi yillusle'afed `supportingmeans `is fparticularily aptrated in.thegaccompanying'drawinglanfarch -plicable to light Weightffshoes"Wheretheshoe supporting Vplate l0 preferabljl.A coLextensive 25 sole does not have thelnecesusarythickness to vvithfthe sole ofthe shoetiin*` the "regionfofthe 'p75 jrgidly hold the`archsllpport,"` and also may "instepisar'range'd linsupe'rposed positionon be used to advantage-where thearchsupport theinjside o@ .the shoefllyandsuch plate Vis f `is tobe worn by a heavy,persornso that-1a preferably-made 4offlexible"spring metal 1onl relatively thin shoe sole may be used. gitudinally arched 'to 'conformsubstantiallv 0 foundation for'anfarchsupport'rigidlyjconf is adjustable in elevationftoward and Afrom nec-ted to the sole of the shoeinV the region the insole vof'thesloea't aplurality of points,

- ofthe instep but unsecured atitsends, Where- `tivvo points fof Which'may be on 'atransverse byitfis free to flex andl bend with them'ove-g'line' in the regionv off the instep,` under fthe n 35' ment'of the sole of theshoe. Withtlieseand longitudinal archesadjacent .thesidel edges 8K5 l.' i

other objects in vievvthe invention rsidesin 12Mand` 413 yofthe sole `14 ofrthefshoeiv 4The t the novel features of construction andthe arforward edge "15 of" said arch liSupportimgf f rangement of p rts which will be 'more full)1 vplatelO extends under th'efbo'nesof'` the foot l described and claimedhereinafter.' `formingf thevmetatarsal arch; thatf'is,gin the t `The vinvention is shown in the accompany regiono'fthe ball ofthe-.1500.135` and thisportion 90 p 'ing dravvingin which? `'l l l i 7 1 f i 'ofsaid plate is preferably curvedtodeinean Figure 1 is a plan view ofa shoewithg'a arcof substantially a half circle,v`vlf1'ich"said part of the shoe upperremoved to Ashow tlie curved end isfslotted from its forward.,edge` shoe..

' and provide aneiective means "fforholding Yplatelon which one endoffthespringleafed''70` i archsupportingmeans in positiontherein invvardly'asiat'16',` to providefa"relativelyflexi and the spring` leafed support` therefor V-in ible end portionl'. At each sidefiof said 9 u leafplates arranged on the insole of the shoe, thereof for supportin leaf platesarranged ,j in superimposed posi' tion on the insole of the shoe, and meansvseand means secured to the arch plate and connected to the springleaf platessupporting Vto the spring leaf plates, supporting the arch plate in spaced relation above the spring leaf plates. r

3. The combination of ashoe and an arch support including an arch plate supporting the arch of the wearer,` a pluralityof spring' cured to the said arch plate and adjustably connected tosaid spring leaf plates forfix` edly supporting the said arch plateV andfor` j v each end, and means operatively'` connect-gA adjustably regulating the height of the arch l plate above the spring leaf plates.

4. The combination of a shoe and an arch" support including an arch plate for support' ing the arch ofthe wearer, spring leaf plates arranged in superimposed relation Von thepinsole of the shoe at` eachside edge thereof,

'and means arranged between the said arch plate and 4the spring leaf'plates, adjacent each lateraledge of the arch plate, for sup; porting said arch plate.` j

5. The combination of a `shoe. andan arch support includinganarch plate for supporting the arch of the wearer, springleaf plates arranged in superimposedjrelation on .ther insole vof the shoe at each side edge thereof, and

adjustable-means secured to said arch plate adjacent each lateral edgethereof movably connected to the said spring leaf plates for adjustably supporting thesaid arch above the insole of the shoe. f

`6. The combination of a shoe and an arch support including an arch plate for supporting the arch of the wearer, va platearranged on the insole of the shoe having its side edges conforming tothe marginal portions'of the shoe sole at` the shank portion, andmeans adjacent each lateral edge of the arch support plate operatively connected to the second named plate for supporting said arch sup- Vport plate in positionin the shoe.

'l'.v An arch support adapted to be applied to a shoe for supporting the arch of the Wearer, including an arch plate,a plurality of spring leaf plates arranged on the insole of the shoe adjacent each lateral edge thereof in the region of the shank, said leaf plates tapering in thickness towards their outer ends,

and the uppermost `plate being relatively shorter than `the plateA beneath, providing a stepped arrangement at each end, and means operatively connecting the arch plate to said supporting plates adjacent each lateral edge 'and means operatively connecting the arch shoe.

the insole of the shoe. .j t

8. An arch support adaptedjto 'be er, including an arch plate, kalplurality of x spring leaf platesfarrangedon the insole of Y 3j. Y

g jlthearch plate above i Y applied j, to a shoe for supportingthe archl of the wearthe shoe adjacenteach lateraledge thereof inl il v the region of the shank, said leaf plates -taperingin' thickness toward their outer ends, y

plate to said supporting plates adjacent each lateral edge thereof for supporting the arch j plate above'therinsole Lof theshoe.

`9. An archfsupport adapted to be applied 876' i to a shoe for supporting'the arch of the wear` er, including an arch plate, .a plurality of spring leaf plates arranged on the Vinsole of theshoe adjacent each lateral edge thereof in the region of the shank, and the uppermost plate being relativelyshorter thanthe plate beneath, providing a stepped arrangementat adjacent each lateral edge thereof porting the arch plate abovethe insole of the j "10.A An arch supportadapted to be applied to a shoe for supporting thelarch of5thewearl. "I er, including anlarch plate,a plurality of spring leaf plates arranged on the insole of the lregion `of the shank,safid leaflplates tapering Ain thickness toward their-'router endsV and'conforming attheir side edges Etofthe'lo j shape of the shank of the shoe, and the upper-v `most plate being relatively "shorterthan' the "the shoe adjacenteach lateraledge thereof in ,j 1

plate beneath, providing-a stepped arrange- 1 ment at each Aend, andi means operatively conf i' n I neetlng` the arch" plate to gsaid supporting plates adjacent `each lateral edge 'thereof for supporting thearchplateabove the `insole of the shoe. j

11. -An arch support adapted to be applied to a shoe Vfor supporting the arch of the wearer, including an arch plate, a tubular member threaded interiorly and secured to said'plate ,j

adjacent a sidejedge thereof,` springleafplates adapted to be secured in superimposed relation onthe insoleofthe shoe,fa^second tubular member adapted to be arranged in the insole of the shoe and secured to the said spring leaf plates in which the said first mentioned tubular member is slidable, and `means arranged against the outer end` of the sec ond mentioned vtubular member. operatively forpadjusting the 'heightof thearchl plate above the sole of the shoe; i l Y j l l JOSEPHC. 112'5 Y. l

12e "l I engaging the first mentioned tubular memberjl j V

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U.S. Classification36/156
International ClassificationA43B7/14
Cooperative ClassificationA43B7/1465
European ClassificationA43B7/14A30R