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Publication numberUS1912710 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1933
Filing dateJun 4, 1932
Publication numberUS 1912710 A, US 1912710A, US-A-1912710, US1912710 A, US1912710A
InventorsM. F. Kennedy
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US 1912710 A
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June 6, 1933. M, F. KENNEDY 1,912,710


The present invention relates to the construction of books and is particularly adapted to the production of books adapted to the preservation in connection therewith of separate items, such as cards, photographs, newspaper clippings, and the like, which have relation to the book contents proper.

The invention provides an inexpensive book cover, readily bound with the leaves and permitting great latitude as to expense without sacrifice of utility and appearance.

One of the typical purposes served by a construction embodying the invention is as a memorial book. After a funeral, for instance, it is customary for the director to remove from floral pieces sent by friends the cards bearing expressions of sympathy and turn the cards over to the bereaved for preservation. Funeral directors often furnish to the family of the deceased a book containing data of the services, persons present, minister officiating, Scripture passages read, songs sung, etc. Such a book, bound as contemplated by this invention, affords means for preserving such cards, pressed sprays from the flowers, photographs, letters of condolence, newspaper clippings, etc., in a protected but readily accessible condition. I V

The objects of the. invention are attained by employing for the book cover an ordinary end flap envelope, preferably with flaps at each end, and folding the same transversely along the medial line. Suitably printed sheets are then folded along a medial lineto form the book leaves and these folded sheets are then stitched or otherwise bound within the cover along the respective lines of fold. The result is a book construction having on the inside on the front and back cover pockets closed by flaps.

The cost of production may be varied by employing for the cover envelopes of differing material, ordinary tough manilaipaper, plain or embossed or colored in imitation of leather, leatherette or leather. The effect of a padded cover may be produced by inserting within the envelope before binding a sheet of felt or other suitable filling ma- 1932. Serial No. 615,276.

terial. The envelope becomes the cover of the book, an integral part which can only be removed by the virtual destruction-of the book. i

In order to facilitate an understanding of the invention, a preferred embodiment of the same is set forth in the accompanying drawing, wherein p Fig. l is a perspective view showing the relation between the leaves and the book cover;

Fig. 2 is a section on the line 22 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1. I

The book cover comprises as shown an ordinary envelope 11 having the two sides folded over and pasted down as indicated at 12 to form a top and bottom sheet of material 11 and 11" open at the two ends. At the ends the lower sheet. of material 12 is folded over to form the flaps 13 overlying the upper face of the envelope and adapted to be held closed by the cord 14: engaging about the two buttons 15 and 16 which are permanently secured to the flap and to the body portion of the envelope respectively. Thus far described, we have an ordinary double flap envelope providing an interior space extending from end to end and side to side and closed off at the end by the two flaps.

Sheets of paper 17 for forming the book leaves are folded along a medial. line 18 and the envelope cover is likewise folded along a medial line intermediate the flap ends. The folded sheets are bound to and within the envelope cover in any suitable manner, a

accessible upon the opening of the flaps 13.

I claim:

1. In a book construction, an envelope having an end flap with flap-securing means, the envelope being folded along a median transverse line with the flap inside, and leaves likewise folded along a median'line and stitched to the envelope along the lines of fold whereby to constitute of the envelope a double thickness book cover with an inside pocket maintained in closed condition when the book is opened.

2. 111 a book construction, an envelope having an end flap at each end with flapsecuring means, the envelope being folded along a median transverse line with the flap inside, and leaves likewise folded along a median line and stitched to the envelope along the line of fold, whereby to constitute of the envelope a double thickness book cover with two inside pockets maintained in closed condition when the book is opened.

3. In a book construction, a two-ply cover folded along a median line upon inserted leaves stitched thereto along said line of fold, the front and back inside cover of the book provided with pockets between the plies open to the edges thereof and equipped with flaps, and flap-securing means maintaining the flaps in closed position indepenlilently of the opening and closing of the boo In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name.


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