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Publication numberUS1910923 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1933
Filing dateJun 4, 1932
Priority dateJun 4, 1932
Publication numberUS 1910923 A, US 1910923A, US-A-1910923, US1910923 A, US1910923A
InventorsKerr William J
Original AssigneeKerr William J
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Toy wind-wheel
US 1910923 A
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May 23, 1933. w J, K 1,910,923

TOY WIND WHEEL Filed June 4, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ammmtoz K William (Z /Z7977" t I v an, I Vw mice/nap.

W. J. KERR TOY WIND WHEEL May 23, 1933.

Filed June 4, 1952 2 Sheets-Sheet Eli .5.

amwwtoz W Q'ZZL'am J lfrr s2, I I

' Gama o.

Patented May 23, 1933 mam-m PATENT 1 an or u mon, rENnsYLvAnm TOY IND-WHEEL The invention relates windwheels of the 1 type in which the wheel is carried by in a s dange ingle box,flcarton or the like, there is r of the handles of some injuringthe wind-wheels of others. 1 i It is the principal object of my invention however to overcome this. difficulty by providing a toy in two separate units which may be'readily asse1nbled by; the retailer, oneof'the units including the handle while the other includes the wheel.

fore b Pluralities of theseunits may theree separately packed and shipped with less danger of injury andsaidunits may be quickly and easily assembledfor sale.

1 Further objects are to PIOVldG an excep: tionally simple and inexpensive assembly of wind-wheel and hub,to provide simple and inexpensive, yet. eflicient bearing means for mounting the wheel with as little friction as possible ina cheap toy, and to provide a new and very 1 decorative wind wheel formed from 1 With the foregoing in view, the

sheet material. 7

invention resides in the: novel. subject matter hereinafter described andclaimed, description being accomplished by reference-to the.acco1n panying drawingtion.


1 is a front elevation showingwa toyconstr noted in accordancewith the inven-i 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view online12-2of Fig. 1. i

l 1 Fig 3;;is 'ajiverti'cal transverse sectional view on line 3-3Sof: Fig. 2. i 1

- Fig i Fig 4 is a perspective view of-a washer dif- . 6 is a vertical section on=line 6 6:of

1 Fig. 7 is an elevation of the two attached sheets are formed. i

Fig. Fig. 7. Pre

of which the wind-wheels of Fig.6

8 is a sectional view online of ferred constructions have been shown 1932; Serial N0. 615,430. 1

and will tflbcifichi described, with the l said hub; being of longitudinally stepped form providing it :With. a large end 6, with a small end 7, with a large shoulder 8 and with a small "shoulder 9. 1Q denotes a thin disk of celluloid or the like from which the wind-wheel is formed, said sheet being slit andbent to provide wind vanes 11 Whose ends 12are overlapped. Disk 10is formed with a central opening 13through which the hub 5 passes, said disk lying against the shoulder 8. H The overlapped vane ends 12 areformed with alined openings 13 through which. the small end 7 of. the hub passes, andfor holding these ends substantially! against the shoulder 9, a metal sleeve 14 is forced frictionally onto the aforesaid hub end If desired, asrnaller wind-wheel 15 may be disposed in. advance of the main wheel being spacedforwardly from the latter su fficientlyyto clear the same. To so spacethe two wheels,the small end 7 of the contact lightly with the front extremity of the hub end 7 and may be rotatably mounted on aynail 16 driven into said hub end 7 When the extra wheel 15 is employed, it will be observed that themetal sleeve 14 Swill. preventsplitting of the hub 5 when driving the nail 16 into the latter. L

The ,hub 5is formed with a cylindrical socket 17 which; is disposed centrally and opens through the rear end of said hub. Receivable snugly in this socket, is a plug 18 which is rotatably mounted on the front portion of a. shaft 19, this shaft being rigidly carried by an elongated handle 20. As manufactured, the parts18, 19 and 20 and the bearing means for the former, constitute one unit of the toy, while the hub 5 and the Wind-wheel or wheels carried thereby, con stitute the other unit. These units may be shipped separately in numbers and may be quickly andcasily assembled for sale, simply by tightly forcing the plug 18 of the one unit into the socket 17 of the other unit. By preference, the plug 18 is of hexagonal or similar form in transverse section, providing it with a plurality of longitudinal ridges 21 which tightly engage the wall of the cylindrical socket 17 when forcing said plug into said socket. The plug 18 may well be of such size as to cause the ridges 21 to form grooves in the socket wall. when plug and hubare forced together, thereby establishing a tenacious connection between the two.

The shaft 19 is provided with a pointed front end 22 and with an outstanding annular flange 23, the latter being between the ends of said shaft. The plug .18 is in the form of a metal sleeve receiving the front portion of the shaft 19, said sleeve having a closed, preferably conical front end forming a bearing socket or center 24 engaging thepointed shaft end 22. A washer 25 loosely surrounds the shaft 19 and lies loosely against the rear side of the flange 23, and

flanges or tongues 26 are bent inwardly from therear end of the sleeve or plug 18, said flanges or tongues engaging the rear side of said washer. The plug or sleeve 18, washer 25 and shaft'19 are thus held properly assembled, and said plug or sleeve may rotate freely upon said shaft.

In Figs. 5 and 6,1 disclose a hub 5 mounted upon ,a handle stick 20 by means of a bearing structure 27 which may be considered as identical with that above described. The hub 5 is provided with any desired number of radial arms 28, and each of these arms, as well as the front end of the hub 5, carries a windwheel 29. Each of the wind-wheels 29 is compose of two superposed sheets 30-31, glued or otherwise secured together and radially split as at 32, so that the corners may be folded into overlapping relation with each other and so held by a pivot pin 33. The sheet 30 is preferably of thin celluloid or the like of an attractive color or colors, said sheet beingpre'ferably imperforate, with the exception of openings 34 and 34 to receive the pivot pin. The sheet 31 contrasts in appearance withthe sheet 30 preferably by being a different color or colors therefrom, and this sheet 31 is provided wit-h various openings through which parts .of the sheet 30 can be seen. -Obviously', these openings may be of any desired shapes, sizes and locations, but for illustrative purposes, I have shown each quarter of the sheet 31 formed with an arcuate slot 35 and with a plurality of circular holes 36. By providing the apertured sheet 31 secured upon the other sheet 30, the two sheets being of contrasting appearance, very pleasing results are obtained. The sheet 31 may be of thin paper, tin-foi1 or any other desired material.

scope of the invention as claimed, variations may be made.

I claim 1. A toy composed of two separate units; one of said units comprising a wind-wheel having a hub whose rear end is provided with a central socket; the other of said units comprising a handle, a plug readily insertible forwardly into and of a size to be frictionally held in the aforesaid socket, and means rotatably mounting said plug on said handle. v

2. A toy composed of two separate units; one of said units comprising a wind-wheel having a hub whose rear end is provided with a central cylindrical. socket; the other of said units comprising a handle, a plug readily insertible forwardly into the aforesaid socket, said plug being flat-sided to provide it with longitudinal ridges at the junctures of its flat sides and being of a size to cause tight frictional engagement between said ridges and the socket side wall, and means rotatably mounting said plug onsaid handle. I

3. A toy comprisinga rotatably mounted hub of'longitudinally stepped form providing it with a large and a small'end, and with a large and a small shoulder, a wheelformingdisk lying against said large shoulder and having an opening through which said hub passes, said disk being slit and bent to provide vanes whose ends overlap, said overlapped vane ends having openings receiving the small end of said hub, and means holding said vane ends upon said small hub end. i

4:. A toy comprising a rotatably mounted hub of longitudinally stepped form providing it with a large'and a small end,'and with a large and a small shoulder, a wheelforming disk lying against said large shoulder and having an opening through which said hub passes, said disk being slit and bent to provide vanes whose ends overlap, said overlapped vane ends having openings receiving the small endof said hub, and a sleeve frictionally surrounding said small end of said hub and holding said vane ends thereon. v

5. A wind-wheel mounting comprising a handle a shaft projecting rigidly therefrom, said shaft having a pointed front end and an outstanding annular flange between its ends, a Washer loosely surrounding said shaft and lying loosely against the rear side of said flange, a wheel independent of said washer, and a sleeve carrying said wheel and receiving the front portion of said shaft, said sleeve having a closed front end formed with a bearing socket engaging said pointed front end of said sleeve, said washer being received within the rear end of said sleeve, said rear end of the sleeve having inwardly bent portions engaging the rear side of said Washer.

6. In a toy wind-wheel, a flexible sheet radially slit and having corner portions folded substantially upon themselves to form wind vanes, and another sheet con-v trasting in color to the first mentioned sheet and similarly slit and folded, said other sheet being secured against one side of said first named sheet, one of said sheets having various openings through which portions of the othersheet are visible.

7. A toy composed of two separate units;

one of said units comprising a hub, and a forward insertion into and flexible sheet slit radially and having corner portions folded substantially upon themselves, said sheet and hub being connected to form a wind wheel, said hub being provided with a central socket having an open rear end; the other of saidunits comprising ahandle stick, a pin projecting laterally from said handle stick, and a tubular plug surrounding and rotatably mounted on said pin, said tubular plug being of a size for snug reception in said socket.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature. V


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