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Publication numberUS1913969 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1933
Filing dateApr 24, 1930
Priority dateApr 24, 1930
Publication numberUS 1913969 A, US 1913969A, US-A-1913969, US1913969 A, US1913969A
InventorsWood Basil B
Original AssigneeWood Basil B
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Pamphlet binder and method of constructing same
US 1913969 A
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PAMPHLET BINDER AN nal Filed April 24, 1


Application filed April 24, 1930, Serial No.

This invention relates to improvements in book-binding and methods of constructing the same, and aims to provide novel and improved means for binding amphlets of uncovered books consisting of two or more sheets of paper secured together but not bound with inflexible cover boards.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, a preferred form of embodiment of my invention,-

Figure 1 is a perspective plan view of the binder in open position, showing an illustrative type of pamphlet or book inserted in operative position therein but before permanent attachment to the binder;

Fig. 2, a detail cross-sectional view on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, showing the method of securing the pamphlet to the binder, the type of pamphlet shown in Figs. land 2 being of relatively small size and readily accommodated in the space between the attaching strips without severing the stitching normally uniting these strips together along a median line; 7

Fig. 3, a view similar to Fig. 2, illustrating the method of binding a pamphlet of greater thickness and requiring the severin of the stitching normally uniting the attaching strips, and

Fig. 4,, an enlarged detail top view of one end of the pamphlet binder before the insertion of the pamphlet, the covers being cut away at their outer edges and laid open to present an interior view.

In the selected embodiment of my invention herein shown the two cover boards or portions 10, 10 may be made of any material suitable for the purpose, such, for example, as fiberboard or pasteboard, and are secured together in the first instance by the binder.

strips 11, 11, which are of substantially like shape and dimensions and united face to face before attachment to the cover boards preferably by a single line of stitching 12 arranged along a median line longitudinally of the strips and substantially coextensive with the full length thereof By this arrangement each of the strips 11 comprises an upper portion 13 above the stitching,

446,878. Renewed November 8, 1932.

adapted'for attachment to one side of the pamphlet 14, and a-lower portion 15 below the stitching, adapted for attachment exteriorly to the adjacent outer margin of the corresponding cover portion.

Before securing this lower portion 15 of each strip to the respective cover portion, the two cover portions are preferably laid flat on a suitable supportingsurface so as to lie in the same plane, the two adjacent inner edges being su'liiciently spaced apart to allow an ample uniform clearance for the thickness of the pamphlet. Both the upper and lower portions of each strip are preferably attached to their'respective objects by means of a suitable adhesive,'the inner face of the upper portion being thus secured to the adjacent side of the pamphlet along the margin of its bound edge, while the outerface of the lower portion, now uppermost, is adhered or attached in the same manner to the outer side of the adjacent cover portion. l/Vhen a pamphlet, such as the pamphlet 16 illustrated in Fig. 3, is of such proportions'in respect to thickness as to approximate the entire space separating the two cover portions 10, thus reducingthe available attachable surface of the upper portion of each strip to such extent as to impair the requisite gripping strength, then the stitching 12 may be entirely severed to permit the two binder strips to, be separated to admit the pamphlet, as shown in Fig. 3.

I further provide an outer protective covering 17 of flexible material in one piece, illustrated in each of the views of the drawing, which extends from one cover portion to the other and completely overlies and conceals the lower portion of eachstrip 11 which would otherwise be exposed on the outer sides of the cover portions 10. This covering 17 is preferably secured to the cover portions by a suitable adhesive, its object primarily being to provide a supplementary cover binder and to protect the binder strips, the lower portions of which would otherwise be subjected to undue wear and liable to become detached at their exposed margins, as is usual in other known forms of pamphlet binders. Interposed between this outer cov ering 17 and the inner margins of the lower strip portions 15, I provide a stiffening and spacing member in the form of a strip 18, constructed preferably of inflexible material, which is adhered to and supported on the outer covering 17 and supplies a rigid reinforcement for the covering 17 substantially coextensive with the clearance between the cover portions 10. This stiflening and spacing member 18 provides a convenient surface portion of sufficient dimensions for attachment of pamphlet-identifying marks or labels which may be observed Without handling or removing the pamphlet and its binder, as is usually necessary with other known forms of binders. The protective covering 17 is provided at each end with an extension portion 19, which is adapted to be folded over the adjacent edges of the cover portions and lapped onto the inner faces of the latter, being secured in this position by suitable adhesive and thereby protecting itself and the enclosed parts against detachment.

It should be understood that I do not limit my invention to the precise form of embodiment, or method of constructing the same, herein disclosed.

1. The combination, in a binder for pamphlets and the like, of a pair of cover boards having two corresponding edges arranged in adjacent spaced relation, each of sai boards having a flexible strip secured to its outer surface and extended laterally to form a free flap between the cover boards when in the closedposition, said flaps being stitched or otherwise severably connected together lengthwise along a median line, a covering member connected to the outer faces of the cover boards and concealing the exposed portions of said strips, and a spacing an stiffening member interposed between sai covering member and the extension portions of said strips and providing in association with said covering member. a level posting surface.

2. A binder for pamphlets and the like including, in combination with a pair of cover boards arranged in uniformly spaced relation with respect to two opposing edges and adapted to be flexibly connected together, pamphlet securing means including a pair of longitudinally extended strips of flexible material normally stitched or otherwise secured together along a median longitudinal line and susceptible of detachment from each other for accommodating pamphlets of relatively thick proportions, the portions of said strips above the stitching being secured to opposite faces of the pamphlet and the portion of stitching being respectively secured to the outer face of the cover board which is on the same side of the pamphlet as the corresponding upper portion, stiffening means adapted to maintain the original spacing between the cover board-s When said stitching is severed, and means for covering the exposed lower portions of the pamphlet securing strips, said covering means being adapted to support said stiffening means and cooperating therewith to provide a laterally extended level surface portion. 7

3. The method of constructing a binder for pamphlets and the like, consisting of detachably securing together longitudinally extended strips along a median line by stitching or other severable securing means, then adhering or otherwise securing the portions of the strips below the stitching to the outer faces of a pair of cover boards arranged in adjacent relation to each other and uniformly spaced with respect to two opposing edges, that portion of each strip which is secured to the respective cover board being a part of the same strip which is adapted to be attached to the corresponding side of the pamphlet to be bound, then applying a covering of fabric or other flexible material in one piece having extended end portions to the margin of the outer faces supporting said strips to overlie and cover the same and extend across the clearance space between the cover boards, said covering having secured to its inner face along a longitudinal median line before application to the cover boards a stiffening strip of cardboard or other approximately the cover boards, and then lapping the extended end portions of said covering around the adjacent portions of the edges of the cover boards and adhering inner faces of the cover boards.

In testimony whereof 1 hereto afiix my signature.


each strip below the suitable material arranged to 7 cover the clearance between the same to the

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