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Publication numberUS1905343 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1933
Filing dateJul 25, 1930
Priority dateJul 25, 1930
Publication numberUS 1905343 A, US 1905343A, US-A-1905343, US1905343 A, US1905343A
InventorsCarpenter Webster I
Original AssigneeCarpenter Webster I
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Fluid temperature maintainer
US 1905343 A
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April 25,1933. w. l. CARPENTER FLUID TEMPERATURE MAINTAINER Filed July 25, 1930 A TTORN E Y.


This invention relatesto a fluidtemperature maintainer particularly adapted for dispositiony between a source of warm Huid supply and a dental syringe and has for its primary s objectto provide, in a manner as hereinafter lset forth, a device of such character by means of which water or air may be maintained at a given temperature while being conveyed to the syringe in order that a cavity in a sensitive tooth may be irrigated or dried by discharging thereinto a Ifluid at A body temperature.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device of the character aforesaid including a flexible, insulated support for the resistance coil wherein the support and coil have connected therewith means for securing the same in position within a tubular fluid conveyor of any type which it is desired to em loy.

further object of the invention is to provide a fluid temperature maintainer including a resistance coil floatingly mounted with re- 1930. smal no. 470.747.

yture maintainer in accordance with this invention showing the same in association with a de ntal syringe and a source of fluid supply.

n Flgure 2 is a fragmentary longitudinal section through the maintainer.

of a fluid warmer having an inlet pipe 3 and an outlet pipe 4 and being adapted for connection as indicated at 5 with a source of electrical energy, not shown.

l5 cluding a flexible fluid conduit having a' heat- Referring to the drawing in detail, the nu- 85 ing element secured therein which includes a meral 1 indlcates a dental syringe which may resistance coil floatingly mounted with rebe 0f any well known construction, and the spect to' the wall of the conduit. numeral 2 indicates a source of warm fluid A further object of the invention is to pro- Supply. In the embodiment shown, the

m vide a device of lthe character aforesaid insource of warm fluidsupply'Q is in the form 70 Having one end suitably connected with the syringe 1 is a length of flexible tubing 6, the opposite end being connected with a relatively short length of tubing 7 by means of a hollow coupling element 8 which inspect to the wall of the fluid conduit as aforecludes an electric terminal 9. The length 8 said and further including a flexible conducof tubing 7 is also connected with the outlet tor leading to the resistance coil, said conduc- 'pipe 4 by means of a coupling element 10 tor being insulated from the wall of the consimllar to the coupling 8 and including an duit and from the fluid within the conduit, electric terminal 11. the insulating means for the conductor pro- In the embodiment shown, the coupling ss viding a flexible support for the resistance element 8 includes a pair of flanged plugs coil. 12 respectively inserted into'the sections of A further object of the invention is to protubing 6 and 7. Swiveled on the plugs 12 vide a fluid temperature maintainer which are a pair of internally threaded sleeves 13 9o may be connected with a source of fluid supply without re ard to the temperature of such fiuid and y means of which the fluid may be raised to'and maintained at the. temperature desired within the maintainer.

45 With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists of the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts as hereinafter more particularly described, and as illustrated in the accompanywhich are connected together by means of a hollow plug 14k which is provided with the electric terminal 9 heretofore men-tioned The coupling 1() is of the same lconstruction as the coupling 8.. It is to be understood that the couplings 8 and 10 might be modi- 95 fied as desiredin order to connect the same with conduits of any type other than the tubing sections 6 and 7 herein disclosed.

Having one end secured to the coupling 5 ing drawing wherein is shown an embodielement 10 is a flexible conductor 15 which electrical energy to the source of extends through the section of tubing 7, couplin element 8, and section of tubing 6, the con uctor terminating in a floating end 16 extending into the handle of the s ringe 1. Encircling the conductor 15 is a exible insulating member 17, the ends of which terminate in spaced relation to the ends of the conductor.. The insulating member 17 preferably is in the form of a soft rubber tube. Coiled around the insulating member 17 is a flexible resistance coil 18, one end of which is secured as shown at 19 to the floating end 16 of the conductor, and the opposite end of which is connected with the couplin element 8. The resistance coil 18 forms t e outer peripheral surface of the heating element and is spaced from the wall of` the tubing 6. The coupling elements 8 and 10 are formed of conducting material in order that an electric current may be passed between the terminals 9 and 11 and the coil 18 and conductor 15 respectively. In the embodiment shown, the terminals 9 and 11 are connected in series with the terminals 20 of the source of fluid supply 2 by means of a pair of conductors 21, although the conductors 21 may be connected with any suitable source of electrical energy in any manner desired. Obviously when the terminals of the maintainer are connected in series with the terminals of the fluid supply as shown, the supply of electrical ener to the resistance coil 18 will be controll b the same means which controls the supp of Supp y 2- In the event that the conductors 21 are con nected with a source of electrical energy inde endently of the source of sup ly 2, a suitablieJ thermostat, not shown, may provided for controlling the supply of electrical en er to the coil 18.

en using the maintainer in connection with a supply of air, the insulatin member 17 referably will be formed of as stos.

n the operation of the maintainer, the fluid being conveyed ythrough the tubing sections 7 and 6 to the syringe 1 is maintained at the proper required temperature by the contact of the fluid with the resistance coil 18, in order that the fluid may be discharged from the s inge 1 at the same temperature at which it is discharged from the source of supply 2, irrespective of the length of time which may elapse between the time of discharge from the source 2 and syri e 1.

It is to be noticed that no specia type of tube section 6 is required in order to secure the heating element therein, and it is to be further noticed that the heating element is entirel free of connection with the wall of the tu section 6. In the event that the tube section 6 becomes damaged throu h long continued use, the same may be readi y replaced simply by disconnecting it fromV the syringe 1 and coupling element 8. The

conductor 15 will be of appropriate size to prevent any material heating of the insulatingi member 17 interiorally of the latter in or er to protect the same from deterioration. Owing to the contact of the outer face of the insulatin member 17 with the Huid within the tu section 6, the member 17 is only subjected to heat from the coil 18 substantially equal to the temperature of the fluid within the tube 6. Owing to the short, tube section 7 employed, a positive insulation is provided between the coupling elements 8 and 10, thereby preventing any possibility of a short circuit between the terminals 9 and 11.

It is thought that the many advantages of a fluid temperature maintainer in accordance with this invention will be readil apparent, and although the preferred em odiment of the invention is as illustrated and described, it is to be understood that changes in the size, sha and arrangement of parts may be resorte to, so long as auch chan es fall within the sco of the invention as 5efined in the appen ed claims.

What I claim is:-

1. A fluid temperature maintainer comp rising, a exible conduit adapted to be sitioned between a dental syringe an a source of warm Huid sup l ,a air of spaced tries h electric terminals ca y t e conduit, a flexible conductor connected with one of said terminals, said conductor extending longitudinally of the conduit and having its opsite end free of connection therewith, a

exible insulating member for the conductor,

and a flexible resistance coil supported on the insulating member and having its respective ends connected with the other of said terminals and the free end of said conductor.

2. A fluid temperature maintainer comprising, a flexible tube section adapted for connection with a dental syringe, a relatively short flexible tube section havin a coupling element at one end adapted or connection with a source of fluid supply and further having a coupling element at its other end connecting the same with the first mentioned tube section, an electric terminal carried by each coupling element, a iiexible conductor secured to one cou ling element and extendin through said tu sections, a ilexible insu ating member for said conductor, and a flexible'resistance coil supported on said. insulating member said resistance coil havin its respective ends connected with one end o the conductor and with the other of said coupling elements.

3. A fluid temperature maintainer comprising, a exible conduit adapted to be ositioned between a dental s rin and) a source of fluid supply, and a exib e heating device of elongated construction having one conduit end ioatingly disposed within the and including a resistance coil which forms the outer peripheral surface of the heating device and which is spaced from the wall of said conduit.

5 4. A fluid temperature maintainer comprising, a flexible conduit ada ted to be positioned between the handle ofa dental syringe anda source of fluid supply, and a flexible heating device of elongated construction within said conduit, said heating device having one end extending in and oatingly disposed within said handle and said device including a resistance coil which forms the outer peripheral surface thereof and which coil is spaced from the wall of the conduit. e

In testimony where, I aix my signature hereto.


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