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Publication numberUS1905019 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1933
Filing dateFeb 24, 1930
Priority dateFeb 24, 1930
Publication numberUS 1905019 A, US 1905019A, US-A-1905019, US1905019 A, US1905019A
InventorsTurner Dee
Original AssigneeTurner Dee
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Exercising apparatus
US 1905019 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 25, 1933. D, TURNER v1,905,019

EXERCISING APPARATUS l Filed Feb. 24, 1950 ifa 0 Z//cff- Z gwwrg.

Patented Apr. 25, 1933 VDEETURNER, or HoLLYwoon, eALrEoRNfrA A EXERCISING APPARATUS i Application led February 24, 1930. SerialfNo. 430514.@

VAMy invention relates to an exercising'apparatus and has for its principal object, the

y provision of a relatively simple,fpractical and inexpensive apparatus that may be conveniently used for exercisingpractically all muscles of the human body and particularly kthe muscles in the legs, arms, back and ab domen, further, to provide an exercising apparatus that is relatively simple in construc- 1Q tion, inexpensive of manufacture and which,

isAcomparatively light in weight so that it may be conveniently shifted from one positionto another and which apparatus is very compact so as torequire comparatively lit- 1-5 tle storage space and likewise comparatively little floor space while in use. With the foregoing and other objects in view, my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts that will hereinafter be more fully de-v scribed and claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which;

Fig. l is a top plan view of anexerci'sing apparatus constructed ,in accordance with the principles of my invention.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1. l

Fig. 3 is an enlarged Vcross section taken on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged cross section taken on the line 44 of Fig. l.

Fig. 5 is a top plan view of a modified forni of the exercising apparatus. Y

Fig. 6 is a section taken on the line 6 6 of Fig. 5.

Fig. 7 is a ,of the device.

plan view of a modified form A Referring by numerals to the accompany-V ing drawing which illustrates a practical ema0A bodiment of my invention, 10 designates `a board that forms the base of 'myimproved apparatus and upon which the person takingA exercise is seated andl arranged on the underside of said board at points adjacent to the` ends thereof are rubber pads 1l that Vare VVries the. nut 20, is. provided--.withA a -rowjiof V' the` boardis positionedff T Connected by suitable hinges-12 *to` tliefor-` ward end `ofthe board .10, is a pair'offfoot adapted to contactwiththe floor upon boards 13 that are adapted to beengaged by 50 the feet of fthe. user of the, apparatus vand secured to the undersides Vof theintermediate portions of these foot boards isga cross bar e Loosely mountedl on the. ends vof the. cross;

bar 14 arethe forward Vends `of elastic straps', 55V y l5, preferably formed of `rubber andthe rear endsof thesev straps termin-atein-r handleslgv l that are suitably. corrugated in order that, they may :be firmly grippedinthe hands;l i

The strapsfl normally occupy posi-tions.V en parallel with th-e'sides of the boar.d lQ.

y The endsofiiexible strapsl? are ,connected to.V the: sides of Athe;f orwaIjd, portionsY of;A the foot boards 1 3 by means of rodsf18j that pass transversely through Asaid foot boards, 3 5.

each rod being provided `onf-one end witha to permitthefstrapl? torfbe adjustedgrij 7.0 -4

length 'and in Vvorder that such adjustment. maybejaccomplished the end of thestrap that engages theend ofthe rod 18 that; Car-a apertures 2l. Y Y In the use ofm-y improved exercisingiapf paratus, :the-user sits onthe base `board .10,1 and `places the .feet against ,the foot boards 13 with the forward portions ofthe feetfpoi sitioned beneath the straps 17, The'handles 8.0

16- are 'now manually engagedv and the. user'V now swings the bodylbackwardly,andlfon` Y wardly atthesame time pulling on theelasf tic straps so as to stretch the same and simul-` taneously the y foot 1boards `i are swung 'for-f .85T wardly by pressureiof the feet and legs ltoh resist the pullingfstrains on the-elastic straps15."r

Thusanexercise similar exercise, de- ,Y l veloped whilerowing a@ boatis accomplishedl 901 taneously exercised. i Y f Ifhave illustrated lan aplarelfoot blocks 24 "straps 2 5. 1 y Y c l' 4Arranged( on top' of' plate" 22 is Va wedge 26, ingtherear portionof whichis formedVY and suchexercise'involves practically all the :muscles ofthe body and particularly the back and'iabdominalmuscles and the muscles in the arms and legs. Y It will yloe noted that inthe use ofthe apparatusthe backward swing of the body and the pull'ofthe arms on the elastic straps 1s resisted by a fforwardY pushing movement? ofthe legs'vand feetfand thus practically all muscles 'ofthe legs, arms and `body' are simule In Figs. 5 and' paratuswhereln `the `flo or board is dispensed with and the foot boards are anchored to a door. InY this constructionfa flat plate 227Alf preferably ofrnetaL-is provided at its for-A Y V,ward end with an upturned flange23 vand* `suitably hinged to the rearend Vof the plate provided Vwith Y'adj ustable'.

Y v a shortlongitudinallydisposed slot V27 and tersunkopening Ain plate 22.5

of YsaidV :foot boards,- elastio straps connected those herein vshownY and 'described without i departing from the spirit'ofgmy invention, the scopejof which I lrclaim as my invention: i 'i i 70v Y"InV anvexercising apparatusyfabase, afpair 2 of 'foot'.boards" hinged toy the forward por-V tionof saidbasea transverse barsecured to j theVv undersides of the intermediate portions to the endsof said'transversebarand yext'en'dl ing transversely through i' the" orwardporf` tion of each Jfoot board andra foot retaining* strap connected tothe. endsoi each boltVV and loverlying the `:liorward yportion of the cor-1 'responding QOt b'ordf i In testimony hereof/I aflix'isignature. TURNER.

Qpassing therethrough isa board 28 carrying y' Yon its upper; threaded end anut 29 and 'the'y head of said board being located-in coun-' K A g. where'this form; of dem@ 1S used the pnt@ 5 the-elastic straps `At-hatkareconnected to the:

foot blocker v have illustratedamodifed Cfon- 'i' I Y i v struction` wherein"a singlerelativelyfh-eavy i i elastic strap liis Y'si-cured to the center ofV 24 yandy Vwith theffhands vgrasping thel y ends' of.

Y the cross bar-1 4: and carried bythe rear end of elastic strap isf'a cross handle lbthat 1s 4manually engaged vby the person using the. apparatus. i

v. In some j1nstances',cfor instance, lngym-f nasiuinsfthe,baseboard10"may beadispen'sed Y wl'thand ythe hinges V12 are secured directly 50Y i 'Y A Vwill be seenthatlflave'provided; Y an exercising apparatus that' is''relatively-l' VVsirrl'pilelin' constructiom inexpensive ofrnanul 5g lfactureandivery effectlvein performing the y v l *The lapparatus is'jvefy compact,j`

functions for whichit is -interldedlV @It will ,be understood" that yrninor changes'V 1n Vthesize7 Sformfand, construction of the 1 variouspartsof VI nyi'mproved exercising a'p-j I 'paratusmay vbeflnade*and substituted for *i i y A. 'IIYIWl5@V readily vshiftedf roirrol'ie position to fa'notherlt v requires very little door space 'fandfthe ap-'y paratus in'useV is highlyeliicientlin exercising .v

practically all muscles in the 'body, arms andrn is set forth inthe appendf-'

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