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Publication numberUS1905069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1933
Filing dateJan 2, 1929
Priority dateJan 2, 1929
Publication numberUS 1905069 A, US 1905069A, US-A-1905069, US1905069 A, US1905069A
InventorsStair Ray L
Original AssigneeStair Ray L
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Soap dish
US 1905069 A
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April 25, 1933. R sTA|R I 1,905,069


My invention relates to a soap and has for its principal object the provislonof a relatively simple, practical and inexpensive soap dish or container and to arrange thereon one or more vacuum suction cups m order that the soap dish may be firmly secured on a smooth flat surface, for instance, on the upper marginal edge of a bath-tub or upon the slab surrounding a wash-bowl.

Further objects of my invention are to provide a soap dish wherein the main body thereof is formed wholly of rubber or rubber composition, further to detachably underside thereof, one or more vacuum suction cups, and further to form the upper surface of the bottom of the soap dlsh so that water will drain from all directions toward an outlet opening and which latter is surrounded by a short spout that is formed integral with the exterior of the body of the soap-dish.

A further object of my invention is to provide on the under surface of the body of the dish directly below the. thinnest portion of the bottom wall, and adjacent to the outlet opening, a reinforcing member in order to resist any tendency of the bottom wall to break or fracture at its thinnest point or at the point where the discharge opening and the surrounding spout are located.

With the foregoing .and other objects in view, my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts that will hereinafter be more fully described and claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which: 3

Fig. 1 is a top plan view of a soap dish constructed in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a view looking against the underside of the soap dish.

Fig. 3 is a cross section taken on the line 33 of Fig. 1.

4-4: of Fig. 1.

Fig; 5 is a view looking against the underside of a modified form of the soap-dish. I Fig. 6 is an elevational view of the modified form of soap dish seen in'Fig. 5.

Referring by numerals to the accompanyably flat and the upper face of said mount on the soap dish, preferably on the Fig. 4 is across section taken on the line a substantially rectangular receptacle or container of such size as to hold an ordinary cake of soap,

said receptacle being preferably formed of rubber or composition having rubber as its principal ingredient, and the side and end walls 11 of this container are preferably inclined upwardly and outwardly away from the bottom 12.

The under face of the bottom 12 is refer-, Bottom gradually declines from both ends and one side toward an inclined outlet opening 13 that is formed through the bottom 12 of the receptacle at a point where the corresponding inclined side wall unites therewith.

As a result of this construction any water that would otherwise accumulate within the soap dish will readily drain to the outlet opening 13 and discharge therethrough.

Formed integral with the under face of the bottom 12 surrounding the outlet opening 13 is a short outwardly projecting spout 14 that serves to carry the water that passes through the opening 13 outwardly and downwardly away from the outer under surface of the container.

That portion of the bottom 12 of the receptacle immediately adjacent to the outlet opening 13 is increased in thickness by form: ing on the underside of said bottom wall an integral disk or plate 15. As a result of this construction the weakest portion of the bottom wall or plate is reinforced and any tendency of said wall or plate to break or fracture adjacent to the counteracted.

Formed integral with the under face of the bottom of the receptacle at oints near its, ends, are lugs 16 and embedde in the bottom of the receptacle immediately above said lugs are nuts 17. Vacuum suction cups 18 of rubber have embedded in their upper portion the head ends of screws 19 and the threaded shanks of said screws project from said cups and when the latter are applied to the underside of the receptacle said shanks are screwed into the threaded apertures in the nuts 17.

outlet opening 13 is underside of the dish around the opening pp y My improved soap dish ma be firmly anchored on a smooth flat sur ace by merely suflicient pressure to the dish or receptac e to partially expel the air from the shallow chambers within the suction cups and the resulting partial vacuum will be efiective in causing the on to firmly adhere to the surface to whic they are applied, and thus the receptacle may be conveniently located on the upper marginal portion of a'bathtub or to the plate or slab adj acent to a wash-bowl.

In the event that either one or both of the vacuum cups becomes broken or unfit for service, the same may be readily removed and replaced by a new cup or cups, thereby maintaining the dish in a serviceable condition.

In the modified construction illustrated in Figs. 5 and 6 a substantially L-shap'ed frame or hanger 20 is formed from wire and the lower portion of this frame or hanger is secured to theunderside of the-soa' dish'in any suitable manner, preferably y means of screws 21.

The upper ends of the vertical legs of the frame or hanger 20 terminate in loops 22 into which may be screwed the projecting threaded ends of the screws 19 that-are seated in the vacuum cups 18.

The soap dish thus constructed is ada ted to be anchored on a smooth, vertical sur ace, for instance on the face ofa wall or on the inner face of the side wall of a bath-tub.

Thusit will be seen that I have provided a soap dish that is relatively simple in construction, inexpensive of manufacture, and provided with simple and eflicient means for. firmly securing the body of the dish to a smooth flat surface. Further advantages of my improved construction are the provision of an outlet for water that would otherwise accumulate within the dish and the formation of the upper surface of the bottom of the retainer so that all water will, by gravity, drain to the outlet.

It will be understood that minor changes in the size, form and construction of the various parts ofmy improved soap dish may be made and substituted for those herein shown and described without departing from the spirit of my invention, the scope of which is set forth in the appended claim.

I claim as my invention: a As an article of manufacture, a soap dish, comprising a body formed in a single piece from rubber and comprising a bottom and inclined walls projecting upwardly from the j sides and ends of said bottom, there being a drain opening formed through, the bottom of the dish adjacent to one side thereof, the upper surface of the bottom of which dish declines from all directions toward said outlet opening, a spout formed integral'with the the upper surface of the bottom of the soap dish, nuts imbedded in the'bottom 'of'said dish for the reception ofvacuum suction cup fastening means lugs formed integral with the bottom of the body of the disc immediately below said nuts, vacuum suction cups applied to the underside of the dish with 7 their upper portions engaging said lugs and screws projecting from said cups upwardly through said lugs and engaging :said nuts.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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