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Publication numberUS1913079 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1933
Filing dateNov 5, 1931
Priority dateNov 5, 1931
Publication numberUS 1913079 A, US 1913079A, US-A-1913079, US1913079 A, US1913079A
InventorsMartin Hegge
Original AssigneeMartin Hegge
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Fountain toothbrush
US 1913079 A
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June 6, 1933. M. HEGGE 1,913,079


Patented June 6,1933 I i i 3 form of fountain toothbrush einbo i: marminmen ornos andnnnehcnmrdm i II CURTAIN moments: V

epi iicajt iohfi ed No ember 5, iaanss nai no, 573,251 I V 5 This invention relates to and has for a brokenaway, ofthe form of tooth brush purpose theprovision of a toothbrush with shown in Figure 8 which means is associated in a manner to 1' Referring speeificallyto the dravvingmnd ena les: stream of water to be delivered in particularlyto Figures'l, 2, and 3, in which 1 proximit to the brushvbr'istles while the similar reference characters designate simi brush isheingmanipulated in the mouth, so lar-parts in each of the several views, iny that any foreignfsubstances on thesurfaces inventionfiin its present embodiment comof the 'teethg and gums can betbrushed and prisesabodyB preferably formed "of rubrinsed therefrom and from *the mouth folher or other-suitable resilientor elastic ma m lowing the opeation of brushingthe teeth terial. The body is substantiallyju-shaped 60 with a suitable cleaning powder orfi pa'ste, to in cross section to provide spaced apart the end of leaving'fthe mouth clean and resilient portions or jaws 10 and 11, and a w 11/ t 5 connecting portion'12. Through thepor- It isa further purpose of this invention to tions lland 12 extends a duct 13 the outlet provideia tountain attachment capable of end 14 of which opensto one end of the being applied to andremoved from a tooth body at" its connectingport-ion"12.'. To the brush with the utinostfeiase and dispatch, inlet endy 15 of thduct 13 is connected one the attachmentwhen infepplied position enend'of conduit 16 intheform of a length abling water fromahonvenientsource of of flexible rubbertubing, theiopposit'e end "supply'su h asva' faucetftobe delivered to of which isadapted topbe"connected to a the brush'in such proximity" tothe bristles sourceof watersupply' under pressure such that as the teeth and guns are being brushed, asa faucet, for the delivery of water from they will be thoroughly rinsedof anyforeign the faucet to the body and its ejection there-Q matter thereoni j 7 from in a single stream. n, i n, F 1 fbrm of thi invention willnow be This form ofinyfinvention which is in the d s ribed E and th novel features thereof nature of a fountain attachment for a tooth pointed out in c'lainisifl y br sh is applied t0 the latter by spreading Inthe accompanying-drawi i theportions lO and 11a suificient amount to Figure 1 is a view showing in lan one permit the insertionof the attenuated porying my t1on17 connectingthe bristlecarrying head inv ntion, 1 r i i 18andhandle m tooth brush T. hWith Fi 21 a'view in side" elevation partly the attenuated portion 17 reeeivedjbetween broken away, of the fountain toothbrush the portions 10 and 11 of the body B, the ShOWHiIl Figure 1." I portions are releasedand thereby permitted Figul- 3 igmtfansWrs seetional iew to co-actin gripping the portion 17 to Se 5 taken on theline 3-3 of Figurefl curely clamp the body to the brushes shown Figure 1 is" a viewin side elevzition partly in Figures 1,2, and 1. With the body thus broken away,' of"a second forrnfof fountain applied to the brush, the outlet 14 of the tooth brush embodying myinvention.v duct 13 will be disposed adjacent the heel Figure 5 --is-a-transversef sectional view end'of the brush bristles forthe delivery ttgk nbn th li 5%5 fFig r 4; j of a stream of water proximity to the Figurefiis a View inf'de elevation partly bristles, so that as the brush is manipulated broken away, ofa third jforrn'oflfountain in the mouth to brushtheteeth following toothbrush embodyingmy'iinventionl the "useof dental paste or powder thereon,

Figure 7 is atransversesectional iew the teeth,gurns, and, the'entire interior of taken onthe'jline T-'7"ofFigure 6. f the mouth can be "thoroughly rinsed of any Figure 8 is agfragrnentary plan viewof femignmmfl so asto leave the mouth ena fourth former fountain toothbrush emtirely sanitary.

bodying my inventionffand l Referring now FigureQisa viewfinside elevation partly herein shown'asecond orIn arm invention n also in the nature of a fountain attachment for a conventional tooth brush, which comprises a body B constructed of elastic rubber, or other suitable resilient material. The body B is of U-shape in cross section to provide spaced apart resilient portions 10 and 11 and a connecting portion 12*,pro-

vided with a longitudinal recess opening to the space between the portions 10 and 11, as shown in Figure 5. A conduit 21 in the form of a length of flexible rubber tubing is adapted to be received and clamped in the recess 20 when the body B is applied to-the tooth brush T as shown in Figures sand 5, and the outlet end of the tubing is provided; with a flange 22 which co-acts with the body to prevent withdrawal of the tubing from the recess. The body is applied to the toothbrush by spreading the portions 1Q and 11}. sufficiently to rec ive theattenuated portion 23 of the brush, following which the portions 10? and 11 are released to cause the portions to, co act in gripping the portion 23 and thus-detachably securing the body to the brush with the outlet end of the tubing 21 disposed for the. delivery of a stream of at'erto the, bristles otthe brush to, rinse the mouth in the manner previously described. Y I Referring now to Figures 6. and; 7, I have herein, shown, third term of my invention also in the nature of a fountain. attachment for a conven tional tooth brush. I Thi form of my invention comprises a, tubular. body B in thefo-rmof an annu us of elastic rub ber or. otherfs uitable resilient material; of an internal diameter to, freely receive the handle24 ofa tooth brushT. nconj inction with the body B? I provid t Conduit in the. form of a length of flexible rubber tub ing 25. having at one end a short section 0t hardrubber tubing 26. i

This form, of my invention is applied to the tooth brush T by first inserting the handle 2i through the openingin the. bodyB and then insertingthe section 26 of the tubing 25 through the opening by expanding or. stretching the body, thus causing. the body and the, tubing to be, secured tothe brush with. the outlet end of thesection 26 disposed adjacent the heel end of the brush bristles for the delivery of a stream of, water to the bristles when the tubing is connected to a suitable source of water supply.

Reference will now be had to Figures 8 and 9 wherein is shown a. fourth form of the invention requiring slight modification of a conventional toothbrush which has. its

bristle carrying head 27 provided adjacent tlie heel end of the brush bristles. with a, slot 28 exending. longitudinally of the head;

ot has relatively, enlarged and reduced portions 29 and 30 respectively, the enlarged portion 2.9 freely receiy-ing one end of a, length of flexible. tubing 31 proa the thickness oftthe head 27 so as to dispose the outlet end of the tubing 31 at such angle that when the tubing is connected to a suitable source of water supply, water will be delivered in proximity to the bristles for rinsing-of the oath the manner set forth in, qo nectionwith th fir t form o my: nv tionit 'Alfl q l h @1 5 tou orms f. o nta tooth. bri shlmnbodyingr this invention have be n shown a seriliediti o b u dertead th r s s l -gee an m fica ions may be made therein without departing from thespiritof the invention, and the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I claim; 1 fountain attachment for brushes comprising a U-shaped body of resilient material providing spaced apart resilient portions adapted to be spread: to receive and grip. the handle of a brush to securethe bodyto t -hehandlethe body. having a duct formed therein and the, duct being provided with an inlet and an outlet disposed for the delivery of water in proximity to'the brush bristles when the bodyis. applied to. the brush, and a conduit CQIi-BBCted. to the body in, communication with the inlet Off the duct 2. A fountain attachment tor brushes comprising aresilient body of U,-form in cross section. providing spaced apart'jaws and a connecting portion co-.a cting; to; receive and grip abrush handle tosecure the body to. theihandle, the body havinga duct extending through One 0t its jaws. and the connecting portion with the outlet of the duct disposed; for the delivery of; waterin proximity to, the. brush, bristles. when the body is applied to the brush, and a flexible tubeconnected to the-body in communication with the inlet of theduct;

3. A brush havinga. handle projecting from the bristle carrying head thereof andprovided With av longitudinally extending slot adjacent the bristles, the slot having; relatively enlarged and reduced portions. along insertablethrough the enlarged portion of; the slot for clamping by its reduced; portion when the tubing is. shifted along the. length of the slot into thereduced portion thereof; A brush aving: a h n e pr jec ng from, the bristle carryinghead; thereof and provided with a longitudinallyextending slot, adjacennthe bristles, the slothaying, relits length, and a. length offlexible tubing atively enlarged and reduced portions along its length, anda length of flexible tubing ins'ertable through the enlarged portion of the slot for clamping b its reduced portion when the tubing is shi ted along the length of theslot into the reduced portion thereof, the tubing having an outwardly projecting flange thereon providing a stop for preventing Withdrawal of the tubing from the reduced portion of the slot.

5. A brush having a handle projecting from the bristle carrying head thereof and provided With a slot adjacent the bristles, and a length of flexible tubing, the slot being of decreasing width longitudinally for the clamping of one end a of the tubing against displacement in the smaller end of the slot' to secure the tubing to the brush with the outlet of the tubing disposed for the delivery of Water in proximity to the brush bristles.

6. A fountain attachment for toothbrushes comprising a substantially U-shaped body of elastic rubber defining a connecting portion and a pair of spaced apart portions capable of being spread sufiiciently to receive a toothbrush handle and to grip the latter when said pair of portions are released; and a length of flexible tubing, said connecting portion of the body having a recess opening to the space between said pair of portions to receive the tubing when the pair of portions are spreadapart, and to grip the tubing when the pair of portions are released and are gripping the toothbrush handle, whereby to secure the body to the handle and the tubing to the body. a


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