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Publication numberUS1910773 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1933
Filing dateMar 31, 1930
Priority dateApr 6, 1929
Publication numberUS 1910773 A, US 1910773A, US-A-1910773, US1910773 A, US1910773A
InventorsRichard Richter
Original AssigneeRichard Richter
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Show case
US 1910773 A
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May 23, 1933. R|HTER 1,910,773

snow CASE Filed March 51, 1930 t'vacca [uni/I Patented May 23 1933 UNITED STATES RICHARD RICHTER, or oE sN1Tz EzGB,eERnANY" i SHOW CASE Applicatlonfiled March 31,1930, Serial minds, and in Germany Ap1 i1;6, 192s.

This invention relates to a show-case intended for exposing to view goods of all kinds that can be housed in a show-case, and the characteristic features of the present im- 5 proved show-case are these that it is composed of a plurality of individual small cases, each of which is provided with a front glass pane and with a rear wall that is adjustable with respect to said pane.

This subdivision of the otherwise used large front pane makes it possible to dispense with such an expensive pane, and exchanging the goods in the several compartments of the show case is facilitated; and as l the rear wall of each compartment is adjustable, as stated, it is possible to press the goods against the appertaining pane by means of the appertaining rear wall, whereby they are securely retained in place, and in the case of suchgoods as, for instance, lentils, beans, peas, and the like Ia, only a very small amount thereof is necessary to make the respective compartment or compartments appear as completely filled, as the rear wall of that compartment or those compartments can stand in very close proximity to the appertaining front pane or panes. s The invention is illustrated diagrammatically and by way of example on the accompanying drawing, on which Figure 1 is a front view of a showcase designed according to this invention, this case, or main case or multiple case, being composed in this example of 5 superposed compartment cases.

- through the show case and showing a storage unit partially inserted within the same.

Fig. 3 is a group View of the elements forming one of my improved storage units.

The several compartment cases d are preferably housed in a common casing a having at its front a frame b by which the cases d are retained in said casing. There are in this casing or main case a, of a pane e firmly fication, only a thin layerthereof is neces- Fig. 2 1s a transverse sectional view taken and prevented from leaving their places.

fastenedjatthe front of'the compartment case, and of an adjustable rear wall or backing plate 9 which can be adjusted relatively to said pane and can be secured inits adjusted position by the elastic members The elastiomembers are secured to a rigid member 11 which has'its ends engagingthe teeth It. The member i can be adjusted therefore by placing it in the different teeth in order that the elastic memberstmay have sufficient pressure vto hold the rear wallor backing plate in-place. The ends of this member engage ledges n resembling racks having ratchet teeth, and the rear wall g is of such proportions as to be shiftingly applied to the interior of a case, the member 2" having, of course, been removed prior thereto and being re-inserted when the adjustment has been made. 7 r.

' There are two members i which are each provided with a spring, which engage in the recesses h in the opposite walls of the unit, whereby the rear wall 9 is yieldingly pressed against goods or articles displaced in the interspacebetween the glass front 6 and the rear wall g.

It is obvious that the distance between the panes and the rear walls can be varied as desired or required or best suited to the goods to be exposed to view in the individual compartments of the show-case, and that in the case of certain vegetables, as mentioned in the introductory part of this specisary. Besides, the contentsof the compartments is securely protected from dust and other impurities, and the goods enclosed be-- tween the parts 6 and g are held fast by them,

The pane 6 may be provided with a frame f of its own inserted, of course, into the respective compartment frame 01.

I claim:

1. A show case comprising a. casing having top, bottom, side and rear walls and an open front, storage units therein, each of said storage units comprising a rectangular frame, 7 a pane firmly fastened at the front of the frame, toothed members on the inner walls of the ends of the frame, a backing plate slidmo able in the frame and in position parallel with. the pane and adapted to hold material to be displayed against said pane, a member hav-- ing its ends anchored in the toothed members,v an elastic member carried thereby bearing against the backing plate for holding it in operative position, and a rectangular open frame of the same Width and height as the casing and hinged thereto at one of its marginal edges, thevinner portions of said last frame projecting inwardly of the side walls: of the casing to engage said storage units and retain them in the casing.

2. In a device of the kind described, a storage unit including a frame having end, top: and bottom walls and being open at the rear, a glass closing the front of said frame, toothed members on the inner walls of the ends of the frame, abacking plate slidable in the frame and positioned parallel with the glass to hold material thereagainst, a rigid member having its ends anchored in the toothed members, and a spring carried by the rigid member and bearing against the backing plate.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification312/117, 211/184
International ClassificationA47F3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47F3/00
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