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Publication numberUS1909280 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1933
Filing dateApr 5, 1932
Priority dateApr 5, 1932
Publication numberUS 1909280 A, US 1909280A, US-A-1909280, US1909280 A, US1909280A
InventorsKepley Harry H
Original AssigneeKepley Harry H
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Tie holder
US 1909280 A
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May 16, 1933.

H. KEPLEY TIE HOLDER Filed April ATTORNE Patented May is, 1933 v 1,909,280


Application filed April 5, 1932. Serial No. 603,371.

This invention relates to an improved holder as a whole, and which, in Figures necktie holder and'support, the purpose of l, 2, and 3, is stamped from a single piece the invention being to provide a holder so of metal, forming a body portion 2. pro constructed as to engage the collar button vided with an opening 3. This opening under the tie, with a sharpened point which consists of a circular part 4, which adjoins -50 pierces or enters the tie near the upper a restricted portion 5, the purpose of the part of the knot thereof, in combination circular part being to PEIIDlt'Of the pas.- with a torwardly'and downwardly disposed sage of the head of a collar button 7, so tongue upon which the knot of the tie rests, that by a downward movement of the body thereby supporting the knot and holding the of the holder the narrow portion of the :55 upper part of the knot in very close posiopening may engage with the shank of the tion to theupper edge of the collar, giving collar button, thereby preventing detachthe tie a neat appearance in every way. mcnt of the holder.

Another purpose is to provide a support In forming the holder the single piece or holder constructed from a single piece, ,of metal is bent at 8 to form a tongue 9 60 the sharpened prong being stamped out of Whi h is b v g y at 1 h t ng the single piece and up-struck from the inclines outwardly and downwardly and is holder to pierce the knot of the tie while adapted to engage under the knot 11 of the th f dl d d dl di d tle, thereby supporting the knot and holdtongue engages under and supports the knot. ing it in very close position adjacent the .65

By constructing the sharpened prong upper edge of the collar, where the two from the upwardly and downwardly exparts of the collar overlap, preventing the tending tongue as is shown, it is possible knot from fallingdown and insuring a neat to conserve considerably on the cost of manappearance on i the wearer. Struck up ufacturing the holder. from the tongue is a sharpened prong 12, 7o

It is to be understood that the particulars which is located at a point where the herein given are in no way liinitative, and tongue is slightly bent. This prong is re1athat while still keeping within the scope tively slim, tapered and sharpened, in order of the invention, any desired modification to. easily enter the knot ofthe tie, additionof details and proportions may be made in ally supporting the knot, as well as pre- 75 the construction of the appliance according venting the holder from tilting to one side to circumstances. 7 or the other relative to the collar button.

The invention comprises further features In Figure 4 the holder is slightly modiand combination of parts to be hereinafter fled to the extent that instead of the sharpset forth, shown in the drawing and claimed. ened prong being struck up from the 80 In the drawing tongue, the sharpened prong 13 in this in- Figure 1 isa view in perspective of the stance is in the form of a separate pin improved holder for ties. soldered or electrically welded to the Figure 2 is a sectional view on line 2-2 I tongue, otherwise the holder is substantially 40 of Figure 1. r the same as in Figures 1, 2 and 8'. 85

Figure 3 is an enlarged detail view of the The invention having been set forth, holder removed. -what is claimed is: I

Figure 4: is a View of a modified con Anecktie holder constructed "from asingle struction of holder. 7 piece of sheet metal, consisting of a body Referring to the drawing 1 identifies the having an opening for passage of the head fig of a collar button whereby a portion of the opening may receive the shank of the collar button, said body having a tongue bent torwardly and downwardly therefrom for engaging under the knot of a necktie whereby the knot may rest thereon for supporting the knot, and a sharpened prong rising from the tongue Where it is first bent downwardly and adapted to pierce the knot of the tie, thereby additionally insuring the supporting of the knot in a. substantially close position to the upper edge of a collar, as well as preventing the knot from loosening.

In testimony Whereoi I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification24/60
International ClassificationA41D25/00, A41D25/12
Cooperative ClassificationA41D25/12
European ClassificationA41D25/12