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Publication numberUS1912118 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1933
Filing dateApr 1, 1931
Priority dateApr 1, 1931
Publication numberUS 1912118 A, US 1912118A, US-A-1912118, US1912118 A, US1912118A
InventorsJoseph H Allen
Original AssigneeInland Glass Works Inc
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Advertising device
US 1912118 A
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` .May 30, 1933.


This invention relates in general to display devices and has more particular reference to an illuminated globe or shade particularly well adapted for night advertising, as in shop windows, on store counters, etc. The device, however, is not restricted to interior advertising and in fact may be used outdoors for display purpose, as on the top of gasoline pumps at filling stations and other outdoor purposes.

In a device of this general character, it is usual to form an advertisement or other subject matter of display on the lamp shade or globe in such a way that the same is illuminated in an eye-arresting manner, so'that the attention of the casual observer will be attracted to the subject matter of display.

An important obj ect of the present invention is to provide a device of the class described wherein advertisement or other subject matter of display carried by the device may be quickly and easily changed, so as to give the device ready adaptability as an advertising medium.

In globes of this general character heretofore provided, it has been customary to form the subject-matter of display permanently on the lamp shade, as by painting the sign directly on the glass of which the globe is usually formed, and then fusing the paints into the glass by treatment. It has also been proposed to permanently paste signs upon the surface of the globe. In any event the devices heretofore provided have afforded no means for readily changing the advertisement carried by the globe, and it is an important object of my present invention to form the globe so as to detachably receive a sign placard, containing a desired display subjectY matter thereon, so that the placard may be readily demounted from or assembled in position in the globe.

Another object is to form the advertisement on a cheap sheet material so as to render the signs extremely inexpensive as far as the individual advertisements are concerned, and hence to expand the utility of the'device by making it possible to use the device inexpensively to display any number of different advertisements, the changeable feature having great advantages where the device is i931. serial no. 526,944.'

used as anadvertising medium. The possibility of employing the device in bringing a desired series or sequence of related advertisements beforethe observing public, it is thought, will be understood .by those familiar with the art of advertising.

Another object is to heuse the vadvertising placards within the lamp globe kso thatlthe same may be protected from dust and from dirt, and the weather, if the device is used outdoors.

Numerous other objects and vadvantages will be understood from the following description, which, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, discloses a preferred embodiment of my invention.

Referring to the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view, showing the front elevation of a display device embodyksubject-matter is adapted to be shown. The

lamp shade or globe 11 has a relatively narrow neck 15 in-its lower end, the same being adapted for engagement and support on a standard or vbase 17. A light producing source comprising, in the illustrated embodiment,l an incandescent lamp 19 is sup-ported within the globe, asby the socket 21 carried by the base V17 andrextending through the neck 15 of the globe. rlhe flat faces 13 of the globe are preferably defined by inner grooves 23 formed in the globe itself in such a way as to define internal pockets 25 on opposite sides of the globe. These pockets are adapted to detachably receive placards27 to hold the same with their outer faces in contact with the inner surface of the iattened portions 13. The flattened portions 13 are also preferably transparent, so that, when the lamp within the globe is illuminated, the display of subject matter 28, carried on the placards 27, will be Vclearly visible from outside the globe. 10|


will be made visible;

The remaining portions of the globe may be formed of opaque glass.

I am also able to obtain startling effects by slightly frosting the portions 13 behind which the cards are arranged. If the surfaces 13 are slightly frosted, the sign 28y will be quite invisible when the lamp 19 is dark, but will easily show through the frosting when the lamp is lighted. alternately flashing the lamp on and olf the advertising subject inatter 28 contained on the cards 27 may be made to appear and disappear as if by magic.

The lamp 19 may be flashed by any suitable or convenient means, as by a manually or automatically operating switch inthe power snpply circuit l32. The flasher, however,

vis preferably of the automatic type andmay bebuilt ldirectly into the lamp support base,

'as indicated 'at 33. y

It is also possible to paint or otherwise form, preferably in a transparent medium or light colored pafint,rad`vertising matter 31 in the Lother surface of the portion 13, so that, when the lamp is 4xon within the globe, this additional subject matter of display only will be visible to the observer.

lAs soon as the light 19 is illuminated, however, the message painted on the outside of the vsurface 13, being formed in relatively transparent media, will become invisible while the sign contained on the placard 27 Such a combination is of special 'utility where it is desired to pr'esent advertising in the form of questions and answers. lThe attention-getting `questions may be formed 'in transparent media on the outer surface of the display portion 13, so

:that the attention 0f an observer will be drawn to -the device, and the advertising anstver to the question may be placed on the placard 27 within the globe, so that, when the light 19 is illuminated, the lobserver will be presented with the answer to the attentionarresting question, and in this way the de-V sired advertising will be most successfully presented. Y

It is possible, by using the device hereto- -lfore described, 'to employ unique designs in The `application of the placard requires no skill, since it is merely necessary to dem'ount the globe from the standard and snap the placard in place with its ed-ges lying in the retaining groove 23.

It is thought that the invention and numerous of its attendant advantages `will be clearly understood from the foregoing dej `s`cription, 'and it is 'obvious that lnumerous changes maybe made in the form, construc- -i tion and arrangement of the several parts without departing from the spirit or scope of my invention or sacrificing any of its attendant advantages; the form herein described being a preferred embodiment for the purpose of illustrating my invention. i Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is as follow:

1. A display device comprising a glass lamp shade having a translucent ldisplay portion means forming subject-matter for :i

display on the outer surface of said lamp shade and integral portions at the edges of said display portion and forming a groove on the inner Aside `of the lamp shade for engaging and retaining the enge of a sign card carrying additional subject-matter for display within ,the lamp shade in order te retain the card against the inner side of the display portion in position to ibe viewed therethrough.

2. A display device comprising a glass envelope having a translucent display portion and an inwardly opening peripheral groove on the inner side of the envelope and bordering the edges of said display portion for engaging Iand retaining the edge of a sign card to lretain, the sam'e within the envelope in position behind the'display portion to'be viewed therethrough;

3. -A display device comprising a glass envelope formed with an inwardly opening circular groove on the inside of 'the envelope adjacent a display portion, behind which a member, carrying subject matter lto be displayed, may be mounted in position to be i" jviewed therethrough from outside the envelope by engaging the edgesjof the member within the groove.

,4; A display device comprisinga glass globe having a display portion and means formed in the globe for demountably securing a sign-carryingmember carrying indicia for display behind said display portion,

means forming an outer sign across said 'dis-y play portion in front of said sign-carrying nieinberin position clearly visible from outside ofthe globe when the same is unlighted, said outer sign ,being formed in semi-transparent media whereby when the lglobe is in-- ternally illuminated the outer sign will seem to disappear and be replaced by the subjectmatter of display contained in said member, and means forming a translucent film in iie front'of th'e indicia of the sign-carrying meini ber when mounted behind the display portion, the translucence of the film being such 'as to hide th'e indicia of the sign-carrying member from view through the display portion when the globe is not internally illuinition along one vertical axial plane and a substantially flattened or ovoidal cross-sectional configuration in another vertical axial plane, said envelope being formed with an inwardly opening annular groove, on the inside of the envelope and extending in a plane substantially parallel with the plane of a medial, vertical section of the globe, for engaging and retaining the edge of a sign carrying member mounted within the lamp shade in order to secure the member within the shade with its sign-carrying surface against the inner surface of the display portion in position to be viewed therethrough.

6. A display device comprising a glass lamp shade having a translucent display portion, means forming subject-matter for display on the outer surface of said lamp, and integral inwardly extending portions at the edges of said display portion for engaging and retaining the edge of a sign card, carrying additional subject-matter for display, within the lamp lamp shade in order to retain the card against the inner surface of the display portion in position to be viewed therethrough and intermittently actuated light producing means within the shade.

7. A. display device comprising a glass envelope adapted to contain a source of illumination and having a translucent display portion, means forming subject matter for display on the outer surface of said envelope and means forming an integral inwardly opening annular groove in said envelope bordering said display portion for engaging and retaining the edge of a sign card carrying additional subject matter for display within the envelope in` position behind the display portion to be viewed therethrough from outside of the envelope.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name.


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