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Publication numberUS1907286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1933
Filing dateJun 10, 1931
Priority dateJun 10, 1931
Publication numberUS 1907286 A, US 1907286A, US-A-1907286, US1907286 A, US1907286A
InventorsChott Edward L
Original AssigneeChott Edward L
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Dental apparatus
US 1907286 A
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y 1933- E. L. CHOTT 1,907,286

DENTAL APPARATUS Filed June 10. 1931 1% 2/67.; Z01: Edwardl. %0242 Patented May 2, 1933 EDWARD L. CHOTT, or onrcngo, nnrnois DENTAL nrrnna rus V Application filed June 10,

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in dental apparatus, and more particularly toapparatus for use in cleaning teeth and massaging gums.

An object of my invention is the provision of dental apparatus which is economical, and yet which will perform more than one function in one operation by the operator. The apparatus is adapted to be used with the conventional dental engine, and may be used for cleaning the teeth, and at the same time will be very useful as a massage instrument in treating the under-gum margins.

The union of a dental cleaning cup and the brush in my apparatus causes each of the articles united to perform its function more efficiently. Some of the many advantages obtained are hereinafter set out. Because of the construction of the cup it will aid materially in retaining the bristles of the brush in a close compass and consequently will aid materially in giving the bristles additional strength. Then the device isto be used with any cleaning powder or abrasive material, the cup, surrounding the bristles will aid in retaining the material used in close proximity to the bristles, and at the same time will prevent the bristles themselves from entering beneath the gum margins.

It is known that sometimes the bristle socket of the brush causes injury to the gums and teeth by striking against them, but in my apparatus this difficulty is obviated because of the bufling action of the cup. At the same time the bristles of the brush aid in forming a support for the dental cup, and consequently give it the massaging operation. I have Provided means for limiting backward longitudinal movement of the cup, and althoughthe cup is retained upon the brush head, still it maybe removed by the operator at will.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

I have illustrated my invention in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of my device;

Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 with the 50 cup being shown in section;

V 15 may be provided flared end additional strength for v this modified form of brush, may be of less r 1931.- serial-magmas. 5

1 Big. 3 isaview insection, takenLsubstan iallyronthe line QfFig-Q; Fig. f is a, sideelevationalview of 'thev br sh ndmeans for retain ng e c p in properposition when applied; i i.

Figi is se ion l i w of h o m o 1 p to be se wi h he b ush l a ed i Fig. 4';

Fig. e is a, bet-r m plan, view 1 of the a t illustrated: inFig. 5, and-shows-moreparticularly the serrated periphery; of. the cup Eigl T is-an elevational view of a modified f m of my i venti n Fig. 8is'aview. showing thebrushin 619- vation and the cup. in section.

-Asillust-ra ed. i F gs 1 an 2, 1 6 m: of my device comprises a metal shank .9-pro; 1 vided; with an offset beveled shoulder, 10 hav ing a peripheral groovev 11, another offset peripheral shoulder 12, and acrimpedportion 13 for engaging bristles 14:.

.Cup l zn e w t sbr sh, may be ma of ru be -Q11 ike at i nd may ermvided with an inwardly turned beadv 16' for ng gement by. groove I e me iat the en o up itw l b oted that, P 7: on 17 gh m g s s cr mpe Portio 3- and the intermediate and upper portions of I bristles; 1 1. Toward the lower end; of cup v 18 having av serrated internal; periphery 19 Which is of d ant e n e n and P hing e thl- 'may-be ote hat thew ls-q an 15 are thicker andheavier at point 20, and because of this, construction provide ditional support for bristles 141' and for the;

a e l d' a r I A odifi d form of my inventionis illusas in F gs- 7. a d nd mpn sas n .v

21 having a beveled and offset shoulder por- .9;

tion 22 and a crimped bristle engaging portion23. Y v v 1 It can v be seen that the cup 24 used with height than cup 15 used with the other form. Because of the frictional engagement of cup 15 on crimped portion 23, and also because of offset shoulder 22, the backward longitudinal movement of cup 24:; on crimped portion 23 is limited or entirely obviated. In .99

other respects cup 24 is similar to cup 15 in that it is provided with a flared end 25 having an internally serrated periphery 26. The modified form illustrated in Figs 7 and 8 may be used interchangeably with the form of brush and cup illustrated in the remaining figures, and will perform its functions when so used.

It can now be seen that the advantages 10 pointed out above are only a few of those V to be realized from the use of my apparatus. In addition to those, it will be noted that because of the simple construction the cup may be removed from eitherform and thus sterilization of the instrument may be greatly facilitated. However, because of the cheapness of construction, the cup and brush, may bediscarded after use, if sodesired; It can be seen also that because of the construction the cup will perform its functions in a better manner than if it were used alone, and the brush will likewise be used to a greater advantage than when it is used by itself.- In addition tothese advantages, the teeth may be cleaned; polished and brushed, and at the same tim'etheunder-inargins of the gums may be massaged so as to keep them in a healthy condition and free from pyorrhea.

It can readily be seen that various struc- 3 tural alterations may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention, and hence I'do not wish to be limited to the precise structural-details illustrated, but wish to avail myself of all changes coming within'the scope of the appended claims. V I

' Having now described my invention, what I claim as new and desireto secure by Letters Patent is:

40 11 In apparatus of the character described, the combination of a brush with adental cup having longitudinally extending internal circumferential serrations. Y

2.In an apparatus of the character -de-" 4 scribed,a dental cup having a longitudinal bore, a thickened'wall portion, and a flared end portion-having an internally longitudinally and v circumferentially serrated periph- An apparatus of the character described the combination of a brush having a shank and an offset peripheral shoulder having a groove therein, with a dental cup having a longitudinal bore and an inturned' bead there- "In testimony whereofI have signed my name to this specification.


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