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Publication numberUS1910236 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1933
Filing dateMay 8, 1929
Priority dateMay 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1910236 A, US 1910236A, US-A-1910236, US1910236 A, US1910236A
InventorsComfort S Butler
Original AssigneeComfort S Butler
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Chemical test kit
US 1910236 A
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y 1933- c. s. BUTLER CHEMICAL TEST KIT Filed May 8, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l wE- u- May 23, 1933.

C. S. BUTLER CHEMICAL TEST KIT Filed May 8, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 fizz/e770? Patented May 23, 1933 COMFORT S. BUTLER, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CHEMICAL rns'r KIT 3 Application filed May 8, 1929. U Serial No. 361,374.

This invention relates to portable kits for containing and transporting the necessary equipment and materials for making various chemical tests. Certain equipment and sup- 5 plies are required for the making of various chemical tests, as for example,uronological tests, which have to be made by diabetics as a basis for regulation of their diets and treatment. These include certain equipment in the way of appliances for conducting tests, and supplies or materials for use in making the tests, and it is a matter of considerable diificulty for the individual to properly pack and transport the necessary equipment and supplies in such fashion as to preserve them against loss and breakage, and at the same time to have them convenient for daily or frequent use when traveling.

'A general object of the present invention is the provision of a kit particularly adapted for the packing and proper retention of necessary testing equipment and supplies in a fashion in which they are effectively secured and protected against loss and breakage, and at the same time are immediately and conveniently available for the making of tests.

Another object of the invention is to provision of such a kit which may be embodied in the form of a small piece of hand baggage, so that its special nature is not apparent.

Another object is the provision of such a kit which is adapted to function, not only as a container or means of packing and transporting the materials and equipment, but also as a small portable laboratory in which the tests may be conducted with maximum convenience and without special preparation or additional facilities.

Another object is the provision of a special test tube rack assembly containing a considerable number and variety of appliances in a very compact and immediately accessible arrangement in which the various articles are fully protected and by means of which they may be utilized with great convenience.

Another object is the provision of a special burner construction adapted for the utilization of partially oxygenated solid hydrocarbon fuels particularly adapted for con. venient and safe transportation and use in the making of chemical tests.

Otherand further objects will be pointed out or indicated hereinafter, or will be apparentupon' a full understanding of the invention or its employment in practice.

For the purpose of aiding in the disclosure of the invention, 1 show in the accompanying 6Q drawings forming part of this specification, certain embodiments of the kit and of its various features and components, but it is to be understood that these are presented for purpose of illustration and are not to be re garded as exhaustive of the various forms and arrangements in which the invention covered by the appended claims may be incorporated;

In said drawings,

Fig. 1 represents a top View of a kit embodying the invention, same being shown in a horizontal position with the cover or Work tray arranged in an open or extended position; and

Fig, 2 represents a sectional elevational view such as taken in part along the line 22 and in part along the line 22"'.

The making of various chemical tests requires, in addition to suitable receptacles, 8

such as test tubes, facilities for charging, heating and handling the same as well as supplies and various materials for conducting the tests. In the treatment of diabetes, fOIexalflPle, it is a quite general practice that the patient shall make uronological tests at frequent intervals, as, for example, daily. For the purposes of convenience and safety, particularly when traveling, and also for home use, it is quite desirable that the equipment and supplies be kept in proper condition for frequent use andthat they be immediately available. Particularly for the purposes of traveling, it is also important that the individual have suitable supplies of insulin, for example, that such supplies be preserved in proper condition against breakage and spoiling, and that they also be avail able for use conveniently.

The present invention provides a kit wherein all the necessary equipment, and supplies requisite for a considerable period of time, may be packed, transported and used with a maximum of security and convenience. The nature of the invention may be most quickly ascertained from a consideration of the illustrative embodiment shown in the drawings. In this the reference numeral 10 designates a rectangular box, which may be in the form and proportions of a small attache case, havingia shallow cover portion 11 hinged on one side.

- The box is subdivided by partitions a, Z), 0,

(Z, 6 and into a number of compartments of appropriate dimensions for containing the various packages of material and the several articles of equipment, the compartments 12 being adapted to accommodate bottles 14-, the compartment 15 to contain a package of fuel tablets 16, the compartment 17 to contain ap'ocket kit carrying the appliances requisite for the administration of insulin, the compartment 18 to contain a packet of gauze or cotton 19 and other articles, the compartment 20 to contain the test tube rack 21 and a box of safety matches 22, and the compartment 21 to contain packages of insulin 25. The connection of the cover to the box body is such'that when it is swung to an open position it may rest horizontally, as illustrated in Fig. 2, to constitute a tray or work table over which the tests may be conducted, and preferablyis lined inside with a sheet 26 of metal, such as aluminum. It also carries a clip 27 suitable for retaining an article or a packet 28. Also mounted on the cover is a burner 29, which will be described in detail later. The dimensions of these parts are such that when the cover is in the closed position, all the interior parts and contents of the box will be covered and enclosed and maintained against appreciable movement. The box may be kept closed by suitable latches 30 and may be carried, as a piece of small hand baggage, by means of the handle 31. V

The test tube rack assembly comprises a suitable block or casing 21 provided with bores 21, .open at the top and preferably closed at the bottom, and of such proportions as to receive the test tubes 3a with an easy sliding fit, such as will produce an air cushion effect when the tube is dropped into the bore. It is preferable that the tubes be supported by the contact of their flanges on the top of the rack, thus allowing for slight variations in the length of the tubes without crowding them against the bottoms of the bores. The dimensions of the block 21 are such that it will project laterally beyond the margins of the test tube flanges, thus to hold them out of contact with the walls and partitions of the box. The opposite sides of the block are bevelled as at 21" adjacent the openings of the bores, so as to permit the flanges of the tubes to be readily grasped by the fingers, when it is desired to withdraw the tubes. In one of the test tubes may be carried a test tube brush 35, in another a dropper 36, and in another a pair of small forceps or tweezers 37. By virtue of this assembly, the various articles, particularly the frangible tubes, are safely housed and held against rattling and contact with other contents, and yet are accommodated in a very small space in the closed box. The test tube holder 38, which is "of conventional design, may be carried convenientlyby clipping it onto the partition 0, as shown in Fig. 1.

The burner 29, which is especially'designed for the use of partially oxygenated-solid hydrocarbon fuels, such as hexamethylenetetramine, polymers of formaldehyde, solidified alcohols, and the like, intablet form, comprises a cup-like portion having an up standing burner plate support 29 in the middle, terminating at an appreciable distance from the upper margin of the cup. On this plate support is mounted a burner plate 29 which is a fiat plate of thin metal, preferably copper and which is adz'i-pted to be held in a substantially horizontal position when the cover and burner are in the working position. This burner plate is supported within the cup and at a sl'lbstantial distance below the upper rim thereof, and preferably has minimum heat conducting contact with its support, and is of such size as to afford a substantial space between its rim and the side of the cup which encompasses it. Its size should not be greatlyin excess of-the size of the fuel tablet F which'it is designed to use. 7 A tablet of fuel of the type indicated above being placed on the burner plate, it may readily be ignited from the flame of a match. In the process of combustion it generates a gas, and this is aided by the heat held in the burner plate 29", which, because of its sheltered location and association with. the cup wall, is adapted to hold the heat and contribute to the progress of the combustion. The air around the plate has free access to the tablet and rises with. the flame, the cool air being drawn down along the wall; of the cup and receiving a certain amount of preheating before it reaches the plate. Because of these factors and the sheltering of the flame and the tablet, the fuel will burn with a steady and united flame which rises to a' substantial distance above the cup, as indicated approximately by the "outline L in Fig- 2. I i p When the box is opened, with the cover in the working position, the test tube assembly may be swung up to a vet'rical position, as illustrated in Fig. 2, wherein the test tubes and the various articles inthem are in an easily accessible location, and it is maintainedin this position by the box and partition walls. A test tube may be withdrawn, the test tube holder 38 aflixed thereto and the test tube suitably charged and replaced in the rack in a fashion such as shown in Fig; 2 where it is securely maintained against up setting or spilling and is at the same time convenient to the hand. A fuel tablet being extracted from the container 16, may be placed on the burner plate and ignited, and the charged test tube can be lifted by the holder 38 and held in the flame for the proper heating.

Ihe dimensions of the block 21 are such that in the closed position of the box it is held against any substantial movement by the cover, and the bottles 14 are held against any substantial movement by means of a stop strip 39 carried on the cover as well as by the cooperating pressure of the cover and test tube holder 38. The insulin packages 25, of standard size, are also held against substantial movement by the cover and by their engagement in the compartment 2%, while the fuel container 16 is held against substantial movement by the burner, which, as will be observed in Fig. 2, occupies a position over it when the cover is closed.

It will be. observed that when in use the kit requires but very limited table space, and yet it provides all requisite space for the handling and working support for the materials and appliances in the making of the test. The burner per se forms the subject matter of a separate application.

What I claim is:

1. A portable chemical test kit comprising a box having a cover hinged thereto and adapted to occupy a horizontal position when open, and a burner mounted on the inside of the cover and adapted to be moved to a housed position within the box by the closing of the cover and to aworking position by the opening of the cover.

2. A kit as specified in claim 1 and wherein the box has a fuel compartment over which the burner rests when the cover is in closed position.

3. A portable chemical test kit comprising in combination, a box having a removable cover and affording a compartment, a test tube rack adapted to fit in said compartment and affording a protective support for a test tube, said test tube rack movable to occupy either a prone position or an upri ht position in the compartment, said compartment having walls arranged to retain the test tube rack against overturning,

adapted in its closed position to maintain the test tube holder against disengagement from the partition.

5. The combination as specified in claim 4.- including a clip carried on the cover in a position to maintain a packet in overlying relationship to the test tube holder.

6. A portable chemical test kit comprising a box having a cover hinged thereto and adapted to swing to a closed position over the box and to an open position wherein it affords a work tray, and a burner mounted on the inner side of the cover and movable thereby to a position within the box when the cover is closed and to a Working position over the work tray when the cover is open.

7. In a portable chemical test kit, the combination with a box affording a compartment, of a test tube rack removably fitting in said compartment and provided with openings for holding test tubes in parallel disposal.

8. A portable chemical test kit comprising a box having compartment adapted to accomodate bottles in either a prone or upright position, a cover hinged to the box and adapted to enclose and maintain the bottles in a prone position in the box, and a handle on the box whereby it may be carried with the bottle necks upward.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name.


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