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Publication numberUS1905235 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1933
Filing dateMay 2, 1931
Priority dateMay 2, 1931
Publication numberUS 1905235 A, US 1905235A, US-A-1905235, US1905235 A, US1905235A
InventorsMandelert Charles L
Original AssigneeMandelert Charles L
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Hunting coat with detachable pocket
US 1905235 A
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April 25, 1933.

c. L. MANDELERT HUNTING COAT WITH DETACHABLE POCKET Filed May 2, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet l April 1933' c. L. MANDELERT HUNTING COAT WITH DETACHABLE POCKET 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed May 2, 1951 fig. 6'

3mm Giwwioa ljfandeieri Patented Apr. 25, 1933 .GHARLES L. MANDELERT, or omrrEwArsLLs, wrscon sml HUNTING COAT WITH DETACHABLE roux Er a Application filed May 2;

The present invention relates to a hunting jacket having a game pocket removably se cured to the outer rear portion thereof.

In hunting wild fowl and small game, a"

5 hunting jacket having a game pocket therein is an almost essential adjunct to the en-" joyment of the sport. However, the hunting seasons occupy but a small portion of the entire year and it is usually the case that after' the hunting season is over, the hunting jacket is put away and is of no further service throughout the year. Various types of hunt ing jackets with removable inner pockets have been made wherein the game pocket is- 16 removably secured to the interior of the gar-- ment, but in these constructions it is necessary to have game openings in the sides of the jacket, and this, of course, disfigures the jacket for use other than for hunting. 20

jacket havin a ame ocket thereon which s g P the lower edge of the rear portion of the jacket to form a seat pad for the wearer of the jacket.

pocket in position thereon with the securing means for the top edge of the game pocket partially disconnected.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary view of the up;-

An object of the present invention is to make an improved hunting jacket with a re-f movable game pocket.

The further object is to make a hunting may be disconnected from the jacket at its. upper edge and permitted to swing below v .neath=t h1s flap 1 is'secured one half 2 of a hookless fastener, of the type wherein com- These and other features of the invention, will be more fully brought forth in the following description and the accompanying.

jacket emper portion of a removale game pocket hav- .1931. Serial no; 534,485.

ing a modified form of fastening means there- Figure 5 is a view in-elevationof the rear or outer faceof the removable game pocket, one of a. pair of end closure means thereon' 'm being shown inan opened position, and that in the other end being shown in a closed position. .6 :Figurefiis-a view in elevation showing the front or inner face of the removable pocket shown in Figure 5; 1 :Figure '7 is a view-in perspective of the game pocket showing a preferredbellows construction thereof; and j Figure 8 is a sectional view similar-torFig'-: 150

are 2 showing the game pocket released along its upper edge andsidesfromthezjacketand depending-below the lower rear edge of the jacketto form a seat pad. 1 Referringto the drawings in detail, a jacket (i5 A may be of any suitable type of general construction, except that it is preferably constructed with a flap '1 transversely-across the ,rear portion thereof which may be formed of afold of the fabric'of which the coat is -10 made, as illustrated in Figures Qand; 8." Beplete separation of the two halves of the, faster: is permitted. lfhist pe of hookless fastener i'sfwell known'to t e art and it is believed unnecessary to describe it in detail fin the: present description. jA removable game pocket B is constructed with an inner "panel 3 havin a strip 4 secured across'it's lower edge and the two sides thereof. To the outer edge of this strip is secured a back panels. This construction forms a bell w pocket which is desirable as it givesincreased carrying capacity, although the type ofpocketlis, of course, not material tothe invention. A pair of vertical openings 6 and 7 is provided on the two sides of-the pocket B and the edges of these openings are provided with hookless fasteners '8 and '9, 1"espectively, which facilitate the opening and closing of these openings. Snap fasteners 10 are preferably provided along the side portions and across the bottom of the pocket and are positioned to enga e co-operatin snap fasteners 11 ositione on the rear 0 the acket to hold t e pocket securely in place. Instead of the se arable hookless fastener pro vided across t e upper edge of the game ocket Ba lurality of snap fasteners may rovided neath the fia 1 on the jacket and across the upper edge 0 the game ocket to removably secure the pocket to the acket. The game pocket may be lined with a blood- 15 proo material, if deslred, as is common practice in the better grades of hunting jackets,

but as this practice is well known to the art, it is believed unnecessary to complicate the drawings b showing this feature.

90 Frequent in the shooting of wild fowl,

such as due s, a hunter finds his best shooting in swampy ound, or on a rainy day when the seats 0 the duck boat or blind are wet. The game pockets are not ordinarily used in this type of shooting, since the hunter usually stays in one spot and waits for the, ducks to come over him, and, therefore, .the

only time the pocket is used is in carrying the game in from the shooting grounds to the camp.

For this ty e of shooting the upper and 7 side ed es of t e pocket may be released from the jac et, leaving the pocket secured only at its lower edge and the ocket may be permitted to hang downwar 1y below the lower edge of the jacket, as shown in Figure 8. In this position the pocket forms a water-proof seat pad, the utility of which will be immediatel apparent to wild fowl hunters.

T e removable feature of the pocket will also be appreciated b upland ame hunters, since in working ack and orth across a field, it will become necessary to carry the game ocket after a few birds have been bagg and in working back and forth across the field the game pocket may be leftat one I end of the field and the birds placed therein upon the completion of each circuit of; the

going to and from the hunting grounds, and when thepocket is removed the jacketmay be used for ordinary outing wear. The flap 1 conceals the top pocket fastening means The pocket provides a convenient receptacle for extra shells and other items when and with the exception of'the fasteners 11 f which are not conspicuous, there is nothing to indlcate that it is a hunting jacket. go I claim:

1. A hunting and outing jacket, comprising a jacket, a pocket removably secured to the outer rear portion thereof the upper edge of said pocket being removable from en- 65 gagement with said jacket to permit the said

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European ClassificationA41D27/20